Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

little T. Hawk tip to punish the Condor Dive on reaction

  • If you can tell he wants to hit or chip, you can hit him with a light kick Jag. Tooth when hes coming at you, instead of taking the chip and hitting him with a jaguar kick

i dont know about doing jaguar tooth on condor dive but if i would rather block and get a knock down on hawk instead of ending up next to him :o

I havent read all the pages here, but I have some problems playing with blanka players. I know blankas roll can be punishable on block by using a lk jk, but good blankas dont use the roll. Blankas hop game is damn nasty and he can crossup like nothing. The thing Im thinking in testing is to turtle like hell. Im not used to turtling but against blanka I dont know what other option I have.
Anyone any tips?

yeah man blanka is a tough cookie, i have a hard time against him also

Blanka has a very high jump, and it makes it easy to dash under. Remember that simple jabs are your highest priority attack. By a lot. Poke poke poke until he doesn’t want to attack anymore, then start looking for an opening. It’s not an easy matchup at all, but you can keep Blanka honest.


Are you doing this on reaction? If so, I want to know how many frames c.MK is and how many other moves have the same number of frames. This could revolutionize Adon’s footsie game.

For the blanka match up, I honestly feel confident against Blankas with Adon.

I always run with Jaguar Revolver. Once that meter is full, you’ve just shut down every blanka ball, every rainbow ball, and vertical ball. All of them are Ultra 1 punishable on block and Jaguar Kick punishable on block . I avoid as many Jaguar Tooths as possible because of the vertical ball. Only other tip I can give you is get used to Blanka mix ups and try and shut him down before he can’t get his rhythm going.

Okay, so I’ve been messing around with tk jks on grapplers a lot lately and it’s really devistating for them. In the gief matchup you can completely shut him down with neutral j. hk and the perfect way to set this up is baiting his spd and doing the ex tk jk to punish it. Same goes for abel and mostly any other grappler.

according to my friend who plays Ryu c.Mk is 5 frames when in complete animation and he told me its his longest recovery move.

I dont play by frame data though.

I just played the Ryu match up again right now, and I was able to punish low forward.
But it is all spacing based.

That’s what footsies are all about! Dancing around in and out of range to catch something or in this case punish.

I’ll have to look up the frame data on that move and see if any of Adon’s other tough matchups have an Achilles heel such as this. But the JK won’t be safe on anyone with a command throw.

Im used to play against ryus, and dont have many problems against them, but blankas are something different. I know you CAN punish blankas roll with U1, but for one reason or another I only have landed it once in at least 10 attempts. I think timing is strict here. You can use the U1 against a blocked normal honda sumo headbutt and it will hit 100% all the time, but with blanka if you use the U1 immediately after a blocked roll, you wont get the last animation that inflicts the real damage.
cr. HP seems to work against blanka somehow. Right now I think the matchup is a 4-6, and a turtlefest.

My 2 cents say that the blanka matchup is 5-5. Neither character has a safe approach. Both characters can be punished on blocked specials with ultra 1. It really comes down to who can be more patient. Noone is getting damage in this matchup unless they punish or take a risk.

In regards to punishing blanka balls with u1, you have to wait a second or so before punishing. If you do it right away and you get a reversal, you’ll likely only get the first 3 hits. You have to hit blanka after he lands, but before he recovers, which is like a 2-3 frame window.

I’m not sure if it’s been posted before, but i feel it’s important to note that t hawk’s condor dive can be punished with u1 as well. It’s like honda’s fierce headbutt, in that you can do it asap, and it’ll hit fully every time.

Played at a local tournament this past weekend. finished 9th out of 43. /sadface.

Lost to honda and rufus.

can’t say i’m experienced in either of those matchups yet.

for honda, I was doing well with zoning with to stuff headbutts. when headbutts weren’t coming, well timed jaguar kicks did the majority of damage. Being the genius I am, after finding out this was working I stopped doing it and eventually lost.

for rufus, I lost 3/4 matches do to ultra 2 eating my jaguar kick. I think i got hit a total of 4 times. 3 as an ultra kill from ultra’ing my jaguar kick and 1 from a jumpin. Not much to say about this matchup. Don’t Jump. Don’t do random jaguar kicks. Good defense and Knowledge that you can rising jaguar fadc or trade rising jaguar into ultra in some cases will keep Rufus from dive kicking you to death.

Adons alt, colors 2, 5, 7, and 10

best colors


Adon’s dash > Blanka’s crossup. Hell Adon’s dash > every crossup.

It’s that quick wake up mixed with that buff forward dash. You can even go under demon flip and cross up tatsu.

Ya, I play Guile as my main so after a year of having an awful dash combined with an awful wakeup game with Guile, having Adon’s epic dash is glorious.

You’re from Seattle?! Have we met? Come out to a tournament/session and play. Seattle knows the Adon match up pretty well now since I’ve been using him constantly.

yes adons dash is awesome and i must agree with jester on that blanka match up its who ever is more patient but in that keep in mind that blanka hits hella hard and us adons don’t got life like that lol

I just had a OMG bull sh*t moment. I had no sign of a health bar against Sagat. Sagat had enough health to survive a few attack attempts, but would lose to Ultra 1 if landed. He was NOT using tiger shots, so I figured I’d go for a hail mary. I did hard jaguar tooth right into ultra 1 on the off chance he picked to do anything after the tooth to punish him. Sure enough he did----he picked some low kick, not sure if medium or light, but he picked a kick, my ultra came out same time and he was able to block it, even though during the animation start up you can see Sagats foot sticking out all stupid, so he should have been punished.

It’s depressing to see that match lost when I felt I should have won by making the right call there. I’ve also had this happen if someone does a jump in kick attack(generally Ryus who do hard kick jump ins on my wake up). I’ll try to punish with Ultra 2 or 1, and it always gets blocked even tho right as Adon does it you can see the other characters foot stuck through my entire body. I know I know start up frames, blah blah, but it’s so fuggin stupid. :confused:

EDIT: Zlatko: unfortunately, Adon’s startup for both ultras is rather slow and I’m sure he threw out a low short. Which at most is 4-5 frames. If he would’ve thrown the low forward, you wouldve stuffed him in the face. IMO

to reiterate on what you said, the Honda matchup I think is one of Adon’s worst matchups. Honda has options to keep you out so you literally have to just be solid and rely on a really good footsie game. Frustrate the player and make them come to you. Because Honda has a hard time getting in from outside of footsie range. Once he is in, he’s in. But that’s what good ol RJ-FADC-… is good for :tup:

I’m having a shitty time against Viper and Vega man. viper’s rushdown is serious and Vega’s footsie game is good as well. Any enlightening y’all can do would be win