Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

Thats why you have to do the ultra really early if you are doing it as an AA

no she’ll use straight up jump HK for a Anti Air. And her jumping HP beats out everything ive tired

well you shouldnt be randomly jumping in on her in the first place. then you arent timing your anti air rising jaguar correctly.

Tried that first. It’s too slow and gets beaten

I found that s.fierce as a frame trap seems to work best after a cross up you know will be blocked. Using it as a followup to c.jab only beats the latest possible OS throw tech…I haven’t tried using it after c.short but I can’t imagine the extra frame of advantage given by the c.short will help too much.

i have some trouble against rose. Any tips here?

Edit: Sorry if it’s a long read. Tried to categorize it somewhat for easier reference.

Long range options (AKA get to mid range):
-Walk, block vs fireballs
-FA > backdash vs fireballs
-n.Jump > LK AJK vs fireballs
-HK JT is not recommended. LP Soul Spark moves very slowly and you’ll likely just crash into it. By proxy, other versions of JT aren’t recommened since their main use is to mix-up with HK JT.

Mid range options:
-Rose’s strength lies in her footsies. Generally, you’d use MK JK to counter-footsie, but a well-timed slide goes under it. So ideally, you want to stay slightly outside of her slide range and do either an HK JK or LK AIJK in place (safer). Neutral Jump tactics also work as long as you stay unpredictable.
-Far HK and Far HP get stuffed by slide. When it comes to pokes, your best bet is c.MP and s.MP (fast and uncrouchable).
-FA vs slide is not viable. Adon is cursed with an elevated hitbox during his FA, so Rose can make it whiff completely by just sliding. You might be able to catch her during her recovery, but a well-spaced slide usually has almost no recovery and you’ll just get grabbed out or something. Save FA for projectiles if you just want to close the space.
-Jumping isn’t a terrible option, but Rose has enough AAs to keep you away (c.HP, EX Soul Throw, U2).
-VS fireballs: MK/EX JK, HK AIJK, U1.

Close range options (AKA guess right!):
-c.LP, block is the obligatory reversal bait.
-c.LP xx HK JK will beat out grab mashers. It will also beat out people who slide expecting an MK JK.
-c.LP, close s.HP beats crouch-tech.
-c.LP, forward jump sets up and ambiguous cross-up, but most importantly it’s your most reliable backdash punish (or will at least keep the pressure up). Use conservatively, since people who are paying attention will likely AA you or jump back HP.
-c.LP, grab when the opponent is scared to do anything but block.

Other notes:
-Recommended ultra: Jaguar Avalanche. Her slide is more troublesome than fireballs, and her fireballs aren’t that great to begin with.
-Like with any character, try to bait out her U2 and block.
-EX Soul Spiral is -6 on block. IMO, the most reliable punish would be c.LP xx LK RJ (at c.LP range), then go for a safe jump. Anything farther and you’ll have to do either EX RJ or c.MP xx LK RJ.
-Try to safe jump her while she’s down or go for an ambiguous cross-up after back throw. (careful when she has U2 though)
-Once she starts pressuring with slide > c.MP it becomes a guessing game. If it ever gets to that, your safest option is to reset the spacing with backdash or wait out her pressure. EX RJ when you have no patience left! :grrr:

great read eddosan! I especially like the last bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! I’ll keep that in mind.

Just want to add a pair of matchup write-ups partially for reinforcing it in my own memory and partially to just add whatever of this is valid into the overall pool of info.

Adon vs. Dee Jay

If you were playing this for the first time against a decent Dee Jay it would likely seem to be in Dee Jay’s favor. As long as DJ continues to back off, going for jaguar kicks will just get beaten clean on reaction with slide and so will all of it’s aerial variations (jumping over a Max Out too early and doing a hk aerial jag for instance will earn you a nice sweep as well). Some greater analysis will show that it is relatively even or maybe even slightly in Adon’s favor. It’s all about having a patient strategy for getting in and using all of your options once relatively close to keep him guessing (and he will be doing a more and more of it the closer Adon gets inside).

I would say the general key to getting around Dee Jay’s Max out game is to try and use your walk speed to vary which zone you are in and use all of your options to try and get him to commit to being in a position you can exploit. These options include pretending your trying to get closer, then suddenly walking away to a farther distance and neutral jumping over/instant aerial jag kicking over at a distance he can’t punish, focusing up a little closer, or backdashing away intentionally, and walk forward > block. His punish options basically include sliding any poorly spaced jabs, Upkicking jump-ins and or jumping back roundhouse after obvious baits. Think of where he needs to be standing to use any of those punishes and be slippery by staying just out of punishing reach. Remember that even though he has an easier time stopping Jags than most characters, your still the one who can put a giant hitbox out in front of your character, not him. Try to make him feel that his efforts to try and get free damage off of zoning are futile and that it’s a matter of time before you are in. Because you are the one with the jaguar kick, the more time spent tap dancing around is more time that will likely be spent by Dee Jay doing one of two things: 1. slowly walking himself into the corner or 2. Trying to be sneaky about when he leaves his charge so he can put himself in a position where he can stop you from tap dancing over everything he does.

If one happens, congratulations, now you can try and predict this, and walk forward in-sync with his forward movement/bid for positioning or jaguar kicking any hesitation on his part to followup with whatever he wanted to do. Since Adon is now in a better position and Dee Jay lost his charge, it will be pretty difficult for him to contend with jags, which is exactly what Adon wants. One perfectly spaced jag and you are basically in as every adon player knows. Once he’s at the defensive end of a perfectly spaced jag he does have some unique options. If he was able to block it then he can do his little short hop kick thing and knock you out of a followup, if he has charge, then he may be able to beat it with EX Sobat. Since he’s waiting to react then it becomes obvious what to do in this situation; you use this opportunity to inch forward and harass him with pokes, twitching and going for an HK jag a little later then he expected (especially useful in the corner) and ocassionally walk up throw (this is your last option, most of the time should be spent trying to play with his reactions before going to this option). C. Strong > S. Fierce is a pretty good poke sequence here, since c.strong is positive on block and s.fierce will stuff a short hop attempt (and may beat a few of his normals as well). Showing focus here once in a while isn’t too bad if you do it at the right time, because then you can get him to start thinking “Sobat” and you can get over those eassily with preemptive HK Jag.

The wakeup games applied here are a little weaker for both charaters then they normally are. Adon’s fast wakeup makes starting Dee Jay’s crossups a little harder for him, but of course Dee Jay also can’t really be crossed up so he will have to play chicken on Dee Jay’s wakeup as well. I did a s.fierce with late OS tech timing on Dee Jay’s wakeup a few times and it beat reversal MGU clean, but I didn’t get it to work everytime, so some training might be needed to get the magic timing. Adon’s best bet is still to get Dee Jay in the corner where he can force him to guess and be annoying at the same time.

5/5_5.5/4.5 Adon.

If this information is helpful I will write up on Sakura a little later.

any advice on the gen and feilong matchups especially gen and his annoying jump ins into the 1 hundred finger poke move is that even punishable?

So for all the people who have played AE, whats the general opinion of him now? Its sounded like he got upgraded in almost every way possible.

wow is the adon thread even active anymore im guessing everyone is busy?

ive been busy with coursework so havent been on much, but your right these forums seem dead. I havent got much to contribute however, so perhaps others dont also?

Blame Marvel.

the adon forums have been slow way b4 mvc3

But not as slow as the T.Hawk forum! :wonder:

well in an attempt to raise this thread from the dead, any thoughts on how to combat heavy kick happy Akumas ? the move has seemingly no recovery, cannot be focus countered easily and seems to beat out every poke or jaguar kick. What makes it worse is that it comes out so fast and can be combo’d from. The only thing that seems to work fairly well for me is an almost psychic hk jk, or by neutral jumping at just the right time.

My other issues is that I always seem to lose to akuma air to air. The only time this isnt the case is when they go for an air hado and I catch them with an ex jag kick.
I understand much of my problem is my spacing and that if I work on it I may be more successful but backdashing also seems fail against the kick. Thanks in advance guys :smiley:

Hmmm. My win rate against Akuma is just shy of 71% and the only types that give me trouble are those that are really on point with fireball zoning. If he is abusing the double roundhouse it comes down to prediction and spacing. Use meter to blow through it with EX Rising Jaguar and there is no shame in mashing Ultra if he is pressuring you with the damn thing.

Against akumas far HK, I just try not to be to close to him and neutral jump A LOT! If they are HK friendly u WILL hit them with neutral HK, then into combo of ur choice ( I just do, lk rj ). Try mixing the neutral jump with an air jk also.