Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

I play rog and adon. I have a few pointers but i don’t have a full matchup approach since the game just came out. Major one is s.HK and c.MP for adon. They stuff so much against rog. You can’t get into a normal war against him which kinda sucks. I’m not sure how much - HK Tooth is at but it seems to be less then -2 since i had someone continue to throw me out of it and they couldn’t. So against rog who like to use jab a lot that is a frame trap for you. I think it really comes down to using tooth a lot when he doesn’t have a downcharge and just really getting him to get overagressie with specials so you can stuff him. I think this is gonna be a 6-4 in rogs favor as it stands, but i’ll have more as i practice.

Any tips on fighting Vega? He just seems to do everything Adon does, but better. He seems just as fast, he can out-poke with superior range, and his wall jumping game is superior. Any ideas here? I was really struggling in this matchup.

Quoting myself to add more.

I wrote this in my regional thread explaining what I was seeing in my Dhalsim matches

I still think Dhalsim is stupid against Adon (I don’t know about the rest of the cast though). All of my special moves were stuffed by either a stretching arm or leg. Jaguar tooth (ex also) was knocked clean out over and over by his legs and same with Jaguar kick. I’m not sure what move it is but Sim’s anti-air where he picks up his knee kept stopping my jaguar tooth when it got close, when the limb didn’t come out sim’s backup was that knee. The best I got on that was a trade. Adon’s hitbox on his rising jaguar sucks balls so I never was able to uppercut sim throwing his arms out because they were so low. Once I got in damn sim would teleport out and the chase commences again. This leaves to believe that seth would give me the same trouble with him stretching and teleporting as well, I have yet to play this match so I can’t comment on it.

I still haven’t figured out anything solid to use again Sim though.

I also learned something against Chun but I need to do more testing. But on 2 instances in which she tried to counter me jumping in using a spinning bird kick (ex and regular) I was able to kick her out clean using Adon’s instant over head kick while coming down. I did this pretty much hitting her body so I don’t know if you can kick her leg and get away with it. I’ll test more later and post finding here.


Yeah, it really feels like you have to be on the defensive in this match, Vega can go toe-to-toe with you if you’re extremely aggressive. I was able to keep a few vegas out with st.HK, but otherwise I was stuck on defense the entire time

hey peeps im having a little trouble and i didnt know where to post this. but adon last trial im having so much trouble with connecting the low kick after a jaguar crunch. much help plz. also any suggestions on how to successfully pull off the super after a medium punch i seem to just fumble with the joystick.

Alright, lemme see if I can contribute anything useful… this is going to be so random…:

nj hk has a much better hitbox than it looks like, great anti air. will also stuff hori blanka balls and sagats tiger knee (including ultra) provided you’re above them, so it does require a degree of timing.
c mp great for stuffing, but bad for point blank footsies.
Guile is a pain in the ass, his footsies are SO much better than yours. Ditto for chun.
Cody’s blockstrings are really difficult to counter and get out of, so stay on top of him!
c. hp will stuff honda headbutts (regular, and ex after invul).
c hk has great range, but shotos, ibuki, and chuin all beat out its range and speed, so use it spaingly in those matchups.
blankas elecrticty can’t be stuffed at point blank, but at footsie range, c mp does the job. outside of that, jk or c hk.
Guy is mixup hell, and difficult to keep out, and he can grab all your specials out of the air, a poor matchup for adon.
Good combo is c lp, c lk, s lp, s mk xx hk JK (jk is cancelled into, but won’t combo. good for mixup and puts you right back in their face).
Alternatively, for zoning with footsies, use c lp, c lk, s mp or s mk, s rh. First two hits will push them back, from there s mk or s mp will catch most pokes they throw out and the last s hk will kill any other focus or push their block out of punish range).
Use j lk for cross up into tick throw, and j mk into clk XX lk RJ for the actual cross up, great wake uo mix up.

This is is all from matchup experience, not really labbed, so verification on most things is iffy. And do we have a safe jump setup yet? I think j lp can be utilized, mp and hp stay active too long and their hitboxes stick out too far.

I suck bad at this game, but even worse agaisnt cammy :frowning:

Ok some common things I found out while playing Adon for the past 2 weeks.

-Jaguar Tooth is safe on Block, however, you and your opponent are even on frames Adon does not have any frame advantage. Also EX jaguar tooth is the same BUT if your playing against a character with a grab Ultra you cant jump out I dont know why though. I discovered this while playing Combo Jack’s Guy. We tested it a few round s and I couldn’t jump out and Guy’s Ultra 2 and you can jump out of that on reaction!

-Standing Fierce owns Cody’s jump ins for FREE!!!

-One of his most damaging combos is Jump HK (even though its kinda hard to land), Standing HP, HK Rising Jaguar if you have Ultra and meter FADC that combo to Ultra 2 for 500 something Damage.

-Dhalsim seems to be a 5/5 match up. I played UTJ’s Sim last nite and won although he was tired and I pointed out to him that if he used Ultra 1 instead it would have been a different story.

-I use his jump MK alot to set up cross up opportunities. That Jump in can be so ambiguous if done correctly.

-Gief owns Adon bad. A lot of his normals get beaten out by giefs normals. The only good thing I found was Standing Fierce won in most instances.

more to come soon gonna play Combo Jack also come to Dream Lab if your in the So Cal Area

I’ve noticed I reall have to get in and get out against pretty much every character. I’ve had a real hard time going toe to toe with people.

Only real matchup I’ve had a chance to get used to it vs. gief. Standing RH all day and you can usually punish his jumps with jaguar tooth… unless he has his ultra 2. As long as you can avoid the green hand you can stay out of his range with that standing RH but, you’re usually in for long slow match.

Apparently Boxer gets a free U2 on blocked JKs. Which versions I don’t know, since they weren’t specified and I won’t be able to test until tonight, but from the sounds of it JK is just a good way to give Boxer free damage in this matchup.

wait hold on…jag tooth adn all his specials are unsafe on block?
how unsafe? spd-able, srk-able or more?

Idk if dudley’s machine gun blow has to be spaced so he can be safe when doing it or not but i played a friends dudley and he would do machine gun blow and i would do reversal lk rj everytime on block so i’m assuming it’s unsafe

need some solid frame data, i’ve heard all sorts of good/bad/unsettling things about how safe adon’s specials are.

Here’s some of my insight from what i’ve experienced with my Adon so far.

Jaguar Tooth - against T hawk, i held up after block and he whiffed and 360 grab
Jaguar Kick - got 360 out of it, but honestly never tried to jump. also never follow up with a short or jab, you will get counterhitted
Rising Jaguar - light and medium jaguar to combo, roundhouse to anti-air, but do it right after the arc of there jump, or else it will trade or get beat out completely by solid normals (balrogs j.fp, dudleys j.fp, etc…)

Anti-airing with ultra - DO NOT tryy to anti-air against characters with low jump trajectory, it will get blocked.
UNLESS, you are buffering the ultra. or if you think your fast enough to react then by all means do it, but imo the risk/reward isnt worth it since he already has low health.

PS. has anyone tried anti-airing ultra Juri? for some reason I whiff at times, her jump is weird idk

also, when comboing after focus, dont just do RJ >Fadc > ultra…for some reason in the corner, you will whiff.

theres my 2 cents.

Keep the info coming. i will make 1 big update soon.

I know that if u perform the Ultra too quickly after the FADC u will whiff so try delaying the ultra a slight bit just like RYUs

I posted this in another thread to little fanfare, but you CAN land Jaguar Kick and be outside jab SPD range.

I was having inconsistencies with the Ultra whiffing in the corner after an FADC if I dashed forward out of the focus attack, but if I dash backward, I haven’t had a problem yet.

I’m not sure if this is known or not, but if your timing is good you can dash under Sagat’s high Tiger Shots. Apologies if this is already known.

i just did this so i want to post it before i forget, may be helpful in the future.

vs akuma i did FA xx dash forward under his first hit absorbed, second hit dashed UNDER. Didn’t expect it so didn’t try to punish.