Adon players watching Evo



Anyone else notice every Adon fight being streamed has been against Akuma?

every fucking match


I thought it was just me. Oh well lets go gamerbee!


good thing gamerbee knows the matchup. he fucking ended JR.


yeah im totally stoked to see gamerbee play. Definitely taking mental notes when they show him.


Holy fuck Gamerbee is sick.


Gamerbee takes out two great akumas and then bodies an excellent Juri player, scary stuff.


he just bodied Neo. this is pretty sick.


Yall better take notes man…GamerBee is animalistic.


J. Wong just knocked out of the tourney by Adon.


And now the band waggoners coming rolling in…


Adon top tier


Yo Gamerbee is amazing. i had my doubts about adon, but it took skill to show me how someone plays a jaguar!


Thing is, Adon can do that vs non DP happy players. He out phased jwong with the neutral jumping. lol


SRK crashed because of GamerBee…Shit. That was incredible.


It feels great using this guy since launch. Can’t wait for the dickriders!


Adon beats j.wong!!!~ argghhhh!!ahhhhh!!! Most hype shit ever!!!~ the irony!!


Funny thing is those who will try adon will give up due to his tight links.


Wow, Adon looks hella fun.

I’m a Chun player, but I’m one of those rare rushdown Chuns. I had no idea Adon could be so violent!

There’s a lot of good info on this Adon board, thanks to all you Adon players!


YEA! I knew my it was right thing thing to do to main Adon(my second main, first being Dan)! Kudos to gamerbee showing how good Adon really is!


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