Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

I’m looking over the frame data, and this does technically seem possible. Close fierce has 4 active frames plus 15 recovery frames making 19. Frame advantage on hit is +2. That’s 21 frames. Light JK comes out in 20. So if you cancel on the first frame, it should be possible (or with even more leniency on counter hit). Of course, larger characters tend to be the grapplers, so I don’t know how practical a close-range combo into JK is, but EX JK comes out in the same number of frames, and that’d definitely be awesome to combo into.

If I weren’t so tired I’d try this right now.

doesnt ex throw you a bit far up forward for this to work ?

I cant get on the box to lab atm, so if anyone gets on and tests, even if this works surely it has no advantage over a hk.rj ? jk’s only do 130 right ?

cl.fp xx jk works, but only on certain characters.

Just tried it out. Some weird stuff going on. Basically, the character has to be tall enough for the JK not to go OVER them. That’s why EX JK won’t work, because it goes over them. Then for fun, I tried it on counter hit, and was able to get close fierce -> roundhouse JK to connect (?), and also for some reason the EX JK wouldn’t go over him on counter hit.

So besides close fierce into roundhouse JK being a potential frame trap, all these combos are useless.

well there not useless as if you walk up cl.shp on a coruching oppenet then hk jk there is a chance of it crossing up, worked against guile after a few tries

crouching fierce. so god like against Gief and Hondas neutral jump fierces.

testing some focus crumple mix up set ups

mostly focusing on a certain set up right now though for characters you can get -> lk.aJK to combo on

focus crumple then do a late to get the reset, dash under/fake dash under and then do the -> lk.aJK or ex.aJK -> whatever combo

Okay so ive been working on that dudley matchup, that hp stuff my friend was pulling. Well its not as much of an issue, but damn dudley hurts when he gets you in the corner :frowning:

What do you guys feel is Adons best way to get the pressure off him ?
I find that as great as his cr.lp is, dudley and fei always get a counter hit on me.
I have had more success with and backdash, but lk is too fast for me to personally hit confirm from and does piss poor damage even on counter hit. Plus I dont think its possible to combo from ?
… you know the uppercut style one that I always want to use for AA even though I know its not going to work :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have much of a problem with dudleys, as long as they don’t just spam F+HP. I can’t even counter it with It’s completely fucked up that Dudley can jump in for free with j.HK. hk Rising Jag doesn’t beat it, only EX Rising Jag.

You’d be surprised how many dudleys think they can punish lk. Jagga Toof with EX Machine Gun Blow. Free DP

god damn it i hate the t-hawk match up

in my honest opinion i think its worse than fucking gief.

Tell me about it.I hate T-Hawk with a passion and I’m a supporter of all low tiers normally.Just have to keep that fucker out and dont fall for condor dive shenanigans.The thing is I think GOOD T.Hawks who have patience and dont just mash SPD whenever they get a chance and actually try to play footsies are a 5-5 matchup.RANDOM ass t hawks who use him like a grappler with an uppercut and a dive kick and do random shit that takes off big chunks of damage are 6-4 in Hawks favour.There is a local T.Hawk player that plays exactly like the latter and he has single handedly made me hate all T.Hawks.

Also UII is crap for T.Hawk because the hitbox on it so bad anyway.In AE when it gets bigger that shit is gonna be disgusting against jaguar kicks.


I landed cross up ex tooth about 10 times in the past 24 hours.

has it really been that easy to set up? god damn

I get it alot on Hawk and Giefs, harder on others but I get my friend with it once every 4 or 5 matches. Its pretty handy :smiley: good damage and going into ultra with just one bar is so awesome :smiley:

As for Hawks, I hate all grapplers, hawk is annoying as hell.

My friend uses f+hp all day long as dudley, thats my main issue, nothing I have can beat it and it recovers so quick. Or it feels like it does, but that could be due to the way he pulls back.

Oh and clst.hp xx mk.jk works on Cody btw.

Also does anyone know if you can link anything from far st.hp ? I cant find anything myself, distance and recovery seems too much.

you can’t link off of far st.hp but i know from gamerbee vids you can use an instant lk jag kick as a sort of frame trap.

btw i’m loving adon’s ability to dash under blanka’s u1.
i’ve gotten it quite a few times recently. blanka does u1 and at the same time or a little earlier i do hk jag toof, land in front of the first part of the ultra and still have time to dash under

ah awesome :smiley: thanks dude
I didnt know that, I knew his dash was good, but didnt realise it could do that ^^

Dash under, U1. Shit is gdlk.

GGs to Bushido, making me salty with his Vega. Also, mirror matches are weird ._.
So gay getting baited by AJK’s :lol:
I tried to U2 your JK’s like 6 times during those sets man.
Also, You cant RJ HK JK at a certain distance. I think it’s c.lp,, HK JK. I mean, I think you can… you just have to guess that it’s coming.

GG’s dude I needed to get comfortable with mirror matches (which I usually just pick a different character lol).

IIRC you tried to hk.rj through my c.lp, xx mk.jk but you got tagged because invincibility wore off. Usually it won’t work against shotos or uppercuts that are invincible all the way through.

Talk about salt, you p’d me at the end there lol!

haha no man. No salt, just jokes. But i haven’t had to deal with Vega’s EX cross up thing. It’s hard to react to, i was trying to RJ those :lol:

Vega has some really gimmicky tech wake up options, Ive seen a lot of people just not tech the Scarlett Terror just to avoid them. Good times :slight_smile:

hey guys I have had alot of trouble against a jumping juri today. I usually just take my time, and catch them with a well times airjk or jk, but she seemed to be able to outreach me. Also her dive kick is annoying as hell, will beat a jt mid air like everything else too :frowning:
any thoughts on run away juri’s ?

I dropped from 2100 - 1400 pts in ranked today. I tried playing people with the setting ‘more skilled’ seems like a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue: