Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Shoryuken! Block, try to punsh. Shoryuken!

Blocked Jaguar tooth. Shoryuken!

I also learned from a few of the online Adons to Jaguar Tooth then immediately Rising jaguar. Reminds me of those ken Tastumaki to Shoryuken

Dude seriously I dunno if its lag, or my shit reaction times, but it seems like Dudely and T.Hakw recover REALLY quickly from their lp. DPs. I go in to try to punish and eat another DP or SPD. It happens way too often lol.

Exactly, I can’t help but, feel like a whiny bitch. Seriously though I feel like it can’t be me because I don’t recall this shit ever happening to me when I play offline.

it seems like every time I do Jag tooth the gief player will try to 360 which ill just jump straight up to avoid it, I think jumping straight up MK beats out spinning lariat?

I havent lost to a single Guile player yet. Throw a sonic boom, Jag tooth, and of course there going to do Down FK, block then rising jag after you block the 1st kick, or ultra 2. Jumping MK cross up works vs people who like to flash kick. Every guile player ive played plays the same.

shotos. if they spam shorukens, time it on the way down you can hit them out of the air with jag tooth which will knock them down, and you can do more cross up mind games. If they try to cross you up rising jag will get you out, it may not hit them but at least you’ll be out of the way, and if they jump a 2nd time jag tooth as a anti-air or escape.

I have had a lot of rising jaguars shoot me right out into safety when they try to cross me up

but i’ve also had his ultra 2 auto correct to catch cross ups


Vs Juri-well only thing thats worked for me vs her little dive kick is rising jag, and cross ups work very well vs her, tapping Down lp beats out her little spin move i dont think her ex though, but even so you can block her spin move and punish with rising jag, and maybe ultra2? EX rising jag beats out her super on wake up so she cant chip you out

I hate that I’ve witnessed that immediate RJ after tooth in SO many mirror matches. It’s terrible, a blocked RJ is sure to be punished, and you’re at advantage even on a blocked tooth, use that shit for mindgames! I don’t think constantly spamming RJ is a mindgame, just as craptastic as shotos spamming their dp’s. Sadly, I’ve been losing in these same mirror matches, simply because I’m expecting them to play better than dp spamming. :\

Someone posted about crouching fierce seeming to have some untapped potential, well I have figured out some uses for it against Guy’s bushin flip, BUT against T.Hawk it’s sooooooooo good.

I was messing around in training mode trying to figure out what stuffs Condor dive, because I believe RJ trades, but at the right distance crouching fierces wins completely as well as standing fierce. If the distance is wrong you either lose completely or get an even trade.

the distance isn’t that strict but I found the perfect and safest distance to be at is match start distance. I seemed to get less trades and more clean hits at that range.

not sure if this is new or not but i just tested this with hakan. properly spaced mk. jaguar kick in the corner can crossup. also, if youve got someone in the corner and hit them with lk. jaguar kick (block or hit), if you follow with mk. jaguar kick, it will crossup

Vs Cammy, lamo any time she does a cannon drill punish with rising jag, crossing her up is pointless. Only use jag kick if she jumps, cause she can punish with cannon spike easy.

Vs Chun, Her Jumping FP beats out like everything ive tried sept jag kick at a safe distance, also rising jag beats it out. Try not to jump to much since she can jump FP into ultra 2. Jag kick beats out almost everything she has if you get the distance right. EX Rising jag can of course go through anything she has also. Try to stay on the ground vs Chun jag tooth is pointless unless she gets her self in the corner and then you can EX jag tooth into ultra2

So what’s a cannon drill. I know it’s the sf2 name for one of her moves but I don’t know which one.

Also jaguar avalanche whiffed in the corner when guy did a cross up with his demon flip drop attack, i dont know what it’s called.
When he came straight down for the cross up my avalanche just bumped into him and went straight atround him. I don’t know if it’s because we were in the corner or not but, it made me lose the match so i’m pretty salty about that one.

cannon drill = spiral arrow
cannon spike = thrust kick

I’ve spent the last few nights putting in a few hours with one of the best Chun-Lis in Sydney, and possibly Australia. Here’s what I’ve learned.

vs. Chun-Li
Recommended Ultra: Jaguar Avalanche

This match is all footsies. st.lp, and are your money pokes. Spaced properly, they will stuff the majority of Chun’s footsies game, and if you get it wrong you’ll usually get a trade anyway. Beware her sweep, it’s unfuckwithable. Even trading with it leaves you in a bad way. If you feel one coming, get a focus ready.

Save your EX for RJ FADC U2 and for EX JK to punish sloppy fireballs. EX is preferable since wake-up pressure is a big factor in this match and the person who can maintain it will most often win. This tilts things a bit towards our favour since Adon has an easier time of escaping than Chun.,, lk RJ will sometimes whiff on a crouching Chun. Substitute EX RJ where the spacing looks a bit long. Check it out in training mode to get an idea of the right distance for LK RJ.

You can use Jaguar Revolver if you think your reflexes are amazing, but you really want the thread of RJ FADC U2 to keep her honest when the game gets to close range. Her fireballs are punishable with MK/EX Jaguar Kicks. You’ll usually get a couple of these reasonably free off of the first few fireballs because of the Chun-Li habit of following their fireballs when they approach.

Avoid Jaguar Tooth unless you’re 100% sure of a hit since a blocked one will leave you eating a string of jabs and a possible Hazanshou mixup.

Don’t get caught down-backing too often. You’ll see Hazanshous and instant-overhead j.HKs come your way. If you feel like you can block those on reaction, by all means go ahead and bait them by crouching alot. Punish hazanshou with xx MK RJ (FADC Ultra if you can) when you block it.

Most importantly: keep a cool head. Being knocked down and eating some pressure isn’t the end of the world. If you panic and go for OS techs or reversals, you’re going to eat an Ultra. Chun only needs to land EX legs to connect her Ultra 2, and that can be acheived by landing a Every hit counts for both players in this match.

Does anyone know how safe Jaguar Kick is preferably the MK/HK versions i tried the LK version and i got lp dash punched by rog on block so i pretty much scratched using that one on rog :confused:

If you are having trouble with Rog I’ve gotten a lot of practice with him. Here are some pointer when facing him.

s.Mk counters his non ex.Punches, Jabs,MP,and LK the spacing/timing is tight but if your in the right spot he wont get in.
s.MK is the perfect AA for Rog and same goes for s.Hk for close jump ins
Roges Ex.Punches can be countered with a M.Jk the spacing is the same as Fei’s chickenwing. I’ve tested this and so far is doing pretty well.
JT is great for baiting a headbut and once it happends you can punish pretty easily.
If you dont want to stuff a rush punch and you know rog isn’t going for a upper you can N.Jump, Mk-s.Lp(2)-RJ
When fighting Rog I would say try to keep your self at max HK range during the whole match until you’ve got him scared.

When facing rog I like to play counter Adon and once you’ve got him scared to do headbut after a few baits you can begin crossing him up with the BnB
J.Mk-S.Lp-C.Lk or C.MK-RJ or if you’ve got metter or sub in a EX.RJ

Cool thanks I’m gonna differently use st mk alot more and had no clue about st hk stoping jump in’s either must be like chun li’s even if u do it like it hit’s i guess gonna try it :smiley: but which jaguar kicks are safe on block >.<

Add st. mk in the honda section. It dominates headbutt while sleeping almost anywhere on the screen.

well ive been playing alot of vegas and as noted from a earlier post that ive read this is more of a defensive match for adon the best tools to use would be st jab,cr fierce and focus attack on some of his specials now if you happen to catch him doing that annoying back flip (three kicks or three punches) go in for a jaguar tooth and cr punch to set up a nice combo and most likely if you get him in the corner that over head is really nice to help mix up your attacks like knocking him down with cr roundhouse or grabbing him i tend to think if you apply pressure the the match up sways to your offensive side instead of vegas. i just started using adon like 2 days ago but im just putting my past few days experience here in this post with the multiple vega fights ive had. oyeah and standing high kick is nice to while playing on a defensive end.

Yeah the S.Hk works for when Rog is right at the top of your head and you get the crazy looking splits hk. You’ll want to hit it Hk right after his peak. On Rog I find non of his JK’s are really safe on block since you’ll want to use this move as a punisher and not as an opener. Tho M.JK seems to hit before his headbut reaction. You can also cross up Rog with JK with M.JK which is really cool to see a rog player think he’s going to hit you with rush punch only to see adon completly flip over him. :smiley:

I’ll be guile testing tonight and will let you guys know what I find.

Is guiles sonic boom recovery too fast for Jag Revolver? I had a guile constantly doing them at point blank on wake up and I went for the Revolver and BLOCK.