Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

standing or crouching lp or lk o-s light rising jag
crouching mp o-s light rising jag

these five o-s’s are good during footsies, to tag your opponent when they stick out a limb. Cr. mp o-s l. rj in particular has great range.

I see adon as a relatively footsies/zoning-based character, mainly because he lacks a projectile and has a decent set of long-range normals (roundhouse, -> mp, fierce, and cr. mp). Of course, you can keep your opponent on their toes by incorporating jag kicks into your spacing game. But more so than most characters adon needs to apply pressure from up close.

That being said, i think these o-s’s are a good addition to adon’s arsenal.

aaah… i miss chainable jabs/shorts so much with Adon… :frowning:

I had the random light rising jaguar cross up happen again. It only been happening on Codys and Dudleys.

That’s interesting. My hardest matchups are by far Blanka and T Hawk. I’ll admit I haven’t played as many Hondas, but when I do if I zone them a bit farther than I do most characters it seems to work out pretty well. A well timed HK Jag Kick beats head butt clean and it where I do most of my damage.

Unless I missed it in the thread, does anyone have any advice vs. Hawk? I feel like he can beat everything I throw at him, and playing defensively just isn’t an option. I’ve discovered recently that playing at 3/4 screen or farther helps a lot, but I haven’t had much of a chance to try it against different Hawk players.

Certain blockstrings against certain characters will always make you crossup.I posted one vs ryu a while ago but can’t remember it.

Blanka isn’t too hard as long as you’re defensive.
Can’t help vs hawk because good hawks, like, don’t exist or something. I’ve yet to see a good player that doesn’t just pick him to mess around.

I need help:

What do you do against akuma far HK? Adon can’t duck the second hit so this is a huge pain in the ass. I haven’t found one move that will hit it everytime. Does it really leave akuma at 0 on block?

Rufus, some guys do his ex messiah, and delay the flipkick. When I try this in training, the flipkick is easy to beat with a HK or EX jaguar. However I don’t know how but these guys beat even EX RJ. Whan kind of bullshit is that?

T-Hawk: You have to zone and play the footsie game. His pokes go farther out than yours so you have to bait the fierce or roundhouse pokes to focus them, dash in, and get a combo in. You can punish his dive with LK JK and roundhouse. Use safe jumps if you’re going to pressure to bait out the DP’s and stay out of blockstring range.

Blanka: Don’t let him do Hop shenanigans. Block, block, block. you can punish Blanka Balls with LK JK and Ultra 1, though I’ve found the timing for punishing with Ultra 1 to be precise. Other than that, play good footsies… Try and bait them into doing something stupid and capitalize on it.

BISON: Even though this was posted in the video thread, I think the topic was about the Adon vs. Bison matchup. I found it appropriate to leave my thoughts in here. That s.HK and s.MK are both nasty. Best advice is try and bait the HK and focus in and punish. besides that, if you can beat Bison in the ground, it’s going to force him to try and jump in… which we know doesn’t work very well against Adon. Watch out for Crossup PC’s and FADC’d slides.

Dude, for both Akuma and Rufus I’d say just block. From my experience I’ve learned that it’s better to be safe than sorry. In both of those instances both characters are half way into a move and are committed so they can’t really “mix you up” or anything until the move is over. For Rufus’ Messiah kick just watch out between the sweep and the overhead, other than that… It’s better to be left in a neutral position than to get hit and get kocked down, in my opinion.

PS: That list needs some corrections in my opinion, but does have some accurate info on certain matchups. All in all, I don’t think Adon has REALLY bad matchups. He zones people out, he can rush down really well. He can bait for miles and his footsies are great. You just have to be patient and not jump the gun in a match. I think Adon is about patience, and knowing when to set the difference between rushing down and knowing when to sit back.

Real quick shout out to all you guys who provide info about adon… I just came back from devestation n didn’t make final 8 but make top 16… I haven’t asked many questions reason being anything i wanted to ask was already posted and answered :slight_smile: I recieved mad respect from Fillipino Champ, Mike Ross, and Sabre… I was supposed to money match Mike Ross but had daddy issuses on daddy’s day at end of night… Once again thank you info providers your tha shit :wink:

Against Bison Ultra 1 can be good to punish bisons Reversal like his Ex Psycho crusher or devils reverse Also teleport if u can predict it and also Adons St.HK Beats Bisons Ultra2 Clean LOL

I think most of the 6-4 match ups are more 5-5 honestly adon can get knocked outta his specials by normals doesn’t have a good reversal unless u do ex but with that being said they have to anticpate a jaguar tooth or kick coming so but for the most part i think your list is right just some of those 6-4 match up’s i honestly dont think there 6-4 more 5-5

Glad to hear you did well. recently I’ve been using Bison alot to get him fully sharpened for evo. I’ve only been pulling adon out in grand finals when I have a chance to come back with Bison in case I lose lol Last tournament, I got sent to losers using Bison against someone’s guy/honda. I made it to grand finals and played them again using Adon and 3-0’d them the first set. I hate that even if you crouch, rh rj some times loses to hondas jumpin strong and fierce. Guy, however, Can never elbow drop adon crouching. That match up is sooo in Adon’s favor. Just make sure you punish every slide.

For akuma, “just blocking” would mean I stop playing footsies entierly. That kinda doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. The problem with far HK is that the risk reward is too much in akuma’s favor. If he hits it, great he does a combo. You block it and you’re in neutral position (and akuma can mixup well). You beat it, you got a poke at best. It’s fast, has good priority and great damage. Not being able to duck under the second hit really hurts adon.

For rufus, I’m aware I can block stuff, but I’d rather punish TBH. I’d also like to undrerstand why he’s beating moves that are invincible with that flipkick while I cannot reproduce that when I try. Maybe I’ll ask the rufus forums.

I miss playing Chun-Li and having Akuma’s far :hk: whiff on second hit. Now I actually have to counter it, lol.

Anyways, probably the best way to punish that (and all other committed ground approaches) with a big combo would be, through anticipation, n.jump :hk:, cl.:mk: xx RJ. Or if you’re too far, n.jump :hk:, c.:hk:. Standing Fierce works great to stuff it out too.

I have to agree with Kelso. If they’re delaying their flip kick, just block it. However they can choose to do nothing and just grab you. So in essence, it’s a true 50-50, unless you have a teleport or something (which you don’t). Maybe U2 can go through delayed flip kick?

But yeah, it’s an old SF4 trick that Rufus players usually do on Shotos, from what I’ve heard. It’s stupid… but so is everything else Rufus does.

Yeah I guess neutral j.HK would be the best way to make people think twice about whoring far HK. You get a combo at least. Thanks.
The problem was mostly that even if I beat it a couple times with stand MK or something else, eventually he hits it and makes up the damage.

The rufus thing is weird. So he has invincibility on his flipkick and delays it JUST enough to beat my stuff? Damn.

adon’s standing roundhouse reaches farther than akuma’s and trades in adon’s favor. If he’s close enough do to standing hk and you’re just blocking or standing there, you’re doing it wrong.

Forward dash ducks Akumas roundhouse. Meaning you can focus one hit and forward dash under the second. (unless they have demon)

boy do i love getting throw out of a rising jaguar…

As posted multiple times you cannot get thrown out of HK and EX RJ. You CAN get thrown out of LK and MK rising jaguar all the beggining of startup. In fact you WILL get thrown out of it as its slower than throws.
I hope one day someone makes a super thread containing all the infos, bnbs etc.

fyi if ya’ll didn’t already figure this out by feel, Adon jumps at the same speed as Blanka, which before super was the second fastest jump speed in the game (Gen was the fastest). Or another way of putting it, he spends the same amount of time in the air as Blanka, which is slightly less than most characters.

God I suck at everyone except adon now. He ruined my game. I get annoyed by having to actually deal with crossups or fireballs, not having great answers for crouch teching, not having all purpose 100% antiair, having bad neutral jump moves, having shoryukens that go to the wrong side all the time (fuck you akuma) non-god tier crossups that whiff easily, having no reversal, or something else. It’s always something. Adon is really well rounded. I think he would be tops if he had 1000 health. You can really feel it sometimes when you haven’t made too many mistakes but you are like “where the fuck did my life go?”. It’s too bad he’s so unpopular. People pretty much use me to get their adon matchup practice haha.

well its bound to happen if you play too much of one char, but thats a good thing. helps realize how good your char is, just like you did lol.

is anyone else having a hard time fighting sakura? her c.fierce stops my jaguar kicks clean and her roundhouse is faster than adons. shes a small character so im whiffing combos that normally don’t whiff. it feels like a bad match up to be honest. i dont think theres anything adon can capitalize on.
with that in mind, it seems like adons good matches are with ALL the large characters(abel, dudley,sagat, ect.) since he can land certain combos on them. anyone else agree?