Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

does anybody has any info for fei and seth match ups

In my experience, Cody is pretty much useless on wake up against Adon. You can just keep mixing it up with cross-ups, neutral jumps, low and overhead atttacks, and so on, and you’re safe as can be… Just don’t screw up or he’ll punish you hard…

hey guys…hmm i just started Adon recently, and to be honest a fascinating char. though am having troubles Against Good guiles who do nothing turtle, Honda’s pressures and Akuma. I searched in here and found some info but werent that effective. any idea please? if u know which pages are in here that tells the match up good then please tell me, or if u would like to share then also please go ahead.

also Bison is somehow still pain (i shifted from Ibuki and Abel to Adon)

Edit: problem solved somehow. though if u still like to share anything please go ahead

Your kidding right if you think this then you cant of played any good cody’s a well timed zonk punch or whatever its called will stop anything adon does on cody’s wakeup.

This post will fall more under “strategy” than “matchups,” though if anyone has match-specific stuff to contribute, that’s great. I’ve been having great (relative) success with Adon since picking him up and I only see em getting better. In the interest of being as TRICKY as possible, I want to list all the possible things we can do after a blocked crossup or safejump (blocked because on hit is obvious and blocked is where the tricks come in), and ask you guys to add or subtract any items that should be there or shouldn’t. I’m posting this list for 4 reasons: 1. To learn new tricks from you guys 2. To stop doing any that aren’t good 3. To share any that someone else might not be using 4. For input on how to use the one with the (**) better because I’m not certain its best applications.

After deep crossup jMK or safejump:
-cLP/cLK, cLP/cLK xx HK JK or cMP xx HK JK
-cLP/cLK, throw
-cLP/cLK, block reversal
-neutral jump HK on way down
-neutral jump HK on way up
-neutral jump MK xx LK AJK on way down
-neutral jump MK xx LK AJK on way up
-re-crossup jMK
-cLP/cLK, re-crossup jMK
**-cLP sHP xx HK JK
**-sHP cLP xx JK if still blocking, RJ if frame trap worked
(those two, as mentioned above, I’m not sure if I’ve got right. Any assistance?)
-also, while it doesn’t fall under “after blocked crossup,” landing empty and going into cLK into combo is another great option.

So are there any good tricks you guys like in this situation that I’ve missed (or explanations on how to improve the sHP-related ideas)? Or any on here that aren’t so hot? (like maybe the njMK xx LK JK? Sometimes seems awesome, sometimes not)

I’m seriously loving Adon and I think he has the potential to be my best, in fact! But I feel like I need a few more rushdown tricks besides the above arsenel. I’m not having too much difficulty getting into the crossup game situation, in general, so I want my opponents to shit themselves when I do (like vs Rufus).

Thanks for any help!!

Ever heard of a safejump? Besides, most meaties will recover in time to block zonk. Cody is indeed “free” on wakeup.
I can’t give post crossup muxup advice, my game has been stagnating for a while which sucks.

Something nice I found vs bison:
LK scissors are kind of a pain on block. Even tho he’s only at 0, it’s much easier for him to stuff your shit. You might think he’s ripe for a jumping at that range (bison close antiairs suck VS your j.HP) but if he does he will catch you pre-jump.
For some weird fucking reason, if you block the second hit of lk scissors standing, you can jump on him at this range and he won’t be able to hit you pre-jump. Unfortunately you’re not at crossup distance but it’s worth a shot. I don’t know why you can jump out of scissor loop if you block standing, it doesn’t seem to give you more advantage to stuff him or anything. I tried it with ryu and it doesn’t work for him, he gets hit by, dunno about other characters.

Wow, if that’s true that’s really good! Though something about jumping forward after a blocked scizzor feels pretty dangerous. Gonna have to test that shidt

I’ve been contimplating switching from ultra 2 to ultra 1 for the Balrog match up.

two reasons

  1. the damage

  2. Most Balrogs i’ve encountered really want you to come to him and either become impatient and start rush puching/TAPing toward you which probably could be Revolvered on reaction. Or in a situation where Balrogs will just Headbutt away from cross ups, and a possible ultra punish from that?

I don’t think U1 is a good option against anyone with a better ground game than Adon. Rog’s normals are just too solid, and players don’t have any reason to give you an opening to punish with Revolver (the dumb ones do, but let’s assume they know the matchup). I think the general strategy against Rog is still just attempt to footsie him, focus his big pokes, and try to get in close for the Adon grope special (y’know, where he gropes you with his knees).

Bisons I have played follow a standing roundhouse, or a crouch lk. That hk destroys adon for free. It stops every type of jaguar kicks and ex ones ( except maybe air ex jk ). Damn hard matchup on par with balrog.

Hey fellas I have an huge ft 10 on Friday against a good Abel player. I don’t know anything about Abel so any tips or anyone who can play Abel on a very solid level so we can play on xbl my gamertag i’s chipmunkdown2. I need some advice before Friday :slight_smile: much help appreciated

Damn I’m surprised there isnt any guile matchup info…

-With guile you may want to stay in their face with
-M.jk can punish his sonic booms like all projectiles but be warned i’ve been bitch slapped out of my jks
-Really try to save your meter because things can get a little unbearable against guile without any
-Also your normals are your best friend try to stick with his and standing fierce and close standing fierce

O idk if this has been posted yet you can punish vega’s flip with u1.
It works for blocked claw slashes and claw lunges idk wtf they are called tho

Fei, Fei is frickin god like on wakeup so I would advise you to keep a good median distance so if he does fuck up you’ll be in his face ready to screw him. But the key is to be patient and try to counter majority of his moves with adon’s and standing fierce or c.rndhouse
-Punish any chicken wing with RISENJHAGGA!
-Any rekka once blocked can be punished with his RJ

Okay ive read some of the information on the dudley matchup. Heres my predicament. A friend of mine plays dudley a fair bit and does a few annoying things. 1 that bloody ex counter thing. So annoying, I guess just empty jumping to bait it ?
Then heres the next.
He does a f+hp followed by a hp. Now I know they dont have the best range but he always seems to catch me with them. Especially the 2nd hp which seems to have a fast startup while the first has good recovery. The damage is insane too.

Next he does a xx lp.mgb over and over. A bit like what viper does with her shock fist thing.
I find it insanely hard to punish this. Especially in the corner. It feels like I dont have time to jump, and the recover on his lp.mgb is so fast, I dont think I have anything with which to counter it ?

Finally the last thing is that his jumping hk? the elbow seems to beat pretty much everything I can do in the air and sometimes it seems to beat out my AA rj’s but this could be due to timing issues ?

Any help on the dudley matchup would be great. I find that once I have him on the floor hes pretty much free unless I mess up. I also find that if I do any jk’s on block, he can get 200-300 damage on me :frowning:
Anyone else have these problems ?

  • For EX cross counter, either do what you said, empty jump to bait it, or I believe it is vulnerable to Low Attacks, so sweep him for the HKD. ( I’m not 100% on it being vulnerable to lows but I’m actually pretty sure.)

  • f+fp->s.fp problem, you could probably just backdash after the forward fierce and catch him on the standing fierce.

  •>lp mgb… eh you can’t punish lp mgb, it’s completely safe, might try backdashing after the lp mgb, if he tries to do it again, the will whiff and you might get touched (and reset during the lp mgb) but you won’t just be sitting there eating the whole thing.

  • Dudleys j.RH is a beast, your will trade (in dudleys favor), but I’ve beaten it before with s.fp (but this seems hit or miss)

You can’t really let dudley get in on you for his offense to begin in the first place cus he’s hard to get off of you and has plenty of mixup (as you’ve experienced). Keep pressure on him and make him wast his meter on ex jet uppers and cancels to get YOU OFF of him. That whole fight is based on who has the offensive momentum. You can Footsie Dudley all day as well and he’ll have to risk jumping or ducking to get in on you.

If he consistently always does the same thing, you want to try to read him and focus it. Depending on range, there may be literally nothing you can hit him with between punches. There’s an eight frame gap between the attacks, but you need something that has both range and priority, in addition to coming out in 8 frames or less. Standing MP might work if he’s close enough.

Neutral jump after the mgb. If he tries to do it again, land on him with roundhouse. Once you train him that he can’t do that over and over for free, watch out for anti-air. The main thing here is to break his habits. Get him to hesitate and watch what you do and that will create openings for you.

Yes, it is due to timing issues. Basically, you want to utilize the easy inputs of DP motions, allowing you to do RJ from a crouching position. RJ only has a little invulnerability on startup, so you want to wait until Dudley is low enough that he’d be able to hit you if you were standing up (but he won’t because you’re crouching).

Also, Adon’s j.MP has RETARDED priority. And by that I mean it’s amazing. If he’s predictably jumping in on you, jump back MP will poke him out of the air. You can also try to make use of Adon’s close normals, such as cs.HK, cs.MP, and cs.LP, but these are risky and trade a lot.

Some things to add to the Bison matchup just in case it hasn’t been mentioned.

  • c. forward is a GREAT counter-poke to Bisons s.RH, since it basically guarantees JK pressure as long as you’re buffering while you’re poking

Hey guys, I’m an Elf player looking for a good Adon to train with on PSN. I don’t have much good Adon experience and I’m sure a lot of you don’t have much good Elf experience so maybe we can help each other out. Add me and we can get some games in, I’ll be on tomorrow from about 530p-8p central time. Thanks in advance.

I got bored and decided to take a break on a paper I’m doing, decided i’d browse through some of the asian region replays. I’m noticing quite a few Adon players over there have taken to using jumping light kick as a primary cross up.

anyone have any reason behind it? I only use it to add more ambiguity to my jump ins, thats about it and thats only sometimes