Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Lol at the edit while i was typing.

I confused jaguar kick and rising jaguar

so i edited it

My bad i also confused JK with RJ in anisakis’ post. But in the end psycho crusher on block means free RJ and no JK am I right ? And if you can punish Crusher with EX JK you’ll have to predict it.

my mistake guys, guess my friend wasn’t blocking overhead.

against most people, if they block a cross up or jump in. Doing c.lp, c.lp,, puts them right into ex ground JK range. And most people continue to block low so you get a nice overhead on them. Just have to wait for the to finish but it works most of the times ive done it.

Add-ons or adon?

Some Things I noticed playing Adon yesterday, probably already mentioned somewhere. Some of this is also me asking for help against some hard matchups!


Neutral J. Roundhouse is perfect for mixing people up on wakeup. Once their down, stand next to their corpse and choose between Jump H. Kick => CrL. Kick => Rising Jag; Overhead => CrL. Kick => Rising Jag; Throw; Back dash => Sweep. Several of those options are open to FADC > Ultra.

Heavy Kick is a very good tool to use to push players away from you or to just box your enemy into a corner. Using that range can also allow you to unexpectedly hit your opponents who don’t see the kick coming. Otherwise, be aware that it will probably be blocked, so use it as a tool to push your enemies away from you. You can use Jaguar kick after heavy kick most of the times, makes for some interesting use of this heavy kick!

Heavy Sweep is very fast and very useful, I used it a lot as mentioned above, creates for some interesting mixups. Needless to say, mix in some foward medium punches and other options, but be very aware that Sweep kicking is a very safe way to punish moves that otherwise would be very hard to punish.

Standing medium kick makes for a decent anti air, but the timing is rough. Be ready to block regardless if it hits or not. I tried going into ultra 2 after standing medium kick anti air, hoping to combo it, but it didn’t work. ): Has anyone tried this with ultra 1?


Against T Hawk: Jaguar Tooth is very punishable with com. grabs (obviously) and U.2 Trades with jump-in condor dive. A very difficult matchup for me, because adon requires being near opponents to do damage (again, obviously.) The best way to deal with it is use the above formula for mixups after getting him down either by EX Jaguar Kick, or some sort of Rising Jaguar punish. Always be very carful of command grabs, backdash at any moment that leaves you incredibly vulnerable to said command grabs.

Against Cody: Another difficult matchup for me. I’d say what gets a cody player most is faking him out to throw a rock and hitting him with an unexpected jaguar tooth. It’s not quite too risky on block, just make sure to tech any grabs you feel may come from the opponent. Often times jumping in from about full screen and doing an airborn jaguar kick will catch him off guard as well, but that move misses frequently for me and since cody has plenty of FADC capabilities, you’d probably want to make sure they don’t see it coming and you have a rather high execution rate. I haven’t tried U1 against rock throws, I presume it works. If someone could inform me, that’d be great. =)

Against Vega: No clue,** if someone could help me out with this match up, it’d be great.** He’s able to grab me out of most of my moves or counter hit me. Jaguar Tooth results in a jump grab, Jaguar Kick results in a Jump Grab / Grab Punish. He’d obviously do his mix up shenanigans, and if I jump => heavy punch, he’ll just grab me. Not only that, but I can’t lay out a good way of punishing any of his moves, the only thing that hits is either a sweep kick, or a CrM. Kick > Rising Jag, which doesn’t always properly connect because of how far away he is after rolls. Slides are pretty much the only thing he can do that I can properly punish, so eventually they catch on and just stop sliding all together. Any advice?

Against Dhalsim: Slow jumps cause me to love the dhalsim match up. Because of those low gravity jumps, it’s basically an open invitation to do Jaguar Tooth Juggling shenanigans. If he teleports when you choose to do Jaguar tooth, it messes up dhalsim’s teleport and will more than likely disorient him. Especially if you use the heavy kick Jaguar Tooth, you basically nullify his teleportation efforts. Important to note that his fireballs can be a bit troublesome for Jag. Tooth, it’s slow speeds make it very easy to get hit by it. Not only that, but Jaguar Kick isn’t always a guaranteed hit… (Atleast, that’s how it seemed to me.)

Against Flowchart Kens: Just mentioning this because it’s hilarious, but that Jump Roundhouse Kick mixup shenanigans will cancel out flame shoryukens. Making for a hilarious turn of events for any Adon player against a flow chart ken. Practically an easy win. I felt bad for any of the people who lost to him before, since it had to have been a lot seeing as he had 3000 bp. :rolleyes: For Adon, just think of the words “flowchart ken” being equivalent to “easy bp, kthxbye.” :rock:

Against Ibuki: As someone who played/plays a bit of Ibuki in SSF4, I know very well ibuki is a very dangerous character! 1 Target Combo = ~25% of an average healthbar? eugh. So with this match up, I play it very defensively when I can. A Jump Back => Kunai Throw is a very good opportunity for one to use Jaguar Tooth to move in, just make sure you don’t run into that kunai. A Focus Attack can also be a very good way to move in on a ibuki player, absorbing those kunai throws as a way to lessen the gap between the two characters. Whenever ibuki jumps in, make sure to block up and watch out for very tricky target combos. Whenever they jump back, down guard since they’ll probably try to slide in on you. If you see them try headstomp, I believe you can do a Jaguar Tooth to hit them in mid air and use that to either set yourself into a U2 hit or rising jaguar combos. Otherwise, block up. You’ve got to be very careful when ibuki jumps in on you though, because her next attack could be nearly anything. It’s best to try to keep her away from you at all times except for when you are on the offense, using those normals mentioned above, they are very good anti-ninja tools.

Against Guy: I really need help with this as well. Guy is a rather hard character to punish, and he is also able to counter hit most of my normals / specials. ): Makes me a sad thai panda.

Other than that, not much else to say. I tried to avoid forums for a bit after SSFIV was out, because I wanted to figure this out by myself this time around by spending time in the “lab”, but if someone can help me out with those matchups I’d be very greatful.

Shodos are obvious, most character with fireballs share the same strategies against them. Just make sure to not do anything too risky and you should be ok.

I’ve been pulling off some nice win streaks on endless match as Adon. Playing adon for the first time was interesting, because I wasn’t expecting to like him, but I think he fits my playstyle perfectly! I was playing ibuki for a bit, but I found her a bit too powerful and because of this lost interest in playing her as for now. Seeing as I used to play Ryu in SSF4, I’m kind of sick of ending up playing the “top tier” characters. :lol: Some people are saying Adon isn’t really too solid of a character, but honestly he shines a lot of potential in my eyes. His ultra 2 has a bit of a low damage output unfortunately, atleast compared to other ultras, but it’s very easy to set up. Most importantly, Adon can play a mean game of footsies thanks to some very good normals. Manipulating range is going to be very important for most Adon players, so a good knowledge of his normal ranges will be all you really need to play against most characters.

Sorry for a lot of spelling errors, but I’ve been up all day and I’m about to go to bed. I promise I don’t ALWAYs type this poorly. I just can’t think to well right now. ~_~

Played very aggressive. Wall jumped economically and stuffed almost all jump ins/jaguar kicks with scarlet terror, which seems to have priority over almost everything of Adons.

Got most of my hits in by baiting bad flip kicks with short jaguar tooth… but overall didn’t feel like I had much command of the matchup.

I’m going add to this. I learned a few things against Cody over the weekend.
–Jumping in from full screen or RH Jaguar Tooth got me to eat a punch. Cody has a great anti-air with Zonk Punch. Cody can stuff Adon’s Jaguar Tooth with that punch. It stopped me cold. Use EX Jaguar Tooth if you know that punch is coming out.
–Ultra 1 does go through rock throws (think a rock throw as a standard fireball because it is, minus the falling trajectory). Ultra 1 stops his rock game. It was odd but those damn rocks kept me out pretty good.
–A decent player will more then likely try to bait your Ultra 1 with the fake rock throw but I say don’t buy into it. Just walk up and continue to apply pressure, you getting in will cause more damage then you getting hit by a rock. I got caught a few times to where my Ultra 1 was baited out by fake rock throw and ate a good combo or a counter ultra, I have learned from my mistakes LOL. I believe that this is also good for head games because they will either now throw a rock and eat Ultra or fake throw and you stay on their ass. What I did notice was that if you are quick enough and close enough you can fly over the person with Ultra 1 by holding forward and escape impending doom. You can and probably will still get hit as time goes on but at least you don’t land right in front of the person to eat big damage. By flying over the person you actually run away. You can still eat an a projectile Ultra though. So be weary about that. I caught people off guard flying over them which led me to get away damage free minus a random rock throw or fireball that followed afterwards. But again a single fireball is a lot better then eating a big combo. This won’t work all the time though for as a decent opponent will catch on and just chase your ass down if their character if fast enough.
–I’m not sure if this is for all strengths of Cody’s criminal uppers but I got Ultra 1 to go through 2 of them yesterday. I don’t know what strengths my opponent used but I got through successfully twice.

That’s all I got for now.


You sure it’s not Zonk Punch? It’s a hold the button charge move and he says Bingo when he does it. It seems to work really well as an AA.

Blanka’s slide beat tooth clean. Looks weird, but every time I toothed, I got slid at and was beaten clean.

Probably I haven’t actually played to much with Cody yet, for his special move names all I know is Criminal upper. I’ll go ahead and change the name on that.


Heres my 2 - cents on some match ups.

Another note: Just notice most of shenanegens come from my opponent wake up.

Honda: His head butt can beat your tooth as soon as he sees you flying backwards. If you do some regular block strings with those crouching light punches or light kicks and your prety close and hes DUCK BLOCKING, Mk jaguar tooth crosses up. It was amazing to find this. On wake up for him he can do many things. Head butt, that upward butt slam, or ochio. well if hes on the ground and you expect maybe an ochio you can do HK jaguar kick, for a vertical upward jump and slam back down. After that you should probably get you ass out of there. Standing Hard kick, really is good for poking the man, but don’t throw it out so much or you’ll eat a head butt.

Zangief: If you ever get him knocked down and feel lucky. HK jaguar kick beats his lariat on wake up. But his lariat will trade or beat your jaguar kick, if he waits a little. But still an awesome trade for you. But after he gets use to your vertical jaguar kicks, I suggest you stop or you’ll start taking SPD’s. When you start Jaguar toothing on him, he’ll try to lariat to beat it. So go for a lk jaguar tooth and he lariats and you land safely far away from him. Hes free for Jaguar Revolver if you got it. I’m pretty sure you will cause zangief hits hard. If you don’t have the ultra. well someone may fill in on this. Depending on when he did the lariat and wether its the long one or the short one. maybe you can ex tooth right when he ends the lariat animation for some damage.

Guy: Just know that he can beat your tooth in the air with his many grabs, or if hes on the ground that hard kick of his will beat your jaguar tooth if he see’s it coming. But if you happen to knock down guy. You know guy will probably go for his ex hurricane kick he has maybe or grab depending what your bending his mind to do. If he goes for Ex hurricane kick, before he wakes up if you guess it and do HK jaguar kick, you’ll go right through it and slam him out of it. If he does it a little late, you’ll trade or he hits you out of it. Trade is in your favor. while hes in corner, Cross up mk into combo’s posted at the combo thread ar amazing here. If you see him jumping over you pretty close, cl. hardpunch is pretty good here. If hes jumping towards you from a far, neutral jump hard punch is great if you do it to late though, he’ll grab you.

Ryu/ken/guile/ or anyone with a projectile: (btw just don’t do this on juri or gouken really high up there projectile’s. You might hit that. But just those.) If there spamming there signature fireball at ya, Ex jaguar kick moves ya pretty fast over the air in a weird arc over there fireball if you do it right and hit them for knock down. So if you’re pretty up there with health and jaguar revolver(for atleast ken and ryu since guile has quick recovery and revolver could miss.) Ex jaguar is a good go to move, since its really fast its self and could stop your opponent from spamming the fireballs and free damage.

Dudley: like others before this post. Standing hk and ranged pokes are awesome in this fight. Your cross up mk can annoy him very badly since it’ll be stopping him from uppercutting. heck you can grab him out of uppercuts if you guess it. Unless he ex the upper cut. Hk jaguar kick on his wake up, it’ll trade good damage agaisnt his uppercut, or if he goes for a short swing blow, you’ll hit since you both go in one direction and come back together (unless he waits.) Jaguar tooth on block for them, I been able to grab them successfully after. I feel they can’t do uppercut as an option after they block jaguar tooth, seeing as you could grab them out of it so a choice will probably be tech your grab or ex uppercut(block if you see meter punish after) or ex backswing blow(block and punish, or maybe grab beats this I don’t remember.)

Cammy: if you ever block her DP, either standing hard kick, or walk a little forward, standing hardkick, always hit. either both hits or the last hit. Great free damage. It always hits for me. Jumping agaisnt her is scary even for cross up So don’t do it so much. BE cautious in this fight. Her block strings are annoying and i feel if you ever let up on blocking to retaliate she’ll DP you. But if you can guess her DP and do block it. HK it, and get her thinking twice about doing it, and maybe you can move in for some grabs or bait or overheard combo with his jaguar crunch, crouching lk, rising jaguar/or super, (if you’re great with 1 frame links), or if shes blocking high, crouching lk, RJ lk, FADC into U2. If they EVER spam spiral arrow from a far, HK jaguar tooth free damage(seeing as you don’t at all or so much), if its the long one. (but ofcourse that’ll barely or never happen with good players but just for spammers you’re dealing with online)

Sagat: I have nothing, anyone have idea’s?

Chunli: Just a bit of info for her, shes extremely diffcult. But on wake up, agaisnt her ex spinning bird kick you’re Jaguar kick HK trades great damage and you’re sent flying away from her with a tickle, while she pays a huge cost from a slam from you. ex jaguar tooth if she shoots a projectile at you if you have it.

Gouken: I laugh that he can’t counter any of adon specials. Well most of them atleast. Hk jaguar kick him, if he’s unaware of this match on wake up. You’ll see a lot of focus break as he goes for counter’s. Jaguar revolver or ex jag kick him if he ever goes for a projectile.

And more later as I get more info.

Hum in my case i take a lot of wake-up shoryu, so i guess i can only backdash => but even that is countered by a light shoryu (happened just now against RYU…)

Need to try more of that.

Again, double shoryu is your worst fear…

When i fought dhalsim i was completely zoned out from him. With HK or j.MP he can beat JagTooth ver easily, i fought him only once though. But I couldn’t agree more with JagTooth variations on his teleport :wink:

About flowchart ken : i blocked a Fierce shoryu then while trying to roundhouse his head i took another fierce shoryu… Seriously what is his recovery time ?

Maybe i just suck though…

I use c.short, c.jab, c.short, short RJ, except my execution is off and I whiff the RJ. If I’m lucky I get a standing short, which at least gives me some room. Otherwise, reversal city.

Short RJ reaches further horizontally than the others, so a lot of strings can be ended with it that look like they shouldn’t. I’m not sure if it does more damage or not, but c.short, c.jab is a good block string after a crossup, and usually it gives me enough time to realize whether or not I’m hitting them to try to add the extra c.short and hopefully an RJ. If it’s not hitting them at that point, either jab again or try that pesky c.strong link to setup some spacing.

you should try using lk or mk jaguar kick to get in. mk jaguar kick will go over s.hp and lk jaguar kick will put you directly below them after a blocked j.hp. if you suspect a teleport, wait it out. lk rising jaguar to put him on the ground.

Here’s a couple of things from Fingers. He posted this in the NC thread. I don’t know if some of this has already been said or not. If it has…i’ll delete it.

Double shoryuken is the new shoryuken

Word, I’ve been pulling off double RJs without FADC and I feel cool when I do it:cool:


Shoryuken! Block, try to punsh. Shoryuken!

Blocked Jaguar tooth. Shoryuken!

I also learned from a few of the online Adons to Jaguar Tooth then immediately Rising jaguar. Reminds me of those ken Tastumaki to Shoryuken

Dude seriously I dunno if its lag, or my shit reaction times, but it seems like Dudely and T.Hakw recover REALLY quickly from their lp. DPs. I go in to try to punish and eat another DP or SPD. It happens way too often lol.