Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

I can get the mk tj to connect all the time, I just can’t seem to get the tj tk to hit after it.

Could someone explaing reasoning behind if I end a combo with tk ex jk it doesn’t give me the untechable, but if I just hit one clean it does?

OOoooh I see. You have to get crumple, wait, then hit them with the mk jag tooth. During crumple, there is a period where they are air born (the time they usually will get reset) but instead of being reset, they go into a juggle state if you hit them with a jag tooth. The time you have to wait to hit them is the time you should take to analyze your spacing for the mk jag tooth and do whatever it takes to get yourself in that spacing. It’s gonna take a while before I feel comfortable enough with the spacing to pull this off in match consistently lol

Dude, I’m so sorry, but I think we keep misunderstanding one another. lol. Okay, so, I can get the crumple, I can get the juggle state. My only problem is that during that juggle state I can only hit them with fr. st. hk and rj. That’s all that I can connect with. I can’t connect the tk jk aftter I get the juggle, it doesn’t pop them up high enough for a tk lk jk to hit. You feel me? haha

OOOOooooooh lol I see. probably character specific then. Time for me to training room it up and see. Regardless it’s probably best to just hit them with a cl.rh, rj, ultra or super during the juggle. I heard characters have different juggle properties but didn’t look into it too deep. hmmm

Against Zangief, I found myself in two online matches able to jump right after a HK Jag Tooth before the SPD could get me. I’m not sure if this really works or if the gief players were just off on their timing, so confirmation would be nice. I’m still having massive issues against gief and T.Hawk, bloody grapplers…

I did some testing but not extensive. It seems like if your jaguar tooth hits gief/t-hawk below the waist, you will have enough frames to jump out. Anything above the waist they can free spd you on reversal.

st. hp owns grapplers. Counter hit does 150 dmg!
fr. st. mk the jump ins.
neutral j. hk hurts gief pretty badly.

I think that it’s a bit safer to rush down a t hawk, because he can’t respond as we to jump ins, at least in my experience. However, I haven’t really played that great of a t hawk yet, a few that were solid. On hawk I usually just rush him down until I get an okay life lead, then I sit on it. However, you have to take it a little easier with gief, because lariat kind of hurts your air game and all around mix ups. I think I’m going to do some research on these guys today, it seems to be an area we’re definitely lacking in…

oh… and don’t mess up in these matches! lol

Hey guys!
I’m maining Adon, and I would like to know his safe jump setup!
Could anyone help me out?

Thanks in advanced!

Adon can safe jump after:
back grab
forward grab
ex.RJ (not untechable, but you recover MUCH earlier than them anyways)
Haven’t checked, but it might work after U1, U2, and lk.RJ. Can anybody confirm that?

Thanks, but what is the followup?? Once he is down(untech.) do you jump right after or you wait a sec and them jump in??

You do a small pause between the knock-down and the jump. It’s slightly different for each move, so play around with it. Well, except for ex.RJ; you don’t have to pause much there.

I just fought a really good chun (lost 1 - 8 :confused: ) and I figured i’d see how Adon can cope against Chuns df + HK. If you focus abosrb it and backdash, Adons dash makes you low enough that you Dash under Chun. I can see this def helping for throw and mix up set ups.

just thought i’d share


Also i just learned that you can focus dash under Rufuses dive kicks as well, but i wouldn’t suggest using it 100% 0f the time.

Awesome advise with chun’s DF rh.

With Rufus s. MK rapes dive kick worse than Bison s.rh. If he’s close and tries to dive cl. s.jab all day. Then Rufus tries to play ground footsies, and well, most Rufus players haven’t even needed to learn that yet lol

i have this feeling that rufus ultra 2 is going to own adon. seems to suck in any special move that moves you forward(in adons case, ALL of his special moves), and its an anti air.

Yeah I learned the hard way. The key to beatining rufus is staying on the ground. Know thy footsies.

Ive seen valle using RJ as an anti- air… which version is it the RH? Do you need to do it late?

Yes and yes. Do it from crouch when they are deep enough where their jump in would have it you if you were standing.

But not on rufus since he can bait them with early dive kicks.

Thanks! By the way what are his other AA, or is it better to neutral jump MP, or jump back FP?

Are any of Adons normals able to knock Balrog out of his dash punches? I’m asuming st. hk can knock him out of EX ones, but i get the feeling it might not be fast enough.

The anti air thread has EVERYTHING you need to know. But most stuff is character specific. A list of good stuff :

RJ from crouch
rh jk
mk jk from far
s. MK (very good against dive kicks like seth, akuma and especially rufus)
nj rh
nj feirce
nj strong
jump back feirce
cl. feirce
far fierce (sometimes)

low forward has range and hits them before they get to you. S.rh is good to keep them at bay from max range since it has such far range. The ex dash punches you can throw or nj on reaction since you can see the ex. Some times I just ultra them if they throw them out from far :rofl: Or you can just block them since ex is wasting bar.