Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

I’m pretty sure if it’s possible you have to predict. Been trying to dash under in matches and I do nothing but eat tigers in my face. The other player must woder what the fuck I’m doing.

I imagine it also has to do with the speed of the projectile. An HP Tiger Shot will pass over Adon faster than LP.

The thing is, are you really gaining more of an advantage than just FADC? I think you’re better off absorbing the fireball and gaining some meter and then dashing forward rather than trying to time it to go under the fireball and end up in the exact same position.

yeah that dash goes under some other things too, you guys should test stuff. I was charging a FA once and i saw akuma hurricane kick, when it got close I dashed under it. Felt epic.

I’ve been doing this so much lately, too. I totally agree with booda about just absorbing for meter, but dashing under the fireball does look cool as hell. haha

Is anyone else having trouble with Rose? I’m getting out-poked and having a very tough time handling her soul sparks. The only option I can find for them is MK JK or U1. HK tooth flies right into them and taunt can’t go over them.

Love love love fighting Ibukis, I did not see that matchup going in Adon’s favor.

For the spark, a well timed hk ia jk will go right over it and let you combo into a sweep for a solid knockdown. Mk ia jks will stuff her cr. mp pressure. A lot of roses like for you to block a drill, then they go for the ex drill, you can punish the ex drill with a st. hk at close range. I actually need to look more into this match, but this is all I have from a set I had with the ross I go to ranbats with.

I can totally agree with the ibuki match, though. Not that bad at all.

Punish lk drills on block with a reversal lk rj.

I don’t feel like writing long strats until next week however I’ll share my experience with blanka because most are having trouble vs him. This isn’t foolproof or anything, it’s just what I’ve been doing.

vs Blanka: AKA who has more dedication to turtle that shit.
The blanka player most likely wants to turtle, you have to turtle harder. Basically he doesn’t have safe approaches and you do with jagkicks. If you poke he will want do ball as it beats most of the things you could do. Punish him of course with lk JK. 130 damage everytime. When you shut down his balls, his options get reduced, now he will have to use his not so stellar pokes. Nothing you can’t handle. If you have the lead his approaches will be either faking the lp ball into throw, so learn the distance for that, sit at that distance and try to bait him into doing lp ball, then throw him as he recovers. You’ll either throw him or tech, doesn’t matter, they will figure that this option is useless against you now. There may be something they could do to counter that but I haven’t seen it so far, I either throw the mediocre blankas or tech against those with good timing. Maybe offline it is easier to throw them out of the recovery. Hops can be jabbed/ or whathever so they shouldn’t be much of a concern. Then comes jumpins.
It is imperative that you do not let him jump. If you let him jump you will have to face his tick throws, his crossup bullshit and his post blocked electricity advantage, this is not good for you.
Even if you whiff a poke, it doesn’t matter, if you see him in the air as you’re recovering input HK jaguar kicks anyway. If you recover he eats it, if you’re still in the animation and have to eat the jump in you’d have eaten it anyway. If you were maining a character without a SRK type move before, let go that habit of “he jumped over my poke I have to block the jumpin”. Now he can’t jump, can’t ball and can’t hop. Start chipping with jaguar kicks, and start building a little bit of offense and mixups but still stay in a dirty turtle mindset.
If he gains the lead he will turtle so stay calm, don’t rushdown, approach slowly, try to create an opening but don’t overdo it.

That’s how I play the matchup. So far everytime I lost against blankas I fucked up ball punishes or let them jump and had to deal with mixups, which has everything to do with my reflexes. I played a few decent blankas but maybe I’m missing some things. Feel free to add or correct me, or even post counters to what I posted.

i wouldnt be smiling just yet. wait till every ibuki can combo into uc2 after every s.lp or c.lp.

Such good advice. I hate playing this match up because my main is Bison so I can turtle or rush down and still win. With Adon I literally can’t do anything fancy and it has to be a long boring wait and punish match. I WANTZ MY COMBOZ!

TVG is spot-on about the Blanka matchup. On a side note, try to punish up-balls or blocked/focus-absorbed rainbow balls BEFORE they land. I’ve had many occasions where they spam that move and they will block whatever normal>RJ I have for them on the ground. So preferably, punish with RJ before they land.

Hey im curious do i have to pressure using the tk jaguar kick or do people just prefer using that over the regular because you can follow it up with other moves?

use whatever you can to pressure. using both air jaguar kick and ground jaguar kick allows you to cover the entire screen.

That dash is great, it’s for more than the sagat matchup. I first started realizing how awesome it was against akuma. Everytime he jump-fireballs you can dash under that shit really easily and nail him with a s.HK or even ultra sometimes just because it’s so damn fast and low enough to not force a blocked fireball. you just have to be ballzey and double or triple dash as fast as you can instead of blocking. It’s got uses in damn near any matchup and can sometimes get you out of some wakeup-jumpin mixup pretty easily. Any time you’re both standing and your opponent is spaced to jumpin cross up, at an angle you can’t punish, forward dash FTW


So many characters rely on pressure games that Adon can’t AA, so just dash under them! Some smart ones have caught on and just camp near your body, but really you can dash on reaction to seeing them jump over you, since the dash is too low to cross up. So if they don’t jump, don’t dash. It’s a huge boon to Adon’s seemingly awful wakeup game.

Some Abel info I gathered this past week after playing with several of my friends who all play pretty solid Abels.

First and foremost your general plan for this match up is to keep Abel the hell away from you and bait him towards you for you can attempt to knock him down and make him your bitch. If he blocks the cross up do the basic, s.lp, link but rather than doing a knee do a weak jaguar tooth to get you out of harms way and it will allow you start some mix up mind games with the tooths and hopefully throw Abel off his game. This works even greater if the Abel has Breathless because if the player ends up getting frustrated and attempts to grab you with Breathless you can just armor break it with a rh. jaguar tooth and really start throwing Abel around.

Souless isn’t as easy though so be careful if Abel is using that Ultra also keep a look out for Sky Fall since it can really wreck Adon. Try not to use Roundhouse to much in this match up because after a while any decent Abel will learn to tornado throw you during the animation ( I believe only the weak and ex throws have the range to do that I’d have to look at my replays some more and get back to you.) neutral fierce seems to work as a better poke in this match up. All in all your general plan with Abel is to keep him away from you and play some mind-games with him until he does something he shouldn’t have done and you can just run in and let him have it. Just take your time and you’ll do fine here Abel is sort of a Cody case and doesn’t have many options on wake up so the second you knock him down if you play your cards right you can end him pretty quick.

Okay, do you guys consider the events leading after a untechable knockdown from adon worthy of the term vortex? Recently, after a knockdown, it’s basically been lights out for who ever I was playing against. I’ll explain what I’ve been doing, and I would love to hear everyone’s feedback on whether or not you deem the term applicable for given situation.

So, I usually start this off with either a sweep or backthrow. After that I abuse the following things…

tk jk - I use the mk and hk version to cross them up and the lk version to stay right in front of them.
Meaty neutral j. hk
Back dash ex ground jk
Ambiguous cross up

Of course there is so much more you can do, but I feel like this is where the money is. Sometimes I will even go for a meaty tk jk just for the hell of it, but I do not condone doing this. haha.

Also, for three bars, this is an okay mixup.

bnb xx rj fadc cl. st. hk followed with ex grounded jk. Usually nets me a knockdown. I wouldn’t advise this if it weren’t for how fast adon builds meter. Plus, you can scare them by mixing in hk jk to bait the srk if they want to reversal. Sometimes I just do a normal tk hk jk, but that’s just for fun in random ranked matches online.

Another mixup

I brought this up in the combo thread, but never really elaborated.

bnb xx rj fadc - tk lk jk it only does a little less than the cl. st. hk and leaves the opponent directly infront of you. I usually follow wit cr. lk, block or a neutral j. hk. Sometimes just another tk lk jk right in their face to punis the throw.

Sorry, I keep having to edit because I’ll finish the post and remember someting else… anyway… How do you guys feel about tick throwing off a blocked tk jk? I’ve been doing this just a little bit, but I usually get the throw or cr. lk, cr. lk xx rj. This could be the worst thing to do. Could some frame savvy person please enlighten me on this subject?

Does tk lk jk really juggle of fadc rj?! That must look so awesome I’m using that for sure thank you! :tup:

Tick throwing after blocked tk jk really depends on the spacing. If I’m far enough after the blocked tk where I have to walk into throw range I’ll just walk back low forward, walk forward or walk forward If I’m close enough to throw immediatley I’ll do it once or twice then mix it up with nj whatever.

I hate the term vortex but if I had to use it I would agree that Adon’s mix up on untechable knockdown is enough to be deemed a vortex.

I love back throw forward dash mix up. The forward dash helps me easily space all of the mix up you were talking about plus much more (thus why I agree it is a… vortex)

Some more examples:
back throw forward dash meaty feirce.
Back throw forward dash instant n.jrh overhead.
Back throw forward dash clk.if they back dash you can short rj, low mk or s.short all on reaction (you have to commit to a true meaty short to punish chun’s back dash).
Back throw forward dash, walk back about a step and a half sweep.
Back throw forward dash n.jump and if they have an upper cut bait it with an air mk.jk or wait and over a throw attempt then xx the into air jk then combo.

So many possibilities as greglife said. Me and him both have only touched on about 3/4’s of the options you have on untechable knockdown. It’s just hard to fully utilize them because I get sooo excited when I get a knock down that I forget to use some of the options. It’s like xmas every knock down.

Adding to vs E.Honda (possibly some others, couldn’t test)

CS.HP xx LK Jaguar Kick crosses him up if he is crouching and blocks first hit

CS.HP xx LK JK c.lp lp RJ

Don’t have access to the game right now. Is Jaguar Kick/EX Jaguar Kick an overhead? Regular ground based. I’m sure neither of the air versions are.

Only EX JK is an overhead.