Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

I just had a OMG bull sh*t moment. I had no sign of a health bar against Sagat. Sagat had enough health to survive a few attack attempts, but would lose to Ultra 1 if landed. He was NOT using tiger shots, so I figured I’d go for a hail mary. I did hard jaguar tooth right into ultra 1 on the off chance he picked to do anything after the tooth to punish him. Sure enough he did----he picked some low kick, not sure if medium or light, but he picked a kick, my ultra came out same time and he was able to block it, even though during the animation start up you can see Sagats foot sticking out all stupid, so he should have been punished.

It’s depressing to see that match lost when I felt I should have won by making the right call there. I’ve also had this happen if someone does a jump in kick attack(generally Ryus who do hard kick jump ins on my wake up). I’ll try to punish with Ultra 2 or 1, and it always gets blocked even tho right as Adon does it you can see the other characters foot stuck through my entire body. I know I know start up frames, blah blah, but it’s so fuggin stupid. :confused:

EDIT: Zlatko: unfortunately, Adon’s startup for both ultras is rather slow and I’m sure he threw out a low short. Which at most is 4-5 frames. If he would’ve thrown the low forward, you wouldve stuffed him in the face. IMO

to reiterate on what you said, the Honda matchup I think is one of Adon’s worst matchups. Honda has options to keep you out so you literally have to just be solid and rely on a really good footsie game. Frustrate the player and make them come to you. Because Honda has a hard time getting in from outside of footsie range. Once he is in, he’s in. But that’s what good ol RJ-FADC-… is good for :tup:

I’m having a shitty time against Viper and Vega man. viper’s rushdown is serious and Vega’s footsie game is good as well. Any enlightening y’all can do would be win

Yup them’s the way the cookies crumbles for Adon sadly. :frowning: Viper I’m still alright with by making good use of tooth to train them into thinking it’s going to be a hard one most of the time so they will try to punish, then you start doing some medium and light ones to get openings, and of course jaguar kick is always a solid way to punish her if she is trying to come at you. Just focus absorb burning kicks often is the hard part of this match up.

Vega however I am at a loss. I just can’t beat good Vegas, even some flowchart/crappy ones get me. If I Focus absorb his claws when he comes down they start to go for the grab which gets me all the time. If I try to stay on him he will end up getting away one way or another. He and guile are just hard to keep pressed down for me. I’m still trying to figure out what is a good way to get them to play your game, but sadly in fights I’m always playing theirs. :frowning:

Could anyone lay down some quick info on Balrog and Bison matchups? I have lots of trouble trying to take them both down, especially when they turtle.

Against Bison, jump forward with fierce ( any other attack will get beaten with his s. HK ) to get close to him, or use lk jaguar kick to gain space fast but make sure you hit him.
Against Balrog, try baiting dash punches, if they whiff use jaguar kicks or try crossing him up. Beware of his bull anti air. Also use far s. HK because its 2 hits and it can hit him in the 2nd hit even if he is using an ex dash punch.

Just added some stuff on rufus section

After blocked EX Messiah

Overhead finisher
-:hk:Rising Jaguar beats it
-dash under and do any combo

Low Finisher
Rising Jaguar beats it

Delayed flip kick finisher
:hk:Rising Jaguar trades but not in your favor

Flip kick fadc back
:hp: Super beats it

s.hp xx hp galactic tornado
-:hk:Rising jaguar before the galactic tornado comes out.

Does Adon have any option selects? If so, how is it done?

adon’s only option select is his neutral jump mk xx air jaguar kick. If the neutral air mk connects (or is blocked) the air jaguar kick will come out. If it whiffs, adon will land without performing any jaguar kick.

HE has so many more lol

Stang I just want to point out that Adons normals will beat out dive kick pressure in fact all of his standing normals except short. Basically Jab is the best choice for close pressure it will hit him out of the jump, but when already in dive kick animation fierce works, both close and far. So just some food for thought. Strong and forward are used for a little bit farther distances

more true option selects? Keep in mind a real option select is where you put the motions in, and the game decides for you based on certain circumstances. Not “adon can do this, and then afterwards you can choose to do this if you want.”

If he has more, please list them

Just like Ryu, you can option select short rj to beat jumps and back dashes. Not sure who it works against ex devils reverse and head stomp, although it might hit if the hit box is right.

Why would a Bison player Reversal Devil’s Reverse which you can option select HK RJ, when he can teleport away so you can option select LK JK :tup:

So after being in the lab, I must say that plinking really is amazing. If you’re not utilizing it, you’re doing yourself an injustice. Also, I’m not sure if plinking works with special moves, but i’ve been plinking lk rising jag in the corner after a corner combo because linking the 2nd rising jag is tight timing, and since i started plinking i haven’t really missed any. :china:

Also, has anyone found a good use for meaty cl.:mk:? Since active frames are 6, and advantage on hit is +2, hitting on the last frame would yield 5+2 advantage. This was further supported when I was able to link s.:mp: off it, which has a 7-frame startup. Unfortunately, some characters get pushed back so far that none of Adon’s lights and mids can connect afterwards.

On block, 5-1 yields +4 advantage. So what can we do with that? Frame trap with sweep? Walk-up throw? Cross-up shenanigans? iAJK? L2 Focus? Try 'em out.

I’m def switching up my BnB from cr. lp -> cr. lp to cr. short -. cr. lp. Learning that its easier to hit

Also, anyone else finding that lk RJ over a down opponent sometimes results in a cross up?

I was playing a friend who is an Adon player and he crossed me up with an LK RJ on two separate occasions while I was crouching. It seems incredibly situational though.

I found out that kick out priorities everything Zangief does lylat, green hand, jump-ins. Everything.

I had played bushido impact tournament. And i had lost 10 match again M.Bison in freeplay.
I give you few information on this match-up.
I had played again M.Bison very offensive

Short range:M.Bison made zoning with a s.MK and s.HK
-To break his : s.MK,s.MK =+8 (M.Bison frame trap)for ADON to break it
s.MK,s.HK =+10 for ADON to break it
s.HK,s.HK =+12 for ADON to break it
s.HK,s.MK =+10 for ADON to break it
All those frames traps can be break with cr.MP ( frame execution= 5 ).

Middle range :
In this range you must be mind cr.HK, Double Knee Press and Psyco Crusher.

-M.Bison’s cr.HK: In training mode you can see you must have 2 squares between ADON & M.Bison to cr.HK be safe. If M.Bison don’t respect this range can whiff(far range) or block (short range) and in this case you can punish him (-10 on block).

Double Knee Press: If M.Bison make 2 hits on block you can punish him with Rising Jaguar(lk)
-DKP(lk): = +0 on block you can’t punish
You can break it with Focus (in training mode you must have 2 square between you).
-DKP(MK): If M.Bison make it in short range you can punish (-5 on block)
You can break it with Focus (in training mode you must have 3 square between you).
-DKP(HK):If M.Bison make it in short range you can punish (-8 on block)
You can break it with Focus (in training mode you must be in far range).

Psycho Crusher: All PC make 2 hits

-PC(lk): short range; punish (-8 on block)
-PC(MK): middle range or far range; punish (-14 on block)
-PC(HK):far range;punish (-17 on block)

Far range:

-Head Press: If you make back dash or foward dash the H.P can whiff and after you can punish him.
-Somersault Skull Diver can be break by a Focus.
-Devil Reverse: Can be break by a Focus.

I used to play Dhalsim, changed to Adon when super came out, been playing him since about 3 weeks prior to launch, I’ve got some videos up me playing Adon up on my youtube; - I’d appreciate the feedback

I’ve got some notes on matchups, from the few thousand or so I’ve played, I think I can give my impressions on Adons matchup results;

6-4 = Potential 7-3 - so many moves for fireball evasion and U1 which can punish any fireball or whiffed HP/HK on reaction

5-5 = The priority of the HP SRK from Ken can stuff out most of Adons active air moves, however you still have the ability to U1 on reaction to whiffed SRK’s and Fireballs

6-4 = With the ability to modify a jump with an Instant air Jaguar Kick you can bait so much out of Chun and your stuff out most of Chuns Air to Air

E. Honda
3-7 = Most of Hondas normals stuff out Adons special moves, you have to fall back to fundamentals and be prepared to punish mp/hp headbuts and butslams with U1 on reaction to win

6-4 = Making good use of Adons overhead ( has allowed me to get in on nearly all of the blankas I have played, his Jaguar tooth is an excellent option to stop Blanka hopping around

5-5 = If you rely on fundamentals then its an even game, 2 hits on the HK stops Giefs focusing to apply pressure however everything is punishable, especially the Jaguar Tooth

4-6 = This is a similar matchup to the Ryu one, but using U1 to punish the sonic boom has to be done with some serious Yomi shit because it recovers so fast, that aside, make good use of adons crossup in this matchup, it seems to stuff out the Flash Kick

5-5 =Hard to punish Sim because you can’t rely on the crossup, key here is to ex-jaguar tooth as soon as they teleport, there is nothing really in your favour, but nothing againt

4-6 = Because you rely on airborn attacks for all moves, excluding one, Balrogs can just buffalo you all day, again, the key here is to fall back on fundamentals and use the crossup alot, you can’t bait with the Tooth, U1 lands full screen before you can recover

5-5 = diagonal and j/hp have excellent priority in the air and the hitbox is long enough to stop the air grab, if you focus everything else on the ground you can use your dash to get in quick and puinish most of Vegas moves on his recovery

6-4 = Possibly even a 7-3, with the ex-Jaguar kicks you can punish any sagat tiger shot, upper or lower and your IAJK allowes you to stuff his SRK on wakeup, you can also use U1 to punish any of his supers

M. Bison
5-5 = Quite an even matchup, I find the overhead works well here as alot of bisons spend quite a bit of time crouching and your crossup works well, for some reason, Adon has a hard time grabbing Bison when he is crouching, remember that and stick to spacing him out and using HK to punish any focus pressure

5-5 = Jumping mp/hp stuffs out Rufus air target combo and times correctly, snake strike, use EX-JK’s to punish him if he wants to jump in, the only downside with this matchup is Rufus’s dive kick, Adon has no easy way to wakeup punish

5-5 = Another even matchup, not found anything to be in the advantage over either fighter

El Fuerte
7-3 = The majority of your moves can combat El Fuerte in the air, also, on wakeup you can rising jaguar to get you out free from the wakeup games, Adons dash alos him to dash in and out real fast to punish anything El Fuerte tries

4-6 = Now, I’m not sure if this is down to my experience of this matchup but Vipers burning kick stuffs out most of Adons supers, you have to fall back to spacing and learning to use tooth to punish the big jump in burning kicks, it may well be 5-5 but with the moves being stuffed out I think it’s a hard matchup to even out for Adon

6-4 = Not had any problems with the Guy matchup, Adons diagonal jumping mp keeps me free in the air, out of reach of the Izuna drop grabs or the command flip grabs while the crossup helps on his wakeup, Adons grab is also real fast with a big distance which means you can grab to punish any dash in attack if blocked

6-4 = This is pretty much the same at the Ryu matchup

7-3 = don’t let him oil up stick close to him and use alot of neutral jump mk’s into ex jaguar kicks to stuff out any of his wakeup shit, Adons HK is his best weapon against Hakan

6-4 = Again, almost identical to the Ryu matchup, with the only exception being you cant punish the hp fireball with U1

6-4 = both are so fast it just comes down to fundamentals with Adons HK you can stop all Ibuki focus pressure and you can also ex-tooth and U1 through any jumping EX-Kunai

3-7 = This is a fucking nightmare, ask PrivateRyan about it, I had a real hard time, I’m not going to spell it out because I’ll get pumped in the Glasgow RB’s but if your interested in the tactic, he knows what it is

6-4 = HK outpokes everything Dudley has, you can also cr.lp all of dudleys machine gun uppercuts and 9/10 times you can stuff out his wakeup upper with a diagonal jumping hp

7-3 = She just has nothing to touch Adon with, HK to break the focus, ex-jk’s to stop any jump ins, your dash is also excellent for getting in to punish after something is whiffed

6-4 = It’s all HK and EX-JK’s in this match, if he jumps off the wall, use a hk rising Jaguar to immediatly stuff anything he’s going to do, all projectiles can be punished with U1

5-5 = Exact same as the Zangief matchup, everything is punishable with a spd, use hk tp punish blocked condor dives

7-3 = Cammy can out poke and put prioritise all of Adons normals and supers, you have to fall back on more fundamental play and punish blocked supers with a dash in > combo to have any chance in this matchup, it’s like turtle rushdown, stupid hard with a good cammy

6-4 = It’s the same as the Ryu matchup, no difference, use the Jaguar Kick to increate the amount of time your in the air or to crossup then try to use that to your advantage

6-4 = As above, same as Ryu, if Akuma jumps for air fireball you can dash in twice and punish everytime, U1 lands on all fireballs and you can use it to punish jump in fireballs too

? - I’ve not played enough rose players to get a real feel of the matchup.

Fei Long
? - I’ve not played enough Fei Long players to get a real feel of the matchup.

Like I said, its just my opinions based on my play style and the people I’ve played, most of which are from Neo Empire so feel free to add/change whatever you disagree with.