Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Your too kind sir thank you for your advice. Ill admit the Main reason i was losing was because my footies were bad and me having little to no patience jumping in getting punish punish punish. My mind is clear now. they should take your post and add it to the matchup tab vs guile. I also would not mind seeing some vids.

You guys have any vids of adons fighting guiles?

thanks man and I took notes from this lol
[media=youtube]nVoHA-CWg04&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - GamerBee [Adon] vs America CNT [Guile[/media]

Ur a beast gamerbee :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, helped me too!

Harro everynyaaa. First time poster, long time lurker here with some info on our favorite crazed Muay Thai fighter.

As most already know, nJ.MK and nJ.FK are great for overhead and for fuzzy guard setups. Right now I wanna talk a little more about the nJ.MK fuzzy setup since on at least half the cast, you can follow it up with an EXAJK or on some characters even just the normal AJK into a followup.

The fuzzy setup that works on almost all characters is to simply nJ.MK as soon as the guy gets up. Problem with that setup is that it is extremely susceptible to DP mashing. A way to remedy this is to safe jump into a deep tJ.HK or a nJ.HK and then nJ.MK after you land, (tH.HP works too, but I find that it pushes me too back to follow up with a fuzzy guard on most characters). This let’s you hold down-back during the landing recovery of your jump to block any DPs that may come your way, but still leaves just enough time to set up your fuzzy. And depending on the character you’re against, you can then follow the nJ.MK into an EXAJK or a LKAJK. In the case of LKAJK or on some instances where the EXAJK will only land one hit, you can follow that up into a jab into any standard ground combo. On characters that take both hits of EXAJK, you can safe-jump nJ.HK and reset the whole fuzzy setup again and again as long as you have meter to burn.

In short: safe-jump tJ.HK/nJ.HK, land, nJ.MK>LKAJK/EXAJK (1 hit)>Ground combo or
safe-jump tJ.HK/nJ.HK, land, nJ.MK>>EXAJK (2hit) xx nJ.HK>etc

Below is a list of who cannot be setup with this fuzzy using this jump-in, and the characters that you can connect a nJ.MK into LKAJK or EXAJK. On some characters, only the first hit of EXAJK will connect while on the others, both hits will connect. If you don’t see a character on this list, you simply cannot do a follow-up after the nJ.MK. On some characters, the nJ.HK setup will not work because you will not be close enough to follow up the fuzzy guard. For the most part, either setups will work in midscreen or in the corner.

—Not Reliably Fuzzyable with safe-jump-in—
Guile, Chun-li(nJ.HK setup doesn’t work), Dhalsim, Makoto, Juri(nJ.HK setup doesn’t work), Bison(nJ.HK setup doesn’t work)

—nJ.MK>LKAJK Comboable—
Zangief, Dudley (cannot followup into ground combo due to pushback), Hakan, Juri, Vega (fJ.RHK setup only)

—nJ.MK>EXAJT Comboable (1-hit)
Rose, Seth*, El Fuerte*, Dudley, Hakan (fJ.RHK setup)

—nK.MK>EXAJT Comboable (2-hit)
Balrog, Sagat, El Fuerte*, Zangief, Juri (fJ.RHK setup only), Abel, Rufus, Cody, Gouken, Vega, Bison (fJ.RHK setup only), Guy, Hakan (nJ.RHK setup)

*El Fuerte and Seth seem somewhat wonky (especially El Fuerte). At times the EXAJK will connect and at times it will not. It probably has to to with the timing of the EXAJK, though I’m not sure.

A few Vega things to add. First off Ultra 1 and 2 both work imo. Second for wall Dive shenanigans I found these things to work.
For wall Dive:
Dash forward, Adons forward dash is extremely good and if done right can dash safely under the wall dive.
Close Fierce, Do this as he gets about to your head when he is descending toward you.
Neutral Jump fierce and Neutral jump round house, This can stuff his wall dive in the air as he approaches you.
Jump Back fierce and Jump back Roundhouse, Also great options and stuff him.
If he whiffs wall dive to get away from a sticky situation Jaguar tooth or even better if you have it dash and Ultra 1 in his direction.
One thing I hate is being hit by Ultra 2. When ever you get a knockdown on Vega and he has Ultra mix up cross up set ups by floating over him with air JK. Vegas ultra is very auto correct happy.
Also be weary of Vegas pokes…They own most of Adons normals especially Standing Roundhouse.
Vega can also air throw adon like crazy so be mindful of jumpins tooths and air jaguar kicks.

So. I’m new to Adon, and I’ve watched the the tutorial, watched a ton of Gamerbee’s matches.

This may sound like a dumb question, but I’m trying to figure out when to use regular JK and AJK. Advice?

And does Adon have any option selects? Punish backdash? Punish teleports etc.

HK jaguar kick on opp wakeup. blockstring into xx lk/mk jaguar kick. AJK to put on pressure on opponents wakeup and from about half screen away. AJK is good for randomness cause you can always combo into sweep or xx super.

best adon option select = xx hk rising jaguar. if opponent just blocks, will hit. if opponent does neutral jump or a low invincibility reversal move HK rising jaguar will come out.

hey, i’m a bison player and i’m planning to go to a tournament here in cali soon. i’m trying to identify the options every character can use to shut down the EX Psychocrusher as a getaway option on bison’s wakeup. For example, after the knockdown, ryu has jump in OS DP, chun li can downforward roundhouse and kick from behind, and she also has an OS or upon jump in. i’m guessing adon can also do a DP os on meaty jump in to beat the EX psycho.

What are adon’s other options to beat this escape option? If you are extra generous, please let me know how you option select/straight up beat EX Devil’s reverse and teleport as well :slight_smile:

What JK do we use to get over fireballs?

MK, HK, but your best bet is IAJK

I haz some questions

  1. how do you instant air jaguar kick?
    Ive done it a few times but im not 100% sure on how I did it, Is it a really tricky motion?
    It seems to come out whenever I do the TKM slowish… do I do that thing where I neutral jump HK and then do an air jaguar kick right after the hit?

i’m pretty sure its nj.MK then you can AJK after it, as for the instant JK i dont think i can help with that.

Slide is fucking stupid. Double kicks are fast and stupid.
Both can be punished almost all the time with c.MP though. Punish double kicks with c.MP x LK RL (1 hit) then free safejump if he’s meterless. I played a good DJ for the first time the other day and it was really fuckin annoying. I didn’t know these moves were that punishable though. To be safe they have to hit with extreme precision which I don’t think is really feasible at will.
Also, you can punish his knockdown c.MK with c.MP, and all these moves are punishable by EX RJ, but I’m not yet sure if it’s worth the risk whiffing.

Careful about cody, bingo is probably the best answer to jaguar kicks in the game. I’m not yet sure how to bait/make it whiff but it’s probably possible to make him stop. He most likely won’t be able to react to close range ones either, especially iAJK. Jaguar kicks have multiple hitting points and the farther you are the easier it is to react to. Most of his specials can be punished by LK RJ if in range or c.MP. LP hurricane can’t, though. Remember you have a 3 frame jab in this match (and in most matches actually).

When guile throws a slow sonicboom to make you jump so he can airgrab you. I stared using taunt#9 to go over the sonicboom then HK JR too punish his jump-in. Its fun but maybe too elaborate. Is there a easier way too punish guile’s setup?

If you can do it, iAJK is better in this instance.

I like to do a M.JK over his sonic boom. Most of the time they don’t expect it.
I also just noticed that when you do cr light kick +cr light punch + lk.RJ, the RJ whiffs on ryu and cody. So instead, you can do HK. RJ or EX RJ. :wink:

this is quite dangerous

if its the slow and they are jumping after it for a combo, they can air throw you out of the JK

If you’re timing is on point you will either go over sonic boom with m jk or trade in your favor. Rare for someone to be holding up after throwing a boom, if I see them do that once I’ll just wait the next time and rj fadc their whiffed air throw.

does anybody has any info for fei and seth match ups