Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Im curious guys what purpose does the jaguar tooth serve? I use the different strengths to bait dp’s and stuff but does it serve any other purposes? Thank you.

i just use lk. Jaguar Tooth to bait ultras that aren’t fullscreen and sometimes HK to close distance against on non-fireball characters (except gief and t-hawk)

Tooth doesn’t really do anything you couldn’t accomplish with a jk imo.


No invulnerability, so it can’t be used to escape. No priority so it can’t be used to beat other attacks. I actually had a match where I did JT and for some reason at that same moment the opponent decides to Raging Demon. During the super pause for the Demon, you can clearly see Adon is upright and beginning his backflip for the JT with just his toes barely touching the ground. Got hit by the RG.

sigh well thats disappointing i was hoping adon had another tool i could add to my game, but yea its complete lack of any invincibility or priority really makes it suck, the things it gets beat my sometimes makes me so irate. On a slightly unrelated note thanks for the feed back guys, definitely feeling this thread, the zangief threads(my main character) are very dry.

I’ve pretty much stopped using Jaguar Tooth all together. I only use it to get out of the corner when I KNOW it’ll get me out of the corner.

I only use it once every red moon as part of my offense but all in all, as of now it’s just a bad move.

any tips on the final boss seth on hardest mode for arcade? he dps me all the time.

Don’t jump and block DPs?

Anyways, :hk:JT might serve the purpose of punishing back-dashes on wake up (when you’re not getting wake-up DPed), but I have yet to test that.

lk tooth is fantastic for baiting, mk tooth can catch jump-ins sometimes. It’s definitely a risky move, but if used right (and sparingly) I think it has some solid uses.

Just wanted to ask, I don’t know if this has been talked about.

MK RJ > FADC to any combo is stronger than HK RJ > to any combo by at least 40 damage. Is it the same with you guys?

hi i started playing adpn a few days ago and i cant seem to crossup a character with a good dp as i always eat a autocorrect dp , i mean is my timing wrong or is it just flatout impossible??

I need to start doing this.

Well you can’t cross up ryu, ken and akuma at all if im not mistaken, i know for a fact you can’t safe jump those 3 so i don’t think u can cross em up either.

You can cross them up. If you time your crossup propery the DP goes the wrong way. Be carefun of the new ssf4 air reset tho.

Record your crossup setup on a 2P dummy, pick ryu and try to DP to see if your timing is correct.
Cammy and sagat tend to be harder to crossup properly tho, fortunately they’re both safejumpable.

Wow, thanks i didn’t even know that, i thought you couldn’t cross up characters with 3 frame reversals.

glad to know its possible thnx alot for that info , because if it wasnt i wouldve given up adon for sure regardless of how awesome he is

Im pretty sure this is known but you can punish T.Hawks condor dive with ultra 1, jag kick, and the super combo. Sry for lacking terminology im just getting used to the forums.:coffee:

Does adon have any combos into his sweep or his st. Roundhouse? Just curious.

you can combo a sweep after a HK airJK. gotta space it though.
for the st. roundhouse, RJ FADC st. RH, close or far. Thats pretty much it.

I wouldn’t combo into his sweep TBQH. The Air Jaguar kick scenario, you can follow up with like RJ which in most cases the spacing will only allow for the 2nd hit of the Rising Jaguar to hit for the exact same damage as doing AirJK~Sweep, but it pushes them across the screen so much. To argue PRO AJK~sweep combo, It stuns more and provides the same knockdown (unless RJ is techable =/ Can’t think right now) except the combo isnt so “horizontal” as it doesn’t move the characters sideways as much as the RJ combo.


Combo 1

-AJK: 80, 80/160 stun (No matter which button, MK & JK have 160 stun. LK has 80)

-c.HK: 110, 200 stun (This link might be space dependent since you cant be too far for it to hit.

190 damage, 280/360 stun.

Combo 2

-AJK: 80, 80/160 stun

-C.MP: 60, 100 stun (There’s no reason why you shouldnt be able to connect this after an AJK like 80% of the time unless you hit them with the very tip)

-LK.RJ: 50, 70 stun* (Bear in mind that only the 2nd hit comes out most of the time. If you visually see that the spacing will allow for a full RJ, go for MK RJ.)

  • means second hit dmg & stun.

210 dmg, 330 stun.

This is based off the fact that in the RJ combo, only the 2nd hit of the RJ hits. If both hits connect, it WILL do more stun (440 to be exact). Holy shit Adon is STUNNAN with that full RJ combo. Then again though, its almost like the same argument as the RJ~FADC~cl.HK
mk.RJ~FADC~mk.RJ(both hits) because the 1st combo does more stun but doesn’t knockdown, and the 2nd combo does more damage(big difference IMO) and knockdown.

NOTE: The damage isn’t TRUE damage as I did not put into consideration DAMAGE SCALING when I added the numbers up.

Anyway, this is just an example. If you guys ever have questions about specific move properties or which is better than what, the frame data doesn’t lie :tup:

Adon’s Frame Data Super Street Fighter 4 :

Some stuff is missing, like plus and negative frames on block and hit for some moves but other than that the chart is pretty spot on.

Sorry for writing such a bible, I just wanted people to GET it. Hopefully you do ffs -_-’

TVG has a point, when you are ever unsure about something like that… Training mode is your bff Jill. It’s sad that some people dont realize it can be used for so much more than just practicing combos and looking up specific dmg/stun data.

I am PRO knockdown metagame. If I can get a knockdown over anything else, as long as the dmg output isnt a huge difference I’ll go for it. Knockdown forces the other player to “guess” what you are going to do since Adon’s mixup game is so good.

so knockdown > stun. For at least the to examples set above.

If I am wrong about any of this, please proceed to tell me off… :tup: