Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

isnt tk jk/ iajk the same thing??? o.O

Btw, does anyone know how to handle cammy players using her air grab cannon roll? Should I just poke it, or can it be avoided by crouching?

Yes, crouch. If there’s any move you want to try to throw out to keep her from trying a ground throw afterwards, it’s jab.

I’m sure plenty of you know about this already, but I think it’s worth pointing out.

As you know Adon can do a cross up on his jumping light kick. From this I developed a strategy to nullify 90% of scrubs online no matter their character. It’s called the “Trollnado.” :slight_smile: All you do is get a knock down on someone then follow it up with a light kick cross up, into a crouching light kick, then jump over them again and keep doing it. At any point you can stop to grab them, or if you know they don’t ever block the cross up being they are scrubs, then you can go for a rising jaguar.

It works on good players too if you reserve to use it on the when health is low and it’s time to go for broke. It’s a great mind f*ck tool that I use on scrub shotos online. It takes some work though as they may try to grab you, neutral jump, or throw out a DP move which can reset them, but with a bit of practice you can keep it going infinitely. I’ve had many a rage quits through this and hate mail.

Again, it’s not going to work on many pro players, but it’s worth noting as something you can use in your arsenal. :slight_smile:


Trollnado. You make cross-up short spam sound so badass. :nunchuck:

That’s because has a retarded crossup hitbox. Adon can be pointblank when he jumps and it will still crossup, even with his pretty far jumping range.

This brings me to: while meaty crossups should be done with MK of course, I think any crossup “in the open” should mostly be done with lk. Also I would say use c.lp afterwards and not because it’s faster and doesn’t have good hitstun. Up to you tho.

I was playing against my friend’s honda the other day and tried to jump in on him when I realized he had EX. I then did an air jk to try to go over him but did it low enough where I actually beat ex headbutt because the air jk was on top of him. After testing, I found out that you can either make headbutt whiff or beat it with jump air jk if the air jag is done late enough after the jump in. The key is to do the air jag right before your hit box will be in range to get hit by head butt. It’s pretty dope. Also, c.jab is amazing in this match up. Honda = character with no 3 frame normal.

Haha. I love getting hate mail in the game when I win, because I reply as if I were Adon. If I’m in party chat with friends in endless battle and I get the Trollnado off or I’m showing a replay where I do it I tend to say, " (insert name of character you are fighting) is that a twister?! NO! IT’S A TROLLNAAAADOOOOOOOO!"

Also, I can’t seem to see the difference between light punch and light kick, but it still seems the light kick makes you be able to keep doing it faster.

Either way I love using it against charge characters especially because they try to charge a move and you keep effing it up for them.

Good luck spamming short cross up, you’ve really got Adon understood. I’m glad you put so much effort into learning the game and don’t abuse small advantages that online players don’t have an answer for. I mean, until Adon forward dash rj’s you or Blanka up balls you or Gouken counters you or fuerte auto correct U2’s you or Bison forward dash Rh’s you or any charcter with an upper cut mashes upper cut through your block strings because they know you’re going to jump after lk again. :coffee:

This might be common knowledge to some but I just learned it:

While at first I hated capcom for making RJ and JK share the same motion, which meant I couldn’t do 13131313 K to escape some crossup shenanigans like the shotos can, I learned that the RJ always takes priority. So basically if you wiggle 131313 fast enough it does not matter which side the opponent is on, the RJ will always come out and not JK.

I Like it.

anyone else thing its bullshit that Guiles SB Recovery is so fast that Ultra 1 can’t punish it? and that if a guile throws out a point blank Sonic Hurricane, if you Ultra 1, you only get the first hit and eat the whole sonic hurricane?

I can’t say I’ve had that happen. Did the Guile delay the Sonic Hurricane as you were getting up? I’ve noticed them doing that a lot lately. I switched to U2 on Guile a while ago, because Guile will always go to the corner, and if you clip him out of the air with EX JK, it’s pringles… do people still say that?

So, should we compile a list of things to dash under? I’ve improved my Bison victory rate by at least 60% just by ruining his cross up game.

All three of Adon’s close punches are high elbow attacks. Will any of them deflect Ibuki’s crossup kunai? Cuz that’d be another pressure game down the drain.

Yeah i learned today about adons standing fierce beating Ryus jumping fierce CLEAN. no trade.

Yeah, Guiles SB recovery is pretty insane. I’ve been able to punish a few SB’s with Bison’s U2 however, which has 22 frames of startup compared to Adon’s U1, which is 12 frames. Granted, I didn’t do it on reaction, I had to buffer pretty early.

Also, Adon’s U1 doesn’t reach Fullscreen like Bison’s U2 does.

U1 looks cool… but it’s uses outside of certain matchups make it very inferior to U2.

Yeah, I know its not full screen and that makes me even more sad about it because I love Jag Revolver as an ultra in general. Just looks so awesome getting that image of Adon kneeing his opponent at the end with the ultra finish background, so bad ass. So many times i go to dash into a fireball trying to dash and ultra. It’s super risky but, it has worked for me in the past.

In my first post about it I mentioned it will not work on good/smart players. If you want to make quick work of crappy players/flow charts, then it’s a good tool.

But thanks for taking it to that elitism/smartass level and be a prick. :slight_smile:

Interesting, this makes alot of situations where I didn’t get jk make sense. Thank you.

Hmm, it would have to be close jab or strong since fierce comes out too slow. it would also have to not auto correct if she crosses you up to deflect the kunai. Close strong comes out in 5 frames and has 5 active so I think it might be the best bet.

**close strong’s hit box-**

close jab-
And yes, eventually, a dash under list would be helpful although grueling and long to make.

Back dash U1 works much better since it doesn’t go very far and is quick. Back dash super can give you time to buffer and punish anything quickly as well.

Giving tips that only work on people who don’t know how to play the game properly aren’t very useful IMO. Sorry to call you out cause I’m sure you’re just having fun with the game, I’m just sayin that this thread is mainly for tips used in high level play. Cross up short is buff, but saying to repeat it over and over then branding it something isn’t very buff. :coffee:

It actually looks like jab would be better. The kunai comes down at an angle and actually hits about Adon’s mid section, and the jab collision box reaches lower than the strong.

any tip against Akuma??

a friend of mine has a quite good Akuma and manages to own my Adon with ease…

i know i have to train IA JK more because it seems they are crucial to punish fireball zoning, but still…

and what about his vortex?? Adons seems to lack any good tool against it, his reversals are a bit slow and i always have problems to scape from Akumas vortex and blockstrings/tick throws game.

help needed! :slight_smile:

pd. one thing i found annoying about IA JK, although im now able to perform it with a low missed attemps%, is that i have to perform them “slowly” (you know, we are forced to delay the kick button press after the stick movement), so it is quite hard for me to punish fireballing with IA JK in the heat of the battle.

but i guess thats just a matter of training…

I actually feel this is an even or good match up for Adon. You have answer for fireballs (Ultra1, jk, ex jk air jk, tooth or super ) and You can beat alot of his normals. For me this matchup comes down to AAing jump ins, forward dashing jump in fireball then punishing the landing frames, forward dashing cross up tatsu, beating out akumas RH w/ adon’s RH or s. MK and whiff punishing Akumas low forward with low strong. for some reason, Adon has very fast wake up frames so alot of safe jump set ups aren’t safe when you have ex because you can actually ex rj them before they hit the ground. MK rj might work as well. Once you limit alot of Akuma’s options they will be forced to play footsies on the ground with you, and that’s where adon’s strength lies. Another important thing to note about this match is that you shouldn’t do ground jk or tooth when he has demon. Also, any character with an upper cut can be baited by jumping in then using air jk to go over them and make the upper cut whiff. It’s actually pretty awesome because then they stop AAing you and you get free jump in pressure. Use sparingly though.

Anyone have an suggestions on what to follow up with after a normal Jag Kick hits? I always catch people with medium JK when punishing fireballs, but I don’t really know what to do after since you can’t combo after the grounded ones. I usually just go with a throw.