Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Playing a lot of bb:cs and learning dudley. Still maining Adon and keeping him on point, though. Taking him to a tournament today, so wish me luck!

Bait the jump back HP with a LK Tooth. As soon as he jumps, you can prolly LK Jagga Kick…or at least use the space. OR: You> LK Tooth / Rog> J back Hp / You> HK Tooth.

Dunno if this was posted already but, against Viper, safe jump -> OS HK rj beats Ex burn kick and EX seismo feint(she uses it for the invincibility frames and usually throws you after it).

But wont the invincibility of the ex feint make your hk rj whiff and get punished? If this works then I’m stealing it.

Hey guys im having alot of issues with 2 matchups mainly. I cant figure out why im having so much trouble but I assume its because I just lack the knowledge and suck haha.
I read the stuff in some of these posts but most of it just seems to agree with me.

Dhalsim - I just cant get close. His punches can beat out my jag kicks and he outranged all my normals. Even when in range his come out quicker so its not like I can poke him with s.rh or s.fwd. iAJK’s seem to work nicely if you get close enough but generally they tend to move back all the damn time plus his range keeps knocking you back.
I cant jag tooth over his fireballs ‘quickly’ because they move slow and seem like they have a huge hitbox. Plus trying to mk.jk over them is quite difficult due to the fact he recovers so quick. I think this mu is mostly about patience but surely Adon has something which works effectively often? it just feels like the biggest uphill battle for me…

Cammy - I have no idea what I do wrong in this matchup or truly what gives me trouble. It just feels like she recovers instantly from every move she has and has free attempts on me all game.

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@ 36 minutes = Me (adon) vs Jason Cole (sim)
@ 1:38 = Me (adon/Bison ) vs Bokkin (Fei long and Cammy)

Sim- Ground Jk. It beats limbs and goes over fireballs.

Cammy- I was having alot of trouble with this match up until I discovered that jump back strong and standing forward beat alot of her cannon strike mix up. I also discovered that when I get knocked down I should always block. <-- IMPORTANT

Once in a while I like to focus>backdash out of cammy’s pressure, even on wakeup. It resets the situation. Keynote is sometimes, not always, as she can punish you. I think the only really good punisher for badly spaced drills is reversal LK RJ. Her DP is more punishable than it looks. You can dash forward then whathever you want, but it requires to be quick.

I don’t go for crossups against her, her small hitbox makes her autocorrect too often. I safejump instead. Safejump crossup would be good if you can time it. For random divekicks, stand MK or jabs work most of the time but there’s a sweet spot where it’s hard to counter with normals, I’d just focus>backdash or try to lvl 2 focus but thaat requires a bit of prediction. Talking about focus, cammy does not have good breakers in general. She’s definitely not FREE to focuses either tho. She has pretty bad normals. I don’t master the c.MP/throw tech OS against the dive kick mixups (you tech with MP+LP+LK, MP comes out and beats divekicks, throw tech input is still valid), but it should be useful to learn to time it well.

thanks for the replies. ill see how I get on. thanks for the vid too :smiley:

edit : oh is there anyone in the gmt timezone or thinks they would be around enough to look at some of my vids and give tips/critism, I dont have a cam right now so cant put any one youtube :(. I am pretty rubbish, highest pp was about 1700 so far but I generally dont play ranked. I have beaten people over 2k pp just doesnt happen often. Also I do mash some commands when I shouldnt. :smiley:

It’s the worst day ever at work and I’m bored so I’ll post some random matchup tidbits that cross my head. It won’t be constructed well or easy to follow but it might be worth reading anyway.

VS Fei:

Chickenwing and c.MP are the main ennemies. c.MP chains into itself and has huge priority. iAJK is quite useful here during footsies, as well as normal JKs, to avoid being raped by one button. Chickenwing…goddamn. Don’t abuse stand HK, chickenwings somehow go over it. Stand MK is quite good in footsies if he’s not abusing c.MP, but if you mistime it you can eat chickenwings into combo, which fuckin hurt. Rekkas are not that scary, just stand MK or whathever should stop them.
CW kinda function like your jaguar kicks, in that you can react to them and rising jag/ultra if they’re done at max range, but forget it if they are done closer as the hitbox will reach you too soon. He can also escape crossups and stuff with his CW somehow. I think that can be punished with OS LK JK but I’m really not good at OS. It can also backfire for him if the CW goes the wrong way so be ready to punish. Other tools to watch out is his overhead, while not particularly fast or anything, jumps over many things and sets up his nasty close up game which I think is better than adon’s.
While it’s not impossible to win or anything, I can’t seem to have the edge in this matchup due to how retarded CWs are.
Also be careful of empty jumps, he has a strange hitbox in the air if he doesn’t press buttons and antiairs will whiff easily.
Maybe 6-4 fei.


I posted my strategy before and it’s still the same, he can’t do shit against you if you’re not doing anything. Don’t hurry to get a lead, you will have it if you’re patient. At max range he can’t do anything without being punished. Advance slowly to mid range which is where the fun begins. Now he can do a few things. Empty ball into throw/ball mixup, which is easily beat by having the correct timing on your throw tech. Just tech when he would be about to hit you and you’ll block a real ball or tech, maybe punish, a fake one. If he hops, low jab that shit. if he jumps, ANTIAIR HIM. You will lose if you don’t, he will start his crossup and electricity shenanigans and it’s hard to deal with. Focus then punish rainbow rolls and that shit.
If you do the turtle part right, we will be left with basic options and turtling, now you can start chipping with jagkicks and baiting a mistake. Even rushing down.
Blanka can only be safejumped if he has no ex meter.
Maybe 7-3 adon.

I don’t know too much about that matchup other than punish random teleport attempts with basically any standing button, be patient, and RTSD if you get him knocked down/in the corner. One thing I learned is how effective focus absorb>dash forward really is, to the point where I use it against other characters now. If he didn’t do anything you hist dashed closer to him which he can’t really punish on reaction. Remember that you only have to press forward once if you were holding 6 or 3 prior to focusing (same deal with backdash).

Most of the time I lose against sakura it’s because I misjudged her crossup distance and eat a J.HK to the face that I tought would cross up. Which of course results into losing half my life. Don’t do the same mistake, she has to be close to crossup, you can HK RJ her most of the time she’s in the air. Being sakura, she doesn’t have many scary things on the ground, just watch out for ST HK which can be beaten in a jumber of ways. Sweep etc. Other than that I read someone say he can react to jagkicks with c.HP offline but I doubt it in close range. Also, HK jaguar would punish that anyway.
She’s sak, don’t eat stupid jumpins and don’t do stupid things on the ground and you shouldn’t have too much trouble unless you get outplayed.

Your ability to win will depend on your ability to make her eat various jagkicks. Pre-emptive HK jaguars, quick iAJKs, whathever. You cannot go toe to toe with her normals, forget about it. Anti air her very late because of her floaty jump.
Ground jaguar kicks are not good at avoiding her fireballs. If you can learn to safejump by “feeling” and not just after easy setups, the matchup will get much easier. If not, just HK jaguar as she’s waking up, it will beat everything.

Time to go, I might post more later. Feel free to correct bullshit. I know it’s fairly basic stuff.

Just watch this video. It tells you how to punish, ultra and super set ups, how to deal with fireballs, blanka balls, rush punches, etc. [media=youtube]qrHVTPTGn7o[/media]

Against Claw is the best anti izuna drop/ claw swipe (?) just a late HK RJ or is there a normal that beats it out? I always get a corrected HK JK instead of the RJ

Jump back/foward MP is the best against wall dive.

Against Claw I TOOTH on reaction to any of his wall moves, you both get sucked over to the wall, and Adon gets to the ground faster. Sometimes Adon will block Claw from even getting to the wall. I’ve beaten lots of Claw’s with double my BP this way.

what about on wake up? cant find a way to get around it on wake up. unlike other uppercut characters, you cant go from down-back to down-forward and down-back(or vice-versa) because a JK might come out.

I’m pretty sure Adon gets up fast enough to be able to jump back MP after a knocked down wall dive. But if you don’t then a late/auto correct RJ is the best option. You would buffer the RJ by doing down, down-foward like you were buffing an ultra, don’t hit hit down-back.

hey guys umm i havent seen any guile match up so i have some.

basicly once u get guile on the ground u have a few options.
i normally try to cross up with mk. that stuff his wake up flash kick. Now if u whiff the flash kick what u can do is to dash in and grab for free.

i have played lots of guiles and none except that to do a dash in grab. if they get use of u doing that then u can dash and NJ HK/MK then start ur bnb combos.

if ur timing and reaction is good u can U1 his ex SB. also u can M JK all his SB.

You can beat his SB’s if your quick or close enough. Personally I find his EX ones to be insanely hard to beat on reaction, but it is possible if you buffer/predict.

what the fuck are adons options against guys pressure? so fucking annoying. that elbow eats everything

If he’s abusing elbow drop, start focusing as soon as he cancel’s his mp into the jump. Since Adon steps back, Guy won’t be able to throw you. This will allow you to absorb the elbow and punish him with a focus attack on his landing.

cl. st. fp destroys all of guy’s stuff.