Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

after a knock down I empty jump and see what the opponent is going to do. There are few options gouken players usually stick to. There are those who throw out counter, others demon flip, they might ex tatsu (if they have the meter, but they usually don’t do this) or others just block. After I start to see what options they utilize is where I start to think of what to throw out on his wake up.

I honestly think the best option after you knock him down is to just trap him with jaguar kicks. This eliminates 2 of his best wake up options. He can’t counter the Jaguar Kick since it armor breaks and if he demon flips you will most likely knock him out of it. Don’t even bother using Jaguar Tooth in this match up. Save your EX meter for EX Jaguar Kicks to get passed his Hadouken obstacle course. Gouken players online love using his fireball and they barely ever realize when you have Ultra 1 stocked.

One of my sparring partners switched to Gouken, so I was going to respond, but this is some good info.

right my latest issue is as follows. I am having issues with Akuma and Ryu.

I know Ryu should be a fairly easy matchup, but im getting beat by ones that do nothing but jump. jump back roundhouse > sweep. Or jump back, then forward, back, forward you get the picture.
I try to AA but it doesnt always seem suitable, his j.rh has what seems like insane range. I know I need to work on my AA hk.rj as sometimes I get them, other times I mistime and eat a combo. Also seems to lose to his j.rh 50/50.
I have tried blocking and then punishing but his sweep/combo seems to push him back far enough to escape most things.
Also j.rh backwards hard counters jt, and unless I get close, fireballs incoming. IAJK’s and any ground jks usually result in jump jump jump. If I corner the guy im usually alright but ryu has that damn helicopter shit.

My problem with Akuma is j.fireballs. I know I really shouldnt have issues with them, but I played a guy the other day who did nothing a but this. So infuriating as jt’s need to be almost perfectly timed to hit him, and jk’s are pretty useless without meter, due to miss/recovery/lack of invinc.

Any tips ? or do I just need loads of patience against Akuma ? as for Ryu, outside of rh.jk, mk, cr.hp or whats the best way to deal with AA ? or do I just need to work on spacing ?

ps. I never used to have a problem with this, it could be that the people I was playing just werent that familiar with Adon, as high ajks used to be my saving grace :slight_smile:
pps. I feel a bit silly asking for advice on this as I gave advice before on how I dealt with this, im so confused that im struggling with these types of players again…

Don’t antiair with anything other than HK RJ, it works 100% of the time with correct timing, the only problem is if ryu empty jumps outside of range, but that’s the thing with all DP characters and that doesn’t look like your problem. If he presses a button in the air, his hitbox extends and HK RJ hits. Record a dummy in training and practice the correct timing, it must be late. HK RJ has 6 frames of inv. which is good, just not SF2 good. As a bonus, a late, crouching RJ will oftem beat crossups too, because adon autocorects well unlike, say, guile or even akuma. I know others suggest to use normals, but adon has NO normal that is a reliable antiair, and have it fail just one out of 5 times means you eat huge damage. If he jumps from pretty far you can attempt things like stand MK or something else, else you have absolutrely no reason to.

As for the rest, yes, patience of steel. A turtle ryu is the most shitty thing to play in SF4 but you just gotta be lame and very patient. He is not accomplishing anything except cornering himself, and altho he can escape with HK tatsu you can get a fair bit of damage before he does, especially with HK jaguar kick and overall chipping etc. There’s also a couple ways to punish the tatsu escape (U1, jag tooth) but it’s a little harder to do. If he’s just building meter with fullscreen fireballs, lk iAJK over the fireballs will build meter for you. Or you could build ultra with focusing, just don’t get hit. Sweep is punishable at most ranges with stand HK, not always, though.

For neutral jumps, stand HP works pretty well from a good range. You can’t really do much against a backwards jump exept try to time a MK or LK jaguar kick so they “land” on the hitbox, but that’s a little hard and not 100% reliable.

cheers dude ill see how I get on :smiley:

Emphasis on st. HP > nuetral jumps. I was getting bodied by Honda’s nuetral jump fierce until I realized that st HP was the answer. It does 120 =]

if the opponent is just jumping back into the corner. just j.HP or j.MP them as an AA

if you have the meter, you can do EX jaguar kick -> st.HK/mk.RisingJag/ex.RisingJag/Ultra2

i’ve probably landed ex jaguar kick -> ultra2 more times than I have fadc -> ultra2

Is that ultra combo set up corner only?!?
Why didn’t I think of that before??..

mid air and one hit sets up a juggle situation much like a EX-Jaguar Tooth in the corner where you can U2 for FRAAY!
A lot of people don’t jump forward a lot against Adon when they’re in the corner (which they should with a jump normal) instead, they jump back, which sets this up really well.

Yeah it only works in the corner and people allllllwwwwwwwwaaayyyyysss jump back in the corner.

Also, in the corner, EX iAJK is even faster at this and you can basically react to a back/neutral jump and do it. My reflexes are going to shit however and I hardly pull it off.

just remember, if you do hit twice you can hit them with the 2nd hit of a lk.rj for like 40 damage or something.

I have made the mistake of going for ultra on two hits and its cost me :frowning:

see if you have the balls you can tk ex jk on a jumping forward opponnent and get ultra 2 anywhere on the field if you only get the one hit of the ex.

I have done this a few times but tbh its a think its really hard to react to it, cos usualy you will go to your anti air(hk rj) but if you could get this down your saving an ex bar, cant remember if its more damage than an anti air fadc ultra

is there anyway to beat shoto j hk consistently without trading every time and a way to teach them not to run and fly away mashing jabs and uppercuts every 2 secs or beat crouch teching and does a well timed jhp keep them from dashing away on wake cuz i played a ryu player who dashed away every time i tried to safe jump or cross up and start tripping and hurricane kicking and running away shooting fireballs outside of iajk and mk jk range and counter poking me with jabs all day

RH RJ > jump in anything. Crouch, then do the RJ deep. EX beats everything and has more range, so if you’re uncomofortable with using the RH RJ right now, just use ex. AA is more important than ultra combos.

Crouch teching people get counter hit all the time. Punish the normal they stick out with into rj. If they stand tech nuetral jump round house is delicious.

U1 punishes whiffed jab shoryu better than anything Adon has except for maybe super. Even if he’s air born, he’ll always hit the ground before the ultra hits him. I bait wake up shoryu or random shoryu with back dash than buffer ultra during the back dash. Got em.

ok cool will rising jaguar stop even if it he jumps in deep cuz sometimes they go right behind me

It will stop it, as long as you crouch first, then from crouch RH rj right before they hit. Your goal is to get a super deep RJ so you can use all of your invincibility to beat his jump attack. I have the timing down so that I never lose to jump ins no matter how good the jump in is. Just remember to really be on point with trying RJ on wake up as it is a 5 frame reversal and will not always work. Base your RJs on wake on how well you think your opponent can safe jump. 90% of people can’t time safe jump or cross up on Adon’s wake up, so there’s a good chance that you will get free RJ’s on people trying to jump in on your knock down. Lame I know, but they should already know the deal lol

yea i know about that fast wake up lol so would jumping hp be good after a knockdown or is jumping rh better cuz he was dashing under that and my mk cross up but i guess thats just a timing issue

If he’s dashing under your crossups you aren’t doing them meaty. You cannot safejump ruy, be it HP or whatheber else. If he’s backdashit on wakeup, sweep him or better yet, OS sweep.

In fact, doesn’t really matter as your average ryu should not really backdash on wakeup but an air JK will catch both dragon punches (they go behind you) and backdashes so do that then mix up with a regular j.HP. ie they are knocked down, you jump and do an air jk on the descending plase and go behind them.

This is something I watch for and try to land every match with Adon.