Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

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balrog (boxer)














dee jay









el fuerte


fei long






















m.bison (dictator)






After blocked EX Messiah

Overhead finisher
-:hk:Rising Jaguar beats it
-dash under and do any combo

Low Finisher
Rising Jaguar beats it

Delayed flip kick finisher
:hk:Rising Jaguar trades but not in your favor

Flip kick fadc back
:hp: Super beats it

s.hp xx hp galactic tornado
-:hk:Rising jaguar before the galactic tornado comes out.











Depending on where they condor dive you, you can punish with the follow.
Hits high - Pretty much anything you can think of. You can dash up and do whatever you want to them.
Hits low - for one hit (80 damage).

vega (claw)





Against Blanka, you can block horizontal balls crouching or standing and then punish with a reversal :lk: JK. Or you can wait a tiny bit for him to drop, and do U1 and hold forward to steer him.

Punish EX up balls on block or even HIT with U1 and keep the stick in neutral to steer him.

exactly how do you punish an ex ball? On block blanka jumps back to far that not even a jaguar kick will reach him.

This is all crap I’ve noticed from a few hours of random playing:


s.forward can be used as anti-air in some situations. You gotta space it correctly. Sloppy jump ins that aren’t deep can get worked by it. It also becomes a knee move if the opponent is close, which still has anti-air-style hitbox. I recommend playing around with this. It’s also a nice poke in general. Sexy looking for 2-in-1 into Rising Jag.

s.roundhouse is a money normal. Two hitter that can break armor. Reaches for days. Great tool for match ups where you gotta poke the opponent from mid-range. Also has anti-air capabilities, but not as good as s.forward. It becomes a slightly better anti-air when the opponent is close, since it turns into his Alpha up-kick move.

neutral jump forward can go into air JK. I can’t find another normal that can go into air jk. Although honestly I didn’t look too hard either. I also had a difficult time creating situations where it was worthwhile in match. Fun to screw around with on someone’s wake up, but with wake up SRK…kinda dangerous.

neutral jump roundhouse: I like this thing for some reason. It has a nice range and can be useful in situations where you’re faking air JK.

c.strong: not as strong as before, but can still stuff a lot of footsies/pokes. Won’t stuff jab/short up close (was eaten alive a few times trying to “shoulder shove” the opponent off of me).

c.fierce: nice reach, comes out ok. The problem is, whenever I am in situations to use it I wind up using something else instead (s.forward/s.roundhouse). I’m sure there is something great here though.



-All your specials are unsafe on hit, except EX versions (of course, everything is unsafe on block). For real. Don’t do them. Thuck can reversal 360. He wants the 360. So don’t just hand it to him on a silver plate by flying right into his 360 range.

-S.Roundhouse seemed to be the money tool. Shoved Thuck back after all of his specials. It’s boring, but it works.


-S.Roundhouse. Same situation as Thuck. Block greenhand: s.roundhouse. Sloppy mid-screen jump in: s.roundhouse. Going for mid-screen poke: s.roundhouse. IIRC, lariat was the anti-s.roundhouse. So…c.roundhouse! >;)

-Gotta mess around with it, but I believe Jag Kick > lariat. IIRC, I had to hit it at the edge.

-Jag tooth < lariat. Even EX. It’s tempting to go for if you shoved Gief to the corner (for EX Tooth into Ultra 2), but don’t. Grind it out.


-If I kept Dudley at mid-screen or further back, I was winning. Adon has the better pokes at that range. Just gotta look out for his few long range tricks (machine gun blow).


-I was consistently getting destroyed by vanilla IV set ups. None of Adon’s normals seem fast enough to deal with jab/short.

-S.roundhouse is too slow to armor break ex-rush punches. It seemed like I had to be pshycic to get that to work.

-S.forward may be your better anti-rush punch normal. Of course, if it is EX you’re gonna eat it.


-s.forward > scissor kick. You gotta hit his toes.

-s.roundhouse > scissor kick. This was a fluke, but it did work!

-Adon can definitely hang in this one. Baiting with specials and the usual Adon game aside, I was pulling ahead by stuffing scissor kicks with s.forward and outpoking his follow ups post blocking scissor kick combo (remember, Adon has good pokes also).


This match up is gonna be screwy. EX Vertical Ball owns up all air specials.


-Forward jag kick (ground/air) > fireballs: proper spacing and timing of course, because you’re skimming over the projectile
-Roundhouse Jag Kick (ground/air) > fireballs: proper spacing and timing of course, because you’re landing closer to where the move launched. Try not to sit on fireballs
-Tooth > fireball: properly timed and spaced, you’ll fly over it and put a foot in their face.
-SRK > Tooth: this is why you mess around with your baiting.

Oh boy. All kinds of crap. This is Adon trickery 101 match up. Read. Bait. Punish. Or wind up read, baited and punished.

There is more, but the wife is bugging me to go eat breakfast, so I’m stopping here. All of it could be COMPLETELY WRONG and I could be the scrubbiest Adon ever. This is just what I noticed from playing for a bit.

Could use some more tips for beating Ken, I’m thinking part of the reason I don’t do well is because I’m being impatient, but would appreciate some tips.
Also any advice against Juri? I’d say U1 is the best Ultra to use against her if the player is projectile happy.

I haven’t had much experience in matches but from what i’ve played boxer does seem to be a tough matchup. remember c.hp for his jumpins though. if he does a deep jump in. you have to just block.

s.jab > Jaguar Tooth
s.jab > EX Jaguar Tooth

Characters that have issues doing this:

El Fuerte

The universal issue with these characters landing it is their jab hitbox seems to be a bit low (or in Hawk’s case, really low). Slower jabbers, obviously, have a harder time stuffing both Tooths. Those that can spam the shit out of Jab, however, can stuff it all day if they see it coming (oh thank you…Shotos happen to land in this camp…how nice). If your angle is just right, you can still land/trade against everyone.

I found this out the hard way last night playing Sabre’s Cody. He normal’d every Tooth out of the air like it was free. I decided to test this out this morning (20 minutes of jabbing tooth with every character) and…yeah…there you go. Regular Tooth bait needs to be on point versus quick s.jab characters. EX-Tooth is still really quick and tricky to jab consistently, but it is doable. So keep that in mind.

Well, looks you guys already covered it, but I’m starting to think Blanka may be one of Adon’s worse matchups.

Later this week I’m gonna work on character-specific punishment. I was planning on making a thread for it for the sake of organization, but if people would prefer I post it here that’s fine. Aside from the incredibly obvious stuff, I know for sure at this point that all of Juri’s regular pinwheels are lk RJ punishable (In case you didn’t know, EX Pinwheel is -22 on block or so), Fei Long’s f.MK is punishable by lk RJ (But not the others, so I’m guessing lk RJ has a 4 frame startup and the others at least have five or more), and JKs consistently go over Boxer’s c.LP. They also seem to trade very consistently with non EX HBs (Which will still often give Boxer a free U1).

Matchup-wise this looks to be a kind of typical match for Blanka (Both characters are gonna be turtling heavily imho), but being able to punish EX Up ball on hit is a major plus. It’s too early to say for sure but it feels to me that Adon can at least play the footsie game with grapplers (Having DP into ultra as a deterrent can help, too). Boxer’s definitely nasty, since he can run most of his typical BS on Adon. Only pluses I can see so far is that the only OH Dash combo he can land is c.HK, and Adon can punish it on block with any reversal RJ.

would like to echo the s.HK against zangief & t-hawk. only time i used special was for LK jag tooth into the corner or HK jag tooth out of it (got pushed back into the corner against t-hawk) Roundhouse Roundhouse Roundhouse. landing both hits against lariat happy idiot giefs is a bonus. biggest thing to worry about against both characters is an empty jump.

This is my opinion but from what I’m noticing early Dhalsim > Adon. I played a few good Dhalsims and well anything I did was shut down. Seemed that dhalsims normals stuffed all of my special moves even EX. I had to play very patiently but I was amazed at how jaguar kick and jaguar tooth were being stuffed by Sims lims with ease.

Anybody got strats against dhalsim?


Worked beautifully, thanks a lot (as well as OP). It also works well as an anti-air I find (so long as they are not right on top of you)

Guy hurricane kick snuffed U2

I play rog and adon. I have a few pointers but i don’t have a full matchup approach since the game just came out. Major one is s.HK and c.MP for adon. They stuff so much against rog. You can’t get into a normal war against him which kinda sucks. I’m not sure how much - HK Tooth is at but it seems to be less then -2 since i had someone continue to throw me out of it and they couldn’t. So against rog who like to use jab a lot that is a frame trap for you. I think it really comes down to using tooth a lot when he doesn’t have a downcharge and just really getting him to get overagressie with specials so you can stuff him. I think this is gonna be a 6-4 in rogs favor as it stands, but i’ll have more as i practice.

Any tips on fighting Vega? He just seems to do everything Adon does, but better. He seems just as fast, he can out-poke with superior range, and his wall jumping game is superior. Any ideas here? I was really struggling in this matchup.

Quoting myself to add more.

I wrote this in my regional thread explaining what I was seeing in my Dhalsim matches

I still think Dhalsim is stupid against Adon (I don’t know about the rest of the cast though). All of my special moves were stuffed by either a stretching arm or leg. Jaguar tooth (ex also) was knocked clean out over and over by his legs and same with Jaguar kick. I’m not sure what move it is but Sim’s anti-air where he picks up his knee kept stopping my jaguar tooth when it got close, when the limb didn’t come out sim’s backup was that knee. The best I got on that was a trade. Adon’s hitbox on his rising jaguar sucks balls so I never was able to uppercut sim throwing his arms out because they were so low. Once I got in damn sim would teleport out and the chase commences again. This leaves to believe that seth would give me the same trouble with him stretching and teleporting as well, I have yet to play this match so I can’t comment on it.

I still haven’t figured out anything solid to use again Sim though.

I also learned something against Chun but I need to do more testing. But on 2 instances in which she tried to counter me jumping in using a spinning bird kick (ex and regular) I was able to kick her out clean using Adon’s instant over head kick while coming down. I did this pretty much hitting her body so I don’t know if you can kick her leg and get away with it. I’ll test more later and post finding here.


Yeah, it really feels like you have to be on the defensive in this match, Vega can go toe-to-toe with you if you’re extremely aggressive. I was able to keep a few vegas out with st.HK, but otherwise I was stuck on defense the entire time

hey peeps im having a little trouble and i didnt know where to post this. but adon last trial im having so much trouble with connecting the low kick after a jaguar crunch. much help plz. also any suggestions on how to successfully pull off the super after a medium punch i seem to just fumble with the joystick.