Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

starting using neutral jump HK more. So damaging. I’ve been finishing so many matches with instant overhead nj. HK.

Don’t abuse it. Cause you’ll get shit on if they see it coming.

yeah, i only use it to close it a match if its really close. Definitely only using it for situational purposes

Am i the only one that zones the shit out of ppl with JK? This thing is like a shotos nightmare. Gamerbee seems to use it repeatedly as well. Ive been trapping ppl in corners all day. They cant fukn escape from it. hk.jk is beast. If they get wise and try to stuff it with a normal then i just poke them with or instead. JK works great when properly spaced.

I just got stomped by a Makoto.

I won 1 out of 10 games… kinda pathetic.

I had her on the ropes with cross ups into Rising Jaguar and keeping her on the ground with Jaguar Kicks, but once she got going with the combos and got me in a corner, I couldn’t do anything…

Any tips?

Punish her dash punches with reversal lk JK (except EX which is safe). Don’t let her get away with jumping, like all grapplers. Don’t try to be too fancy, your normals>her normals. Backdash when you feel the grab coming. She can beat jagkicks with but if you mix MK and HK it’s hard for her since she needs different timings to beat both. iAJKS are also good aganst her if you can do them. Be careful of safejumps, she can ex grab you so remember to HK JK on her wakeup sometimes. IMO Adon beats Makoto pretty hard.

:arazz: Don’t try to super chun li in the corner, she falls out of the fucking combo. I can’t recreate it for some reason but many times in a match chun li falls out of Adon’s super, sometimes not even in the corner…

I like super but the hitboxes seem jacked up. Like peoples hit boxes are moving way too much to match the 3-d animation, it gets in the way of combos, and when you connect with a super nice and deep and suddenly a few hits wiff, it’s really really frustrating.

I hate fighting Chun. Her crouching hitbox is soooooo fucking low, I can’t cross up. EVERY time. I’m completely mind fucked by it. Should I just not try and cross up Chun anymore or is it just a timing thing?

You have to time j.:mk: so you cross up Chun Li while she’s standing, not crouching. If you aim lower to the ground, you’ll most likely whiff thanks to Chun’s skinny hitbox.

If it really bothers you, j.:lk: has a much larger hitbox behind Adon and it works more often than not. Or just use :hk:JK, which beats out EX SBK if you time it late.

ExiiLe: I main Makoto and I can tell you that she can be jabbed and/or thrown out of almost everything.
Against good Makoto’s they will abuse and her Air Axe Kick (tsurugi).
Don’t ever do Jaguar tooth against her, since can beat it free on reaction.
She also has terrible wakeup options, so abuse that. But if you get too predictable, she can up-punch and juggle you for good damage.
But yeah, abuse your normals.

^^ to add to that,
-ex Hayate is -4 on block so cr/s jab to lk rj should punish.
-make sure your wake up pressure jump ins are fairly meaty otherwise she can trade DP for excellent damage.
-axe kicks are focusable.
-s hk gives her fits. Mix s lk in the so you don’t get predictable and eat big damage.
-throw beats all her wake up options aside from backdash, throw, and Ultra.

So somehow I beat Ryder which had to be by some stroke of luck. I got totally trashed the first time than played him again a second time and won, and somehow I had some weird natural reaction to do fadc ultra (no idea how I did it in a match like this, weird as hell) and I am sure if I played him anymore after that he beat me every single time. After playing him I gained a little confidence that I might actually be able to keep getting better and stop doing the little tricks that I do in fights.

Sorry for the jibba jabba, just kinda happy that I actually put up a fight with someone who insanely good. Anyways what is the best way to deal with abels rush down? When ryder was slamming in to me I kept crouch teching like a moron and didn’t really know what to do other than somehow getting away with a neutral jump or hope he stop while I blocked (which obviously didn’t work well).

Have confidence in yourself! Everyone is human and beatable, be confident in your skills and knowledge.

Don’t stray from the tricks you already have, just start to recognize when to use them. All top players have their tricks, but they work in the clutch of the match. Match point with both players about to die from 1 combo or throw. That is when to use your tricks. Just learn to play solid through the majority of the match to maximize your chances to have the lead or stay competitive in the match, then use your own tricks when it will win you the match!

EDIT: If he is rushing down use you hk jk, or nj.

so after playing about 3 zangiefs the other night, i realize adon can play an insane “keep away” game against zangief, S.fp was doing wonders everytime he jumped, but maybe those 3 giefs sucked lol just my little input i’m sure you guys probably knew that

yeah, for Gief match. Adons normals are a god send and high kick Jaguar Kick just shuts down any Gief jump in attempt because his jump is so slow

Anyone else having a hard time against Sakura? Her c.HP trades with even well timed moves, she’s hard to combo especially when crouching, her jumping HP gives me hell, her s.HK has as good of a range as Adon’s HK. She has a really hard frame trap too, I’m having a rough time with this match guys.

Im curious guys what purpose does the jaguar tooth serve? I use the different strengths to bait dp’s and stuff but does it serve any other purposes? Thank you.

i just use lk. Jaguar Tooth to bait ultras that aren’t fullscreen and sometimes HK to close distance against on non-fireball characters (except gief and t-hawk)

Tooth doesn’t really do anything you couldn’t accomplish with a jk imo.


No invulnerability, so it can’t be used to escape. No priority so it can’t be used to beat other attacks. I actually had a match where I did JT and for some reason at that same moment the opponent decides to Raging Demon. During the super pause for the Demon, you can clearly see Adon is upright and beginning his backflip for the JT with just his toes barely touching the ground. Got hit by the RG.