Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

I know that if u perform the Ultra too quickly after the FADC u will whiff so try delaying the ultra a slight bit just like RYUs

I posted this in another thread to little fanfare, but you CAN land Jaguar Kick and be outside jab SPD range.

I was having inconsistencies with the Ultra whiffing in the corner after an FADC if I dashed forward out of the focus attack, but if I dash backward, I haven’t had a problem yet.

I’m not sure if this is known or not, but if your timing is good you can dash under Sagat’s high Tiger Shots. Apologies if this is already known.

i just did this so i want to post it before i forget, may be helpful in the future.

vs akuma i did FA xx dash forward under his first hit absorbed, second hit dashed UNDER. Didn’t expect it so didn’t try to punish.

Block punishment for Adon (Besides the obvious). Note that I’m mostly using U2 for now except against semi-obvious stuff. If somebody could test more things with U1 that’d be a great help + make this go by much much quicker.

c.HK: c.MP, c.HK, s.HK (All of these require you to be at least somewhat close to him), HP super.

HP Headbutt: Ultra 1
Buttslam (If it hits on the way up): MK/HK/EX RJ, Ultra 2 *MK seems to fully connect the most reliably. Also, hitting Honda out of EX Buttslam if blocked on the way up seems really spacing dependent, otherwise you just eat it regardless of which RJ you use. Ultra 2 was very reliable.

c.HK: Same as Ryu’s.
df.MK: cl.HP xx RJ (Up close only), c.MP xx RJ (Close to mid range), c.LK xx RJ (RJ whiffs after this if it’s about tip range. Also I believe the move is safe against Adon at tip).
*LK->MK TC is safe afaik with -4 and good pushback. I might test the others in the future.
Raida (All versions): LK/MK RJ, U2. U2 will whiff if it isn’t point blank. LK RJ seems guaranteed at any range, though it might not get both hits.
Neckbreaker (All versions): cl.HP/c.MP xx RJ (RJ might not connect completely but I’ve never seen it completely whiff after punishing this), U2. If you block around tip you’ll need to do U1 rather fast, or else it won’t connect.
Non-EX Kazegiri: Whatever you want.
EX-Kazegiri: Followup kunai stuffs all RJs and U1 (lol). Timing them late didn’t seem to help. However, I think you can backdash under all kunais and get guaranteed punishment. Even if she doesn’t follow up with a kunai, you get guaranteed damage after the dash if you’re quick (I couldn’t land U2 when dashing after empty EX Kazigiri). I don’t believe spacing factors into it beyond Adon ending up behind Ibuki if he’s close enough.
Tsumugi: You can interrupt the low followup with LK RJ or super. Considering she’s otherwise safe except for HK version without the third mid followup (Which is only LK RJ punishable I believe), this isn’t at all guaranteed.
Non-EX Hien: Same as Kazegiri, although the way Hien hits makes smacking followup kunais with RJ actually possible.

c.HP: Same story as Ryu’s c.HK.
Non-EX Hayate: LK RJ. Watch out for FADC.

c.MK: c.MP (Close range only).
c.HK: LP Super.
Non-LP Machine Gun: LK RJ.
Ducking straight/Upper:LK RJ. He can FADC to avoid RJ.
Thunderbolt: It’s -20 something, so do what you want.

On another note, you all might want to mess around with his s.HP against characters that don’t rely on shoto c.MK style normals for footsies (Aka Boxer). It doesn’t seem as amazing as Guile’s, but I’ve seen it stuff Headbutts and Blanka Balls pretty handily, and it does 120 damage (150 on CH!). Also, when you’re in that magic space where Dudley and Boxer’s c.LP stuff all your shit, try your own c.LP or s.LK. Neither can be auto-fired, but they both seem to have otherwise good priority, and trade or beat their c.LPs.

Adon vs Adon is one of the most boring matchups I have ever played LOL.

I have only played a few Adons so far but it usually ends up being who can out patience who. I have never sat like that before like I did in those matches. I won all those matches but I was at a loss on an effective strategy against another Adon. Being an Adon player I know what they were trying to do so the best thing I did to counter that was just simply sit. I did spam lk.jt a lot to build meter when I was in the corner waiting for something to happen.


Adon seems pretty good, my friend whos not too good at sf was able to beat a good viper, cammy, and chun just by spamming specials…
it seems either they are unfamiliar with the match or things like tooth, jk, are all safe especailly vs viper.

Can anyone explain why Jaguar Revolver doesnt fully connect against projectile chars? I played a Ryu where only the first hit connected, then the 2nd hit he was able to block, then the animation stopped. Another time only 3 hits connected, then the animation stopped. And one other time only the first hit connected, then the animation stopped. What’s the proper spacing and timing for it? I tested it out from mid to almost full screen, and I could never get it to fully connect.

That’s really weird. The only time I don’t get it to full connect is when I hit someone in the air. Otherwise I’ve yet to have that issue.

What’s your spacing and timing? Do you have to input the ultra as soon as they throw their FB/projectile, or can it be delayed?

I don’t know if anyone has said this, either way: I LOVE to MK Jag Tooth Jump ins… It stops a lot of offense, it sometimes gets stuffed out by far reaching air hits (Fei j.HK, Ryu j.HK) but for the most parts gets you out of there and back on the floor as they land setting up for a free c.LP xx LK rj.

T.Hawk is going to be a pain to fight against. If he times it right, he can grab your s.HK :frowning: I’ve had that happen to me like…4 times hoping it was a fluke. Something interesting with the grapplers though…Ground HK Jk helps a lot! I don’t know if they were just fudging stuff…but it stuffed their air and low hits with ease (Though if you whiff against faster opponents they will punish). Something interesting I did during a Hawk fight was wait for a Condor Dive and then LK Jtooth. It hit him as he landed and I was like…that’s cool.

Baiting is fun as Adon, you stand over them and wait for them to wake up with some move and you HK jtooth them as they attempt. I fought a sagat who woke up ultra’d 1, I used Ex Jag Tooth and assumed I lost, but I hit attacked whiffed and It punished him to death.

I think it’s already been said but, don’t jaguar tooth against t. hawk

you can’t even jump out of the SPD

I play on Xbox live and am willing to break down the Honda aspect of this match is someone with enough character knowledge is willing to play about 50 games or so.

Feel free to send me some mail on Xbl.

Yes you can.

Then maybe it’s the lag online because I’m holding up as soon as I input the jaguar tooth and still get caught with the SPD

Fking love punishing with the > c.lp > > fadc > ultra.

found (vertical) > awesome for corner mixups. Then c.lp mix up throws ftw.
Then crossup crazy…
(Adon’s a beast)

But yeah T.hawk matchups are pretty problematic… I just try to keep them at bay most of the time. JT for escapes, EX for wakeup escapes

Anyone know any tricks against Boxer??

I was playing around in training mode today with Adon vs Rog. It seems that LK can counter rogs jab but the timing involved is pretty tight (note this wasnt done against the jab spamming just single jabs). Also Adons MK can stuff rogs MP and HP you just need proper spacing(about 1 character) time on this is pretty tight to if you time it wrong you’ll either get a counter hit or rogs punch will hit you. I dont know how this stuff will work in a real match but its somthing to think about.

One of the first things I tested when I noticed how safe on block it was, was if it could be caught by command grabs. Tested it with a friend and was able to jump out of reversal SPD, Super and Ultras from Gief and Hawk and reversal Super from Akuma.

HELP!!! Vega and Blanka are killing me!!! anyone got good idea’s VS them? blanka is always right there outta reach, and short enough a lot of things don’t hit him. Also that damn slide beats everything special adon has…everything! Vega seems to be almost untouchable to a degree. and tips would be great.