Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

There’s an odd property with some anti airs. I think it has to do with the bounding box, which is separate from the character’s normal collision box that is used to keep characters from passing through each other. I’ve had matches where I’ve done EX RJ and at the same time the opponent did Dudley’s EX uppercut. The two of us didn’t hit each other until the very end of the attacks (RJ won). I think this is because the bounding box isn’t allowing the characters to get close enough for either of their attacks to hit. It is NOT invulnerability.

Against Seth: Against runaway players, use AJK to close the gap and get him into the corner. Neutral jump MP can hit him if he tries to escape off the wall. Just keep pressuring him with JKs, because the chip damage can really add up against Seth. Stay close, punish stupid things with cr.MP, and when you get a lead, watch out for anything desperate.

Against Dhalsim: I’ve been experimenting with Adon’s jump-in mindgames for this matchup. You can screw up his anti-air timing with AJK, and you can bluff an AJK with j.MP. The distance for the j.MP is what you want to use (to make it ambiguous), and then mix up your AJK timing, or just do nothing; you’ll be far away enough that his s.MP anti-air won’t hit you.

i lost to 2 chuns at a tourney; one of them being shizza and the other one getting counter-hit combos on me. she has dramatized me… anyways, here are some tips:

do not throw out the st. roundhouse when playing footsies. just forget it even exists! iajk is a good poke to throw out, best used at max range but dont whiff it. lk jk works well in this match. use it at a range where her pokes wont hit you and also use it sparingly. getting her cornered is your goal through out the whole fight. when theyre knocked down mix it up with late HK JK, neutral jump HK, and keep them cornered with the JK pressure.

EDIT: this is a match up where both ultras can be used. smart players know not to throw fireballs at all when you have revolver, though. i perfer avalanche since its way easier to land.

don’t know if this has been discussed, but safe jump OS’ing close st.RH works wonders on Viper. The RH has more active frames than a wakeup Seismo has invincibility frames, so it gets totally stuffed when timed properly

Also against viper, lk jaguar kick completely stuffs her seismo game and feints. She has bad normals so abuse that too. Don’t be eager to press buttons on wakeup because burning kicks suck, but they are not always ambigious so just be patient. She can really kill you if she gets going, but you can rape her shit in a few JK’s too. Safejump her, I notice most players start to backdash once you do so punish that.

Against boxer, a low iAJK can shutdown jab spam, doesn’t always work but it’s very in your favor in the end. A stand MK also works. Rush punches can be focused or beaten with well spaced/timed roundhouses and fierces. If he does the armor breaking one you can punish it with lk jagkick unless he’s very far, if he cancels his rush punch into super I’m pretty sure backdash will make you airborne and not take all the hits. Safejump him, don’t go for crossups (well you can but don’t let that be your default behavior) because he can escape crossups with headbutts and shit but can’t do much against safejumps.
An important thing against boxer is to remember not to rely on zoning with jagkicks like you would against other characters. His walkspeed is too fast to space them well and you will whiff often so be sure he’s crouch blocking when you do them. Or in the corner (wary of headbutts).

Abel, punish wheelkicks with LK jk if you judge the distance is right, ex is safe of course.
His rekkas should be punished like this: First hit is throwable on block (ex included, but tighter). The timing is tight, you might want to plink your throw. So after you block the first hit, attempt a throw, if he does the second hit you will block it, now you can freely punish with a RJ, doesn’t matter if he does the third hit. It’s pretty hard to do it in matches and I still miss but that’s the idea.

Ryu: Punish sweep with st.rh, I haven’t found anything else reliable unless he does it very close.

Gief: A properly spaced (means that you land outside of SPD range) HK jaguar kick is effective on wakeup, lariat will get beaten and EX greenhand will go trough you, making him waste meter at worst.

Cammy: divekicks are a bitch, other than to focus the hit and backdash I haven’t found what to do. A jab might work bit it’s not guaranteed. Being in the corner is nasty.

In the chun match, i want to use Revolver more. Just so I can have an option to make chun stop throwing her god awfully annoying fireball. For some reason, i just hate it. Most chuns ive fought online just constantly walk back, punish, walk back, punish, walk back, punish. I have the worst time getting in on chun.

I saw GB do something similar vs. Marn in the salty suite…basically he timed a meaty (LK, i believe?) iAJK on vipers wakeup, this pretty much would stuff anything viper did other than maybe a EX BK that might trade…basically the AJK would be active for just long enough to beat out the seismo, and it lands so meaty that you can basically combo into anything you like afterwards. Also you can punish backdash with sweep i believe on reaction.

Interesting. I have to try that. I was talking about seismo game in the open tho. If she tries to put any form of seismo based offense or feints, with put an end to it with the quickness.

Jabs can work. Sometimes standing forward or short. Standing short is also good because she’ll try to throw some ground moves out to mix things up. I’ve always used Adon’s neutral jump game against the divekicks, and somehow avoided Cannon Spikes.

You can also punish with JK whiff (sweep only and range specific)
Ultra 1 on block or whiff

I have been wondering. Can you get someone while they are in the air with ex jag kick to ultra 2? Im still learning the terminology so bear with me:coffee:

yep. EX iAJK can be followed up with U2

EDIT: MAY be corner specific not 100%

You can do it in the open too if you walk forward just a little bit after the EX air JK (do QCF x 2, hold forward just a little bit and press KKK). I wouldn’t rely on it tho, in practice mode with a jumping opponent it works 100%, but since attacks extend character’s hitboxes etc, I think it’s dangerous to attempt it in a match.

But that would be guaranteed in the corner no?

Yes in the corner it’s easy.

I have done EX AJK and 9/10 I only get the hit that causes the juggle state. If you accomplish this, it doesn’t matter where you are on the screen… Proceed to making them eat a Jaguar Avalanche and then ask them why you mad

I really wish U1 got full animation on an airborn opponent would make sooo many possibilities.

What you want to look for is when they begin to fall, whether or not they touch the wall. You can actually be pretty far from the corner and still do this. As long as they touch that wall as they start to drop, they aren’t moving backward anymore, and should be in U2 range.

Thanks guys

What ultra do you use vs Blanka?

Ultra 1