Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

This is something I watch for and try to land every match with Adon.

wow i just experienced the BIGGEST mind fuck in the blanka match up

cl.HK beat out Blankas U1 while he was Mid hop of the ultra

a well timed jumping forward lp can beat out all of guiles flash kicks unless he waits till the last second, just played about 100 od games and this match up is pretty even, its annoying how he can air throw you out of all jag kicks, instants and ultra1, a wish we recorded these matches as there was some sick shit happenning from both ends. the guile match imo is 5-5 if not, at a push to 5.5 4.5 guile at the most, simply because of boom recovery

haha thats awesome :smiley:

Also Breslinabrb, I agree on that mu. Sonic boom recovery is what causes it to skew in his favour, you almost have to psychic every jk/u1 to beat his sonic booms. iajk makes it easier but even then … :smiley:

hey guys any tips when fighting our rival sagat players i have a hard time getting around his high tiger shots when mixed up with lows then when i do get in i get knocked or thrown back from tk and grabs after

It’s not as easy a matchup as people think. The one thing you’ll need is patience. Tons of it. Once you have meter, the matchup changes; you can EX JK Tiger Shots on reaction. However, if you get hasty and he gets a lead on you, it’s really hard to come back.

Standing jabs will work against Tiger Knee at certain distances. Don’t commit to anything fancy until you have meter. You want in, Sagat wants you out, so just keep trying to close the gap and force him back into the corner. Even if you have to block a ton of fireballs, just keep pressing forward. You can FADC fireballs or you can neutral jump then AJK over them. Tiger Knee and standing roundhouse are going to be a problem when you get closer. Just don’t stick anything out he can counter. If he’s not taking the bait and just backing up, let him. Get him in the corner.

Other than that, it’s Adon 101. Look for a knockdown and capitalize as best you can.

yea standing roundhouse is a pain

How do I fight Rose

I haven’t played for like a week. I get on yesterday and today and my game is all off. Apparently there is a small sect of Dhalsim players that will do nothing but jump fucking back whatever normal. It’s really aggravating how retarded this playstyle is

it’s really annoying with his slow ass jump and ability to teleport on reaction. You can not fuck up once you get in or else they are up and jumping again

I know what you mean Mike, I have trouble with that playstyle from sims. Its bad enough when shotos jump back roundhouse all day, but sim takes the bloody biscuit.
AE should help a little as most sims I have played jump back for ages then start fireballs, tooth currently wont work as the fireball is so damn slow and if you do tooth ‘late’ he has already started jumping again, or can knee you out of the air :frowning:

im not beeing cheeky but, the best way to deal with this is either simply walk forward or stand and do nothing, if you just walk forward there in the corner then just explode on them, if you stand and do nothing theyll just keep shooting fireballs while you neutral jump, people get so bored they’ll come to you. Hope this helps cos it works for me.

In some cases to beat a scrub, you need to play like one :stuck_out_tongue:

High level dhalsims wont get pushed into the corner that easily.Bare in mind when you walk forward and block his fireballs,a st.fierce from Sim will just push you back and you’ll be at a neutral position again.

With Sim,I would say just try and land a forward throw against him.From there you can do dash forward,hold upforward into jumping heavy punch and option select that with EX jaguar tooth because it beats all sims wake up options aside from Super.The Option selected EX toof actually crosses him up if he teleports away from you which means you can combo into lk.RJ.

Also I believe its either EX jaguar tooth or Roundhouse tooth that trades with sims back roundhouse(his primary antiair).I think the trade is in your favour too so that is a decent method of getting in.Of course this move has no invincibility on startup so you will get st.fierced before you leave the ground if you keep spamming it.

Finally cr.jab whiff punishes Sims st.fierce pretty well,problem is,it doesnt really scare your opponent does it?Cr.strong does too.Sim matchup is all about patience,it can be very difficult if you just start running into hits.

This was golden! I wish we had a matchup thread for each character. The way we only have 1 thread is hard to find golden nuggets in all these pages.

not sure if it was a fluke. but it definitely happened several times. a friend of mine just got the game and he wanted to play me. and i found out something when he used Blanka

against Blanka:
his Electricity got beat out several times buy doing a simple standing Roundhouse. im am about to test it out in training to see if it works but in the match it worked about 5 times in a row.

it only beats out the light electricity so its almost not worth the try since the medium and heavy will beat out you round house.

but the c.roundhouse beat every one of them out.

I believe every sweep will beat it due to the fact that the hitbox is fairly high on blanka. I find it odd that st.rh will beat it, was it range dependant ?

Okay, I’ve been landing this with enough consistency that I want to share it with you guys. It’s part of a larger strategy I like to call, “Jab FTW.”

Against certain jump-ins that are difficult to counter with Rising Jaguar, you can actually effectively anti-air them with close standing jab and immediately go for a cross-up. I don’t have an exact list, but basically it won’t work against high-priority jump-ins (for obvious reasons) or a safe jump (also for obvious reasons). Still, there’s a LOT of situations where its effective, and easier to do on reaction than Rising Jaguar.

I’m not sure how “safe” the cross-up is, but it’s also somewhat ambiguous.

Yo I’m having a real hard time against some aggressive bison players anybody have any tips?

(O yea I dont know if this is a glitch or just a lucky moment)

Yo I tried to hit a chun player with u2 while she was in the air and she slid right under the ultra. This also happened with ryu but he did a hard kick ( I guess trying to stuff the ultra) but yea the dude slid under the ultra with his hard kick out has anyone besides me have a coincidence like this?

yo… abel is -3 on block from all 4 of his rekkas… he can tech a throw right after.