Adon Series

Hi, if you have been on the Adon forum for some time you might know me, and for people who had played me in recent time might even say im decent with Adon. So using my existing youtube account I might make Adon series doing things you want me to do with Adon. I’m not saying im pro or anything like that BP point ranker thread, no im just an average Adon play (and not a bandwagoner). Truth I might not do this for sometime though, trying to get an HD camcorder and also a well running PC. by December I probably will have a well paying job for me and will be able to have these items to make the Adon taping more watchable. I have done some previous videos and even on tutorial video. (My match videos are from when I wasn’t all that great) but if you have anything constructive to say please go ahead and state your opinion in a civil manner. Also if you do want to look up my pre-existing videos here is my channel: YouTube - GThunda561’s Channel