Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

s.:hp: is great AA against Akuma, it ruined my friends vortex attemps. It hit both sides very well.
Didn’t work so well against T. Hawk.

Any tips against cammy?

I am free to any half-competent Guile

is it just me or is it the character?

Zangief is difficult too, but Guile, eek

Ok I agree with Adon having a bad match up list, but there are ways around it. The way I see it is that Adon will be a shenanigan based character. I’m already starting to do dumb stuff to throw my opponent off because Adon specials are weak in terms of invincibility and priority.

And about Guile…I think it’s the character. I honestly believe Guile is the best character now. He has great normals and great defense…:shake: something that is a bit of a weakness for a Adon player

I’m a much better guile player in super vs. 4

I think they really did improve him THAT much.

Some Guy match up notes

-He can do his command air throw out of ALL your specials. Air JK, JK, Rising Jaguar on start up, and Jaguar tooth (almost anytime if your playing against someone with great reactions)

-He can’t back dash against you or else that is a free rising jaguar

-Watch your cross ups when he has meter because his EX tatsu hits both sides

-Crouching fierce works well against bushin flip. I also tried close Roundhouse but that move is totally unreliable most of the time

-When Guy is in the corner…HE IS DANGEROUS. He can set you up with his target combo reset/vortex (it puts you in the corner). In those instances I will dash under the bushin flip out of the corner or crouch firece, but he has options, he can also do command slide or tatsu so you have to react to whatever he does.

-Mix up your throw game and blockstrings. I feel Adon has a good throw game and a good throw at that. Do cr. LK, cr. LP, cr. LP, walk up throw or f. mp(overhead). Jump MK (cross up or not) throw or go into a block string

-If the match gets close use normals, Adon has good pokes, and play it safe, Standing roundhouse, standing fierce etc.

-Last thing if Guy has ultra 2 and this also goes for any grapple Ultra (Ibuki, Gief, Hakan etc.) Never do EX jaguar tooth. You can get punished by reversal ultra. I tried many times to jump out and you can’t. Guy’s ultra 2 is an easy ultra to jump out of on reaction but something about EX JT makes it easy for Guy to do reversal Ultra.

Hell, I’m thinking of switching to Guile just because of the new alt outfit.

Against Guile, it is all about the footsies. Spacing is extremely important, because while Guile’s doing his standing normals, he’s not charging a Flash Kick, and a tricky Jaguar Kick can catch him off guard. You can bait off that, or go back to the footsies.

So, whoever said to use a s.Mk as an anti-air was totally right. I was stuffing an Abel’s jump-ins all night with it. Use that for far away jump-ins, and use cl.Hp for close ones.

That’s a much better way of summarizing it than I did, chalk it up to late night posting.

I agree with your comments. I haven’t had too many issues with Dee Jay, but T. Hawk and Juri and supremely annoying; Vega is still my worst matchup though.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was having issues getting Adon’s B&B (2x c.jab, l.rising jaguar) to connect on T. Hawk all day. It’s almost as if the second jab pushes him back just enough so the first hit of the rising jaguar wont connect… but maybe I’m mistaken.

Just found this out about a crouching Honda. If honda blocks your crouching mp or maybe 2 crouching jabs or whatever somewhere around those range, and do jaguar kick mk. YOU CROSS HIM UP. I found it very amazing.

What type of Vega were you fighting?

Hello everyone, i’m new to the all competitive vs fighting spirit even though i’ve played these games for a long time. I’ve had SSF4 for 2 weeks now and been maining Adon. I’ve fought some pretty good players online and here are my thoughts.

Dhalsim : my loss (1-2)

This guy is gonna be the anti-Adon. Zoning with HK is obviously impossible so the only way to win is to get in close, but Sim’s limbs is the problem.

JT can be stuffed by Sim’s HK on the way up and by neutral j.MP on the way down.

I’ve managed to mess with my opponent rythm by playing with the trajectories variations of JT (NEVER with roundhouse) and JK or air JK.

Rising Jaguar should never be used on reversal, better use it with some BnBs. Cross-up mixing games with j.MK can do some damage due to lack of stamina from Sim but he can manage to Yoga teleport on wake-up, but it can also mean that he starts to panic i don’t know…

So my best advice so far ? Find a rythm with light JT, quick closing in with light JK (goes over HP and C.MP) and start to shut him down after a knockdown. EX-JK can be a deadly weapon in that case.

Haven’t tried neutral j.MK xx light JK.

BUT what i noticed is taht SIM reaaaaaly slow jumping speed can become something Adon can use, if the player plays hit-and-away by jumping back with HP, a double dash can be enough to close in and maybe catch him on the way down with RJ or even U2. So if he goes up : FA>dash>dash to RJ/U2. It might require some testing though.

Edit : sorry for the double post.

Dudley :

his range can be outmatched by HK, but it’s best to watch for his machine gun blow, especially EX. Also his cross counter catches RJ on the first hit. It might not counter EX RJ, and it might only be the EX Cross counter, but regular RJ definitely get punished by EX Counter.

Again throw off opponent timing with JK air JK and JT.

make sure the second c.lp is a link. but i’ve since tried it on t.hawk crouching and standing. adding in jump-ins. there seems to be no problem with his hitbox.

Adon vs. Gief is among the stupidest matchups I have played in the past week I’ve had SSF4.

Goal: Hit Gief one time -> gain lead -> run away for 99 seconds. There is no way to get any more damage unless they’re silly enough to try to build meter while you have a stocked up U1 ready to launch on attack.

Adon vs. T.Hawk isn’t as bad. For some reason, all T.Hawks on PSN seem to love spamming reversal SPD’s. All you gotta do is mix up your nj.MK and cross up MK for free dmg, Missing a BnB will get you killed though…

Adon vs. Guile is pretty difficult, but not impossible. You have to be pretty tricky. Since I have not seen a good way for Guile to get away from crossup shenanigans, abuse all day for free damage. You just have to play patient enough to get in that one time. Jumping in is a bad idea because of air grab, c.Fierce, AA flash kicks, etc. Try making your way in with focus absorbing and dashes leading to a grab. This will be your window of opportunity.

Will add more when I see anything special

I’m pretty sure you can’t chain adons jabs anyway

I think you can punish M.Bison’s psycho crusher (all versions? need to test this) with EX JK

Pretty sure Psycho crusher is safe on block and he can link c.LK (x3) xx Knee Press. Do you mean like RJ on reaction when you see the Crusher coming, if that’s it you have to be super quick or mind reading. And that’s not me :smiley:

Psycho crusher on block

All jaguar kicks are 20+

I’d just do a rising jaguar

Damn !! It must be my timing that sucks then. Oh well, i’ll try that.