Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

fucking hating the guile match up right now. so retarded that you can’t even jump over a fucking sonic boom without risking like 3 or 4 different damaging attacks.

fucking hate all the guile buffs in super.

well spaced IAJK (HK version) are your friends here! (although he is still annoying as hell).

… no advices against El Fuerte Tortillas/Tostadas wake up mix up?

that would be cool if i could do those consistantly, but thats not the case. Also, fuck balrog. impossible to get in on.


Gamerbee vs Guile - HD PVR ?? - 619??

Gamerbee vs Balrog (yea I know it’s a bit old, but it’s still pretty relevant)

I see, I dont have the issue as much in ranked as I do against my friends. We are all pretty much noobs still at the moment. I have yet to get past 2000pp but I am using the excuse that ive only played on stick for about 9 days :smiley:
ill see if I can bait them more and go from there, thanks for the advice :smiley:

ELF: I don’t know the names of ELF’s retarded moves so bare with me. On wake up, ELF can slide, belly slam or spin grab you.

Wake up LK RJ will let you escape the belly slam and beat the slide but lose to the spin grab.

Neutral jump will let you escape the spin grab but it will lose to belly slam and slide and make sure you hit grab after you land cause most ELF will try to throw you after the spin grab misses.

That’s about the best I can come up with after 40+ games with this one ELF. You just have to guess to a degree, that’s how that ELF is built.

One more thing, don’t bother using focus on wake up, Adon’s FA cannot hit ELF’s slide.

so it really is a 50/50 mix up…

now i hate playing against El Fuerte even more!!

thanks anyways :wink:

Is the opening post going to be updated anytime soon, since I think Adon match ups have been talked about :slight_smile:

When you crumple someone close st.Fierce whiffs on certain characters, so I like to use close st.forward on these characters instead. A few off the top of my head are Rose, Chun, and Dan. If I’m thinking right, close st.forward is his strongest normal that can cancel-able aside from the fierce.

You can also use it as a frame trap, which is always useful.

yes sir. i’ll get on it asap

does ANYONE have any tips for getting trapped in the corner by fucking Balrog? I swear to all things jaguar, I can NOT fucking escape the corner in a balrog match. As SOON any Balrog player sees me go for anything, JUMP BACK HIGH PUNCH. So retarded.

Technically doesn’t whiff on Chun, you just have to do it super early after the crumple.

Balrog in general is a brain dead retarded ass easy buttons character. Sorry but that’s not about to change. Just don’t get cornered (lol good luck).

You can use,JT(HK). You cancel the with the JT(HK).

Actually any character it would normally whiff on, you just walk up and do it. It works on everyone. So, you will basically get the crumple and then walk forward for a split second and hit st. hp. You can also hit st. hp right after you release the fa like someone below said.

In this situation I use fr. st. lk xx hk jk to push him away kind of like sagat would use his st. lk xx tiger knee/tiger shot to get out of the corner in vanilla.

Greg where you been man? :smiley:

Playing a lot of bb:cs and learning dudley. Still maining Adon and keeping him on point, though. Taking him to a tournament today, so wish me luck!

Bait the jump back HP with a LK Tooth. As soon as he jumps, you can prolly LK Jagga Kick…or at least use the space. OR: You> LK Tooth / Rog> J back Hp / You> HK Tooth.

Dunno if this was posted already but, against Viper, safe jump -> OS HK rj beats Ex burn kick and EX seismo feint(she uses it for the invincibility frames and usually throws you after it).

But wont the invincibility of the ex feint make your hk rj whiff and get punished? If this works then I’m stealing it.

Hey guys im having alot of issues with 2 matchups mainly. I cant figure out why im having so much trouble but I assume its because I just lack the knowledge and suck haha.
I read the stuff in some of these posts but most of it just seems to agree with me.

Dhalsim - I just cant get close. His punches can beat out my jag kicks and he outranged all my normals. Even when in range his come out quicker so its not like I can poke him with s.rh or s.fwd. iAJK’s seem to work nicely if you get close enough but generally they tend to move back all the damn time plus his range keeps knocking you back.
I cant jag tooth over his fireballs ‘quickly’ because they move slow and seem like they have a huge hitbox. Plus trying to mk.jk over them is quite difficult due to the fact he recovers so quick. I think this mu is mostly about patience but surely Adon has something which works effectively often? it just feels like the biggest uphill battle for me…

Cammy - I have no idea what I do wrong in this matchup or truly what gives me trouble. It just feels like she recovers instantly from every move she has and has free attempts on me all game.