Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

@nacor: If he pressures with Demon flips, you should be able to anticipate them and dash under on reaction. Dash under then zone with That’s break his pressure. The real problem for Adon against Akuma is chasing after him, and that takes air JKs, but not necessarily instant ones.

@tenyardmike: Depends on your spacing. I prefer to c.MP or c.LP to stuff any normals they might try to throw out, then HK JK. I’m trying to get my IAJ skillz down, and if I could do it consistently, that would be my preferred followup.

One thing I’ve been meaning to try is finding all the sweeps that Adon can punish with c.MP. Probably not possible at max range, but sometimes people just want to sweep. It might be a powerful tool for Adon to be able to c.MP xx Super on reaction to a bad footsie.

alright booda or ricki oh… i need maaaaad help ya’ll… vs guy, rufus, cammy dis one nigga online straight D-BLOCKED (bodied,whooped,put me in a casket) and dictator… any tips pleeeeeease…

Been grinding a lot against Rufus lately, I had a good Ryu Chun and Abel session today, & I always play Guy’s. Here are a little notes on the matchups.

Against Rufus
-Any standing normal will stop Rufus’s dive kick pressure. Up close your best bet is Jab or strong, at distances use Fierce, Mk, Rh, Strong. It works really well and changes the whole game!
-Any whiff crouching fierce by Rufus can and should be punished by LK or MK jaguar kick. You can even get him on reaction.
Against Ryu
-Any whiff low forward can be punished by JK
-Pressure alot with JKs and you have to play footsies and use a lot more normals than standing Rh. I found it easier to win with this Strategy
Against Guy
-if they try to bushin flip pressure I dash under or you can RH Jaguar kick if they do it from mid screen.
Against Abel
-Gotta use alot of pokes and normals this is gonna be a footsies match.
-A well timed RH jaguar Kick can punish or pressure on rolls
Against Chun
-Lots of footsies, LOTS OF FOOTSIES!!!
-Jump ins are free for Ultra 2 & RJs its so high it’s just asking to be punished!
General stuff: if your gonna cancel RJ to ultra 2 use MK version it does 90 damage on the first hit. Lk does 80 and RH does 50 (don’t know if this was discussed yet)
also off a focus attack crumpled Chun can not get hit by standing fierce it will whiff for some reason also it will whiff against Rufus, but thats because his hit box is weird.

Also for the Akuma matchup: if you can get auto-correct :hk:RJ to come out consistently, do it. It’s your one option for actually PUNISHING Akuma for crossing up, not just avoiding it.

General matchup tips (while trying to get in):
-If the opponent doesn’t footsie: forward dash.
-If they do low footsies: (i)AJK.
-If they do high footsies: focus, jump-in (carefully), or counter with your own footsies.
-If they focus: … well, I think this one’s pretty obvious.

I’ve been following this general pattern and it’s been working for me so far.


Can’t say much about Cammy. I’ve never had much trouble with her. Standing normals shut down her Cannon Strike game, and I’ve never really seen anyone do anything beyond that. Auto-correct Cannon Spikes are a pain, but can be baited and are very punishable for Adon.

Dictator is a matchup I’m learning more and more about. The right standing normal (typically standing jab, since it has priority for miles) can stop his pressure game, j.MP is awesome air-to-air against him, and his lack of a DP or similar anti-air makes jumping in, crossing up, and JT relatively safe against him. I used to think it was a bad matchup, but I’m gaining more confidence against him. He’ll like to spam s.HK, so be prepared to either focus or just sweep him.

Guy is annoying if he picks one move and spams it a lot. He can slide under JKs and throw you for free, he can flip throw you out of all of Adon’s specials, but otherwise, Adon has better normals than he does. Dashing under bushin flips is usually a free hit. If you break his pressure, just zone him. There’s not a lot he can do about it.

I don’t have a lot to say about Rufus, because I don’t play against him often. Justin Wong said Adon has no way of dealing with dive kicks, but personally they seem pretty easy to deal with. It’s j.HK (ultra setup) and Snake Strike that worry me in this matchup.

Hey guys! What is Adon’s block string?

Thanks in advanced!

Block buster j and Booda thanks soooooo much i did soooo much better in those match ups now… Hope to run into one of ya’ll online soon :slight_smile:

welp, just found out something really helpful against AKUMA

high EX air hadouken? lk jaguar kick goes right under it

Adon doesn’t really have a block string to my knowledge. But what I do is somewhat of a Block string/Frame Trap.

Crouching LP, Crouching LP, Crouching MK, MK Jaguar Kick

It can be beaten but it looks safe and the thing is only about 1 or 2 moves can beat.

Lemme give you an example:

When I do it against Guy he can’t punish me unless 1 of 2 things

1: I mess up the Timing
2: He uses ex TATSU

those are the only two things that beat it when playing against Guy.

So experiment with it and use one jab sometimes depending on your spacing.

Yeah kinda figured that out by accident. but it happened more than once so I know it wasn’t a fluke

Dunno if this is the right place to post this…Thought you guys might be interested, we’re having a New characters only tourney (PSN) tomorrow:

Hope to see some of you there :tup:

Against a good fei long?

Hi, old timer from Brazil…
I am a Adon, Cody and Vega player.(no more shotos for me since sf4) Can you guys help me against good fei longs with Adon? Seen like well spaced rekkas, that get stopped on the 2nd in block strings are completaly safe, leading to “choice” in counter normal, flame kick or whatever he chooses…

Sorry, if I made some spelling or grammar errors.

little T. Hawk tip to punish the Condor Dive on reaction

  • If you can tell he wants to hit or chip, you can hit him with a light kick Jag. Tooth when hes coming at you, instead of taking the chip and hitting him with a jaguar kick

i dont know about doing jaguar tooth on condor dive but if i would rather block and get a knock down on hawk instead of ending up next to him :o

I havent read all the pages here, but I have some problems playing with blanka players. I know blankas roll can be punishable on block by using a lk jk, but good blankas dont use the roll. Blankas hop game is damn nasty and he can crossup like nothing. The thing Im thinking in testing is to turtle like hell. Im not used to turtling but against blanka I dont know what other option I have.
Anyone any tips?

yeah man blanka is a tough cookie, i have a hard time against him also

Blanka has a very high jump, and it makes it easy to dash under. Remember that simple jabs are your highest priority attack. By a lot. Poke poke poke until he doesn’t want to attack anymore, then start looking for an opening. It’s not an easy matchup at all, but you can keep Blanka honest.


Are you doing this on reaction? If so, I want to know how many frames c.MK is and how many other moves have the same number of frames. This could revolutionize Adon’s footsie game.

For the blanka match up, I honestly feel confident against Blankas with Adon.

I always run with Jaguar Revolver. Once that meter is full, you’ve just shut down every blanka ball, every rainbow ball, and vertical ball. All of them are Ultra 1 punishable on block and Jaguar Kick punishable on block . I avoid as many Jaguar Tooths as possible because of the vertical ball. Only other tip I can give you is get used to Blanka mix ups and try and shut him down before he can’t get his rhythm going.

Okay, so I’ve been messing around with tk jks on grapplers a lot lately and it’s really devistating for them. In the gief matchup you can completely shut him down with neutral j. hk and the perfect way to set this up is baiting his spd and doing the ex tk jk to punish it. Same goes for abel and mostly any other grappler.

according to my friend who plays Ryu c.Mk is 5 frames when in complete animation and he told me its his longest recovery move.

I dont play by frame data though.

I just played the Ryu match up again right now, and I was able to punish low forward.
But it is all spacing based.