Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

how to play against sagat turtle? i cant jk over their bodylevel fireballs and cant really get that close, tips?

Dash will go under the high Tiger Shots, Taunt 9 goes over the low (not sure about high). EX JK will punish him if he is holding down back, U1 will take him out if he is spamming TS. Walk foward block, iAJK, Focus absorb.


Adon’s dash can duck under his high tiger shots and his HK.

And his Tiger Knees.

No crap. Time to test…

I’ve dashed under so many awkward things

Vegas cosmic heel and piece of mercury
Juris overhead
Blankas Ultra 1

blanka’s ultra1? now this I have to see for myself!

you can dash under the hop of blanks ultra 1

I would only recommend doing it if you have the balls to do it haha.

I have something to try on xbox live now xp

i played juicebox last night. we played 15 games and i only won twice lol. i didnt know the match until i played him. i learned alot about the match, but hes just too good.
not like it matters but what would you guys rate this match?

My completely inexperienced eyes say 5-5 maybe slight advantage abel but i dont think so.

Unless he gets you with the TT mixup… It shouldn’t be terrible for Adon. Once you get in and harass, Abel doesn’t really have many defensive options.

Lately I’ve been messing around with & j.fp for aa to create mixups off the reset. He has dash under stuff after the lk & I think a follow up j.fp after the aa j.fp is a safe jump. I could be wrong so dont quote. Also forward throw dash forward safe j.fp. I know that one is a safe jump just hold uf while he’s dashing.

I would like to know what’s a good way to bait wake up srk and such.

God, sometimes I just wonder. What goes through someones head when they get caught with a Jaguar Revolver on a fireball punish? So easy to just not throw a fireball sometimes, specially a red fieball from akuma. That shit takes so long on start up, just screams “hey, free ultra time”.

I caught a Seth doing far st. high punch. I was expecting a fireball, and I saw the arms go down and said with in like a split second my mind was like “…revolver time”. Full Ultra meter, so pretty much Seth was done. like 65% of his life. Nothing Seth can do from far is safe from Ultra 1. You can punish jump back fierce and far standing fierce.

anyone have any DeeJay tips at all? I swear it is the most annoying match up once he has like 2 bars of EX

I’m having a little trouble with this matchup too; seems like one key is punishing fireballs to the fullest extent. Another matchup where you have to capitalize on every knockdown. Further insight would be much appreciated.

edit: I’ve been having alot of success baiting dread kicks off his wake up too.

I went into the lab earlier today. Only real quick. One problem I had was the few DeeJays ive fought like to do lk. sobat kicks (the horizontal ones) up close to beat a normal or a throw. If they do any of the 3, on block, all 3 of his kicks can be punished with a QUICK well timed cr. mp -> lk. rising jaguar. That is if your point blank. If you’re a little farther, maybe a just a lk. RJ will hit. I’ll be doing more testing tomorrow.

Whats a good way to bait his dread kicks? fucking EX dread kicks are a fucking NIGHTMARE.

I’m looking thru Dee Jay’s move list and I don’t see a move call “dread kicks” but from what I can tell, you guys are talking about his anti air special (down, up kick) aka Jack knife? If it is then you can bait it out by doing safe jumps since normal versions come out at 6 frame and ex comes out in 4.

safe jump

hey guys so ive been trying safe jumps and its not completely right…but check it out.

so the setup is…forward throw…walk back 1 step…then walk 2 steps and jump mk. i do this on Ryu doing all dps…including ex(i think)…and its blocked on wake up.

now heres the part where its not completey right…if they dont do anything they get hit but if they simply just hold back and block…the jmk whiffs. i guess its useful as a bait.

any thoughts??

That’s, like, the opposite of what should happen.