Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

What you want to look for is when they begin to fall, whether or not they touch the wall. You can actually be pretty far from the corner and still do this. As long as they touch that wall as they start to drop, they aren’t moving backward anymore, and should be in U2 range.

Thanks guys

What ultra do you use vs Blanka?

Ultra 1

Ultra one because at around 4:34 of this vid you can see him pushing blanka’s roll.

^ What is that, I don’t even

Anyway, I did some testing on Blanka. Ultra 1 is correct for Blanka’s Blanka ball, horizontal roll, flying X-Man reject, whatever the fuck it’s called. Don’t reversal it, wait for that sweet spot where he hangs in the air for just a brief moment. Do it any earlier and you get the incomplete 180-damage U1. Do it later and you get blocked and punished.

With Blanka I jus don’t even bother using U1 anymore. It’s not hard to bait blanka balls and the likes and I’m pretty sure you can ex jaguar kick blanka ball on block and follow up with U2.

Also, I’m sure this is pretty obvious but don’t use U1 against guile. You can really only punish ex sonic boom and the reaction you have to have is beyond fast.

Chun-Li: you can’t bait EX sbk with a late air jaguar kick so instead to a safe jump or safe jump OS. It’s pretty easy to react to her fireballs with both EX JK and U1. This match is pretty even. Neither can really jump in safely and you can IAJK her fireballs so unless the Chun player has a better footsie game than you, it shouldn’t be rape.

Bison: I’ve realized tht you can counterpoke his standing RH with your and that’s huge. After a couple he’ll start getting antsy and want to jump in. You can Option Select his teleport with light Jaguar Kick. Blocked Psycho crushers are a free U1 except I use U2 for this match because I feel it is more versatile.

Dhalsim: you can DP when he goes for the cross up teleport. You can OS his run away teleports with light jaguar kick as well. Metagame for this matchup from my experience is waiting for him to make a mistake. Don’t fall into his full screen poking game cause it will frustrate you.

Dudley: Standing fierce punch. Enough said.

Viper: she can punish your jaguar kick game nasty with fierce thunder knucle, ex seismo and ultra so… Safe jump her. F.Thunder knuckle is annoying.

Seth: punish standing fierce punch, late jumping fierce punch, teleport and whiffed SPDs with U1. OS him with safe jumps all day.

Ibuki: you can do anything about her kunai vortex so stop pressing buttons and block. Just counterpoke her and be weary of knockdowns.

Cody: use Ultra 1 because in my opinion, they will try to EX rocks you for a hit confirmed ultra 2.

apparently sakuras god cr. hp can beat a medium jaguar kick, but instant air jaguar kick can beat it. I got caught a few times trying to jaguar kick and i’d eat or trade with cr. hp.

fucking sakura…hate that ridiculous cr. hp

Okay…not to be a pain or anything, but can anyone be courteous to reinerate the best anti-air options for Adon? I really don’t want to post a new thread. I have practiced several different options, but for starters they seem to all have to be spaced in some way to function and the anti-airs that I have been informed of from friends or the strategy guide often get crossed up.

Obviously HK RJ should be your first option for AA. His s.fp, and even are excellent in certain situations. A lot of his jumping normals are good for anticipating jump-ins (nj.FP, nj.rh j.fp). In all honesty, if you can DP, DP. It’s pretty much his best option in terms of AA in most situations

I’m still trying to figure out hk.RJ and when I should and shouldn’t use it. I’m getting stuffed by Ryu/Kens and Bisons often - others as well but these are the major culprits, usually when they are jumping in from a relatively close distance and kicking just before or immediately after the apogee of their jump. I assume I need to wait a few more frames before doing the move, that they are just hitting me after my invincibility ends. I’ve taken to dashing into such jumps. Ultimately I think it is exacerbated by playing online.

Mp, mk, hk/ex RJ are all good anti airs depending on distance and timing. I use mk a lot because sometimes RJ is just so wonky as to when it wants to hit, and I hate to blow meter on Anti airing.
Forward or back dash are awesome options as well. Forward dash is great for crossups. ,
Focus Attack is a matchup depending option because you will fall prey to Ken/Ryu jumpin,, fireball. because Adon’s FA will sometimes completely whiff over the
Neutral jumping is a great option as well even against shotos because of the insane hitbox on isn’t too bad either as you can link it to air jaguar and combo. But these work well against opponents jumping from far back, but you have to watch for the option select SRK from some characters.
Lastly is a great option with lots of priority because of its hitbox. You can win the jumpin battle even if you jump far after they’ve already jumped. I use a lot for the counter jumpin because it allow me not only to defeat their jumping but it makes me the aggressor. as opposed to resetting by using a more common anti air. If you time it right you can use to counter then forward dash under them before they hit the ground for nice damage.


I can concur that the forward dash seemed to work really well for me when I was versing a sakura player last night. Need to practice that more I admit. Another thing that I have to agree with is RJ. Sometimes I land the bastard and other times I am punished for even trying. I will practice it more in training mode to see if my timing is off.

I’ve always had problems with good Sakura’s.

  • c.hp and j.hp give Adon trouble, and she can pretty much jump in for free.
  • her is faster than Adon’s, but Adon’s s.hp might be able to out do that, I haven’t tried yet.
  • a missed jaguar kick means free Shouken.

you know i didnt agree with the sakura being a pain in the ass thing until i went and looked at my Ranked win percentage vs her. Its in the low 30%…lol. Down there with Honda, balrog, and Chun. Interesting stuff. So I went and looked at this matchup deeper and I’ve noticed that her tools really do seem to offset Adon’s speed and agility. her for instance really does shut down all space and her resets and combos all seem to happen so fast that you blink and next thing you know you’re being ex. tatsu’d to ultra off of a simple whiffed attacked. I really do feel like this is a 6-4, 7-3 matchup against Adon because unlike vs. most characters Adon really needs to play perfect to win. It feels like 1 mistake= loss.
I also want to throw Gen up there for honorable mention for a terrible matchup, he seems to have the same type of feel vs Adon.

My gameplan has changed to a controlled chaos rushdown vs these two guys. but its definitely something thats going to be a ongoing project


Like you said, if your being hit out of your RJ, your not landing it deep enough (your doing too early, so the invincible frames wear off by the time your hit box comes into contact with your opponents, and it’s able to be stuffed) I think dashing under should be a good option against Shotos who like to approach Adon with air tatsu. Of course, stuffs air tatsu’s for free as far as Ryu goes, i’m just not too sure as far as Ken’s EX tatsu and Akumas tatsu. Also, when dealing with Sakura cr.fp, you pretty much have to treat it like Guiles or balrogs cr.fp and bait that shit out. change up the timing on your iAJK to throw them off, always come at them from different angles so they’re never sure when to press the fierce. Sakura’s footsies are awful, you shouldn’t be getting out footsied by her. st. jab,, and cr.jab all seem like good options against her. AA’ing her seems to be pretty difficult. Her jump angle is a bit weird and her j.fp/j.rh are high priority and have a very good hitbox to stuff pretty much all of adons AA normals. I think you’d best stick to just DP’ing her, make her respect Adons uppercut and hopefully she won’t be feeling to froggy after a few knees to the chin

EDIT: If your stuck in the Sakura mixup, is it a viable option to EX JK out?

thanks all for the anti-air help. been testing out the AA options and found the info useful. BTW I found MK and FP to be quite useful. And yes, my spacing with the FK RJ was off. Still need to practice it against Sakura though. I found that MK JK worked descently in training mode. Once again though, I need to work on the spacing but it was effective. What do you guys think about MK JK as an AA option?

i dont like mk jk because if you use it half a second late you’ll get hit. you really have to use it really early. and if you are being safe jumped mk jk sucks on block. But if you feel comfy with it then by all means go for it. IF you’re sitting around in practice mode try using air to air options like j. mk. it has a bigger window for error plus you can dash under them while they’re on the way down to set up mk, RJ FADC ultra reset options. I’ve been using that bad boy alot today.


thanks style…I will definately try that trick out.

I’m not sure how much I like MK RJ. I don’t believe it has as much invincibilty as the HK version, and not to mention the angle of it is mehhhhh HK RJ, has a similar angle to the Ryu DP. But like you said, MK and LK RJ are good if you can anticipate they’re jump-in very early, although I’m not sure how much success you would find against characters with high jump arcs i.e Vega, Bison ect.