Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Awesome, I hate that move, I usually just block it but knowing how to punish is win :smiley:

add a little more reach to Capcom xD

reason #whatever IA Jaguar kicks are awesome

  • Baiting Abels ultra 1 with lk IAJK

did not think it was gonna work.

Imo though, good chun-li’s use the flip kick sparingly =/ Nontheless it’s a great find :tup:!

Anyone have anything Gen? His jump arc changes depending on what stance he is in and its screws with me. Also his EX “DP”(The diagonal move that does multiple kicks) Has like 100% invincibility so its hard as fuck to play cross up game.

Anything against Cammy as well? I’ve been relying on playing footsies against them but their s.RH is ridic .__.

For Gen, I’m thinking stand fierce should work well against is low jump arc, as well as stand mk and even cr.fierce. And when it comes to his DP, you should be able to beat it out if you delay your crossup/jumpin since it doesn’t go very far vertically and becomes fully punishable after the 4th frame, you’ll probably end up resetting him though since his DP takes him off the ground. If your crossing up, you can probably dash under and mix-up

Juri: Ultra 2 beats her dive kick on reaction every time, as does ex RJ

I’ve read around on these forums that it is impossible to safe jump shoryuken characters cause of their 3 frame shoryukens? Did I misinterpret something wrong? I’d like to learn how to safe jump but don’t know where to start, :xeye:

You didn’t misinterpret anything wrong. The thing with Ryu’s LP/HP SRK is that it only have 2 frames of invincibility so you got 1 frame to knock him out of it. It’s basically a 1 frame link which you shouldn’t rely on. AND any Ryu player that is worth a damn is going to use MP SRK which will beat any kind of true safe jump. It’ll lose to pseudo safe jumps (Dictator’s forward throw, J.hp) though.

oh my god. light kick IAJK is the best ultra bait.

What I dont understand is when I am watching videos of adons versus shottos (gamerbee vs gameinn for example) is that you dont see them throw out the shoryu that much. But when I play my friends its bam shoryu… am I just spacing it wrong ?

That’s the difference between a pro and a scrub. Pro players will assess the risk/reward of the situation before throwing out a wake up SRK while scrubs will throw it out no matter what. When playing those kind of players you have to bait out SRK and punish accordingly.

If you watch Gamerbee vs Gameinn videos uploaded by 0xkeNzo (he does it in a few of it but I can’t find the exact one), you see that Daigo do do wake up SRK when Gamerbee jumps in after an untechable knock down. Gamerbee knows this so he would bait the SRK out by doing an air HK JK. The one I saw was forward throw, dash up, jump foward then air HK JK to cross up making the SRK whiff and then punishing. Rewatch those Gamerbee Vs Gameinn vids and note how Gamerbee pressures Daigo after a knock down.

It was always noted that you could not safe jump shotto characters and Adon has nothing in his arsenal to make him an exception. The best thing you could do is what is mentioned above, to bait the SRK with something like a jump over to HK AJK. But you can safe jump a character with an SRK that’s 3 frames.

Why does Adon’s normals make counter poking so easy? I hit c.fp~super on monday like 5 times lol

mm… a noob question but, how do you deal with El Fuerte Tortillas on wake ups??

if i try to dash forward, i get caught. Neutral jump maybe? you can eat a Tostada Press if you guess wrong though…

i hate El Fuerte :confused:

BTW, he can Guacamole Adons Jaguar Kicks :frowning:

fucking hating the guile match up right now. so retarded that you can’t even jump over a fucking sonic boom without risking like 3 or 4 different damaging attacks.

fucking hate all the guile buffs in super.

well spaced IAJK (HK version) are your friends here! (although he is still annoying as hell).

… no advices against El Fuerte Tortillas/Tostadas wake up mix up?

that would be cool if i could do those consistantly, but thats not the case. Also, fuck balrog. impossible to get in on.


Gamerbee vs Guile - HD PVR ?? - 619??

Gamerbee vs Balrog (yea I know it’s a bit old, but it’s still pretty relevant)

I see, I dont have the issue as much in ranked as I do against my friends. We are all pretty much noobs still at the moment. I have yet to get past 2000pp but I am using the excuse that ive only played on stick for about 9 days :smiley:
ill see if I can bait them more and go from there, thanks for the advice :smiley:

ELF: I don’t know the names of ELF’s retarded moves so bare with me. On wake up, ELF can slide, belly slam or spin grab you.

Wake up LK RJ will let you escape the belly slam and beat the slide but lose to the spin grab.

Neutral jump will let you escape the spin grab but it will lose to belly slam and slide and make sure you hit grab after you land cause most ELF will try to throw you after the spin grab misses.

That’s about the best I can come up with after 40+ games with this one ELF. You just have to guess to a degree, that’s how that ELF is built.

One more thing, don’t bother using focus on wake up, Adon’s FA cannot hit ELF’s slide.

so it really is a 50/50 mix up…

now i hate playing against El Fuerte even more!!

thanks anyways :wink: