Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Gief’s s.:mp: is stupidly good. 4 frame startup, +2 on block.

thanks for the info!! i already train a ton !! in training mode should i switch the computer to player? or hard? thanks for any input gents :tup:

I would work on reaction, footsies and blocking. Honestly, I think you’d be good with that. Obviously execution as well. I would also work on moving to a city with a scene :smiley:

Fun Fact: Dans Ultra 1, not punishable with Jaguar Avalanche on block

You get one hit when going up and dan just gets hit behind Adon.

How do I deal with Seth?

spam rising jaguar. if you score a knockdown, keep going at him since seth has bad footsies.

if the seth players you face are quick with dp on reaction, don’t bother relying on jaguar tooth (use it sparingly), dont use it if they got Ultra 2… you’ll eat that like tofu if you do.

JT are easy to react and seth has a command grab so im pretty sure he can grab you on block.
i dont know much of the “adon specifics” so i cant give you reliable info. i dont lose to alot of seths since i already have general experience.
but heres what i do:(general info)
punish sonic booms with JK or IAJK(his sonic boom has bad delay)
your gonna want to be in the IAJK range to play footsies with him. seth footsies < adon footsies
if seth jumps in the corner and youre too far to apply pressure, on reaction, HK JK because it’ll stuff his jumping fierce and his wall jump to escape.
use U2 to punish neutral jump fierces and sonic booms.

Disclaimer: Results may vary.

seth and sim are both in adon’s favour imo. air jaguar kicks + jaguar tooth gets through j.hp or s.hp. combo into or lk rising jaguar and it puts you right next to him.

I’m having a friend help me in the sim match up and i use to play chun it’s way easier to get in on him with adon then chun that’s for sure

So it sounds like Ultra 2 for Seth.

No, U1 is better against Seth. If you’re trying to come back from a life disadvantage, you might as well go for things that punish his ranged game, since he doesn’t really need to approach you and can run away FOREVERRRRRR.

Thought about making a thread for this, but it’s probably best to just ask this here. It’s been said that Adon’s matchups are fairly dependent on how well his opponent can deal with JK, and I think that sounds about right. I’ve noticed that characters with a fairly steep jump angle (and shallow horizontal coverage) seem to have a really rough time with HK JK, I have a lot of luck catching opponents on jump-ins to the point where I prefer to use JK as an AA against certain characters.

Namely Sakura, Rufus, Boxer and Dudley, but I’m sure there are others that I’m not thinking of (I have a lot of luck with Cody, but I’m not sure if this is because of his jump angle or if it’s because of his air normals). Are there any other characters that have a rough time getting past HK JK in the air?

Okay, so I’ve been getting very frustrated playing Dudley, it seems every time he jumps on me at the perfect spacing to eat a close s.HK, far comes out. It seems like his hitbox is wacked out or something, it’s not just a once or twice thing, it seems i can never get a close s.HK on the guy. Any one else notice this against other chars?

I wish I had tested this out sooner. What I said above is true ONLY for :lk: (and to an extent :mk:) versions of iAJK. I tested out :hk: iAJK today, and found it to be at least +0 on a blocking, standing opponent. Yes, it’s completely safe against reversal Final Atomic Buster and other 1-frame moves. At any range. JOY. :bgrin:

Update #2: Although this might be old news, :hk: iAJK is +9 (maybe +10?) on hit, and does in fact combo into U2 (it really helps if you double-tap all kicks). On counter-hit and on a standing opponent however, it combos into U1.

Update #3: A well-spaced :mk: iAJK (you have to hit with the tip of his toe) apparently is +11 on hit.
:mk: iAJK, c.:hp: is entirely possible, although as usual, it’s a 1-frame link.

:hk: JK is an amazing AA if you do it early enough. I like to call it ‘Jaguar Wall’ due to it’s monstrous hit box and the fact that it can beat nearly every non-invincible move on the planet. The only problem I have with it is that it’s very punishable on whiff (just like every other JK and JT). If the opponent knows this, for example a good Rufus player, all they have to do is wait for your :hk: JK to whiff halfway across the screen and punish it with c.:hp:.

:hk: JK is excellent on certain characters’ wake-up though. If you time it a little late, and Juri doesn’t have U2, :hk: JK will beat out her counter move and EX pinwheel. Is she holding up? :hk: JK. Is she mashing grab? :hk: JK. Does she like to back-dash? … You know what to do. At worst, you’ll trade with EX pinwheel (in your favor). You have to space it right though… she can go under your JK by dashing forward, so make sure that if she does that she’s still in front of you.

just dashed under my first blanka ultra 1 in a match

sooo intense

i never use HK as anti air, its too unreliable. depending how the spacing is, if its a far jump, HK RJ. if its a close jump in, s.jab, s.strong or ex. rj.

HK JK on chuns wake-up is pretty good as well. they have no answer. i use it like 3 times in a row lol.

^ Just remember to bait her U2.

bait her u2? explain please :stuck_out_tongue:

If you :hk:JK enough on wake-up, they’ll eventually try U2 on you (which does in fact beat :hk:JK). In other words, sometimes you just gotta block and punish, and not get hit by random ultra.