Adon playing defense?

Ok guys, here’s my question :

Have you some problems when rushed down ?

Cause i took 10-0 against some cody who was a pressure monster. And even on gamerbee’s matches we can see that he never takes really well the pressure.

Anyway i tried every kind of reversal i had but none of them worked. Especially cody neutral jump HP that stuffed rising jaguar.

So how you guys do it ? i mean i know adon’s a zoning character relying on some mix ups but i’d really like to deal with say boxer or cody, even dictator with LK, LK, LK, Knee Press.


well the zoning party is mostly using jk and being physic, or just a good predicter, but You just need to keep pressure with adon his defense not all that great, low stamina to. His mostly a high risk character. So dont let off pressure so no pressure should be put on you. The best method people have used is the x M.Jk or H.Jk, this block string was used by Gamerbee alot, It somewhat looks like your going to jump after ur punches so the opponent lets his guard down for one secound but the jaguar kick comes out hitting him. It feels like im rambling right now but hope you get the idea

I always try to stay on the attack it really is the best way. There have been lots of matches where i have kept someone pinned in the corner the whole match with JK - -JK works like a charm.

Hmm so my first impression was right. I’ll have to comme up with game plans to stay agressive.

Back to the jaguar combo thread then :-D.

Anyway thanks to you guys. And if someone has ideas in the future please do tell me !

playing Adon defensively = a loss
patient, calculative and rush down

Playing adon 100% rushdown=retarded.

There’s turtling matchups. ie: Blanka, Gief etc.

I also could never figure out why people think adon has bad defense since he has HK and ex RJ, EX JT to escape out of corners, an insane dash that lets you escape crossups, immunity to fireball zoning, faster wakeup that fucks up 70% safe jump setups coupled with a 4 frame invincible antiair that can combo into ultra, etc.

I’m not talking about playing entirely defensive, just to let the pressure off.

Also about RJ it’s true, but during my match against that cody player, his neutral j.HP was a pain. It may be match up specific though. And EX JT is fast but trade a lot when you see it coming.

Oh well gotta go practice…

How is a neutral jump normal stuffing your invulnerable anti-air? You’ve got to be doing it too early.

use mp, mk, and hk when used properly are good for stopping the rushdown before it even happens. Cody Rushdown online from what I’ve seen usually involves either his jumpin elbow or crossup MK, if you stop the initial attack you’ll shutdown their offense and can counter attack. I’ve been in the lab hardcore lately practicing FA on jumpins. I literally force the pace to move at my will by FA, anti airing, JK/IAJK zoning, cr.HP and HK footsies, frametraps etc.

People should never carelessly rush you down. Use the first round to see their pattern, is it all jumpins(cody, ken rufus), frametraps(gen, ryu, sagat) constant pokes (vega, sim,chun)…


if hes close enough st.fp might work otherwise just stop pushing buttons and block, especially if its a safe jump. Most of adon’s pressure and “psychic” hits come from good block strings jab…jab should be enough to hit confirm a rj (even though its tough) othersie add a for the 3rd attack -> jaguar kick. He is really all about his pressure game.

Hes right, I believe mk.rj is upper body invincible? figure out which rj is the correct one to use, I not 100% sure which one it was.

true, adon is a focus spammers nightmare. My bro mains adon, I play abel/dhalsim. I almost never focus or use armor moves against adon st.rh and jk block strings are really good. st.fp seems a little under rated in most adon play right now, but its also a really good zoning tool.

I don’t think Adon is a pure rushdown character. Yes, he has good mixup but it also have wonderous footsiesthat classify him as a solid character. You can either zone and play footsies or mixup because he has an array of options. People don’t use a lot of things Adon has enough.

-standing fierce punch
-IA ex JK
-option selects lol,, AA cl.fp

No, it’s HK version. MK has lower invuln.

If it can stop Bison’s jumpin HP, it can stop anything.

Truthful non of his normals are great AA like Ryu’s c.hp, there is not alot u can do against a crossup then, you could try jumping and doing netrual mk seen it work a good amount of times but not the most safe thing to do

well ryu also doesn’t have wakeup as fast as adon, nor does he have the great forward dash that adon has. Those 2 things combined makes it hard to be crossed up because the early wakeup throws off timing and his dash goes low enough and is fast enough to get under crossups. but I do agree, sometimes blocking is the best option

Adon is definitely NOT a 100% rushdown character. Maybe Juri/C.Viper is, but Adon can apply some good tactics and zones to keep his opponent at bay.

HK, EX RJ are great AA, and if you do a few jabs to keep your opponent off, it helps as well. NJ MK is good too and, i know many Adon players don’t rely on this but to help some of you guys out, use neutral jump FP or even jump back - MP, those tools have some retardedly good hitboxes and actually are great if you can read your opponent alil.

Also, ex-JT is good to escape though sometimes its startup gets jabbed or grabbed which i can’t understand (feels like Juri’s ex tools).

HK JK is a good way to keep trigger/jumping happy opponents off too. I mean i beat an aggressive fei long an entire match by just doing HK JK the entire time. He had no answer for it cuz he was playing too aggressive, and i kept building meter with it too.

Last but not least…Adon’s dash is probably second best in game (Juri, Makoto have insanely good ones too). But seriously, i never really get crossed up in this game anymore, because it’s so easy to dash out under it. Just get a feel for the timing and it’ll work wonders. Bison players probably hate me when i do it because it limits so much of their offense. Adon’s dash is GREAT defense, and it helps for you to reset or even counter you opponents if they’re being too aggressive.

Adon CAN Play defense, just need to realize that it’s not his strongest feature and keeping some good pressure on your opponent will often prevent him from putting too much pressure on you.

Playing a adon in a defensive stance is going too cost you a match.

breath in and breath out while you F.HK and jaguar tooth your way to victory

Ok we need to address one thing about this post. x M.Jk or H.Jk is not a block string its a frame trap. It can be beaten by Guy’s Ex Tatsu, Ex messiah, Rufus can down strong,back RH by dhalsim, and any character with a command grab, they can reversal grab you off of it so it shows your not on plus frames when blocked your at 0.

As for defensive play Adon has great tools JK is great, HK,HP, Down HK, Close HK and HP, and Neutral jump plus whatever button except short. If you feel your about to get cornered you can EX JT out (I know that sounds scrubby but I have a reason for sayin that) at the right range you can cross them up with the EX JT. I have practiced this on all characters so I know the ranges.

If you get cornered or your being pressured, BLOCK and TECH if you see an opening take it. When being pressured there is not much Adon can do so just maintain composure as a player.

If you guys want to see a good defensive Adon, check out Eddosan’s Adon (2nd in a recent Orlando tournament, but no footage of that) he’s really good patient and smart, something I can NEVER achieve with the character lol.