Adon Strategy and Match-up Thread

I haven’t read through the entire thread yet so if this has been mentioned my apologies

we can use neutral jump mk as an IO after a jump in attack then comboed into the air JK which is stated
but neutral hk is also an IO after a jump in and I find it a lot easier to connect with only downside you can’t
combo to the air JK kick
I think this is valuable because the IO air JK combo doesn’t work on the whole cast so on those who it doesn’t
this would be a nice alternative for mix ups

Its a great way to end block strings to for some chip damage and to push the guy toward the corner.


What is an “IO”?

Instant overhead

I tried this against different characters. Usually, on mid-short characters, you can do EX JT > Avalanche mid screen. The catch is, you have to delay the EX JT for a split second after FA2 > backdash. Why is this? Well, by then, most mid-short characters are on their knees, allowing you to cross them up with EX JT, and yielding a much better juggle state than regular EX JT.

Landing Avalanche after this is also a bit tricky. Since you crossed them up momentarily, but they end up in front of you, the correct motion for UC2 would be qcb,qcf+KKK.

If anybody finds a way to do this on large characters, let us know. We need all we can get against grapplers and their reversal SPD shenanigans.

Well…I just tested this on Gief. This is what I did.

FA2>Foward Dash>mk JT> Avalanche…

Worked for me. I’ll make a video of it really quick. I’ll test it on T.Hawk too.


FA2>Backdash>hk JT (Crossover)>U2


So, I learned something about the Cody match up after playing Chris Hsu and Emp Kreymore. I also play at ranbats with this guy who has an extremely good 1st week cody. Annnyway

I was doing meaty st. hp on cody’s wake up and that seems to kind of shut him down. I’m not sure, but it is definitely something to look into. It seemed to take him out of all reversal attempts. Sadly, I wasn’t expecting this to work, so I didn’t get the follow up the first few times. lol.

Baited out a few ultras with lk. jag tooth.

6 mp seems to beat out anything you could ever want to do in the air. T_T

St. mk is beautiful to just throw out in this match and I was using cr. lk, cr. lp,, st. hk for a block string and snagging the counter hit st. hk a lot. I think this should be an overall strategy against most of the cast. Sometimes interchanging the st. hk with st. mk will snipe them out if they’re jumping away.

I think that jumping is a bad idea in this match and should only be used as meaty after a solid knock down. After a knockdown doing neautral jumping hk. is a really good pressure tool, but don’t over do this. I like meaty j. lk for cross ups in this match, seems to get more results.

cross up j. mk, stationary j. mk xx jk was doing okay and seems to be an overall decent mix up for week one stuff, however I believe once people learn adon the overall usefulness of this will be in void. This actually isn’t even that great! So, don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying it’s solid, just an okay mixup for this earlyin the game. Any opinions?

Has anyone been using ia jk to bait out reversals and throw attempts? It has been working really good for me and I’d like others to test it to let me know what they think. The way I’ve been setting this up is mostly off his backthrow. I don’t know, I just think it is worth looking into

Ive recently found success by abusing adons fast jump, not many players know what to do when i keep spamming his lk crossup, I keep doing it when they block it and then decide to throw at random times, if i think they are gonna try and tech, i do a surprise RJ (very risky), if i think they’ll mash srk, i’ll just stop jumping and block giving me a free hit (or ultra), I know most ppl will catch on pretty quick to this strategy but for now it seems to work, especially on charge characters, its very similar to gen’s jump spam, what do u guys think?

Nice find!

I kinda ditched that setup when I started learning about other stuff like IAJK. The way nj.MK is so range dependent turned me off. And does it actually hit crouchers? Either way, it’s probably good for baiting throws (only problem is crouch-techers).

I want to test this out so badly. Mixups like,, throw /, IAJK would definitely establish Adon as an offensive powerhouse. Can’t wait to use it at my local tourney this Saturday.


St. hp is still good against cody, but today I was testing it and ex zonk will beat it clean. However, that’s all he has. Also, ia jk destroys the slides, it even trades with the hk version of them.

Doing some other testing with the ia jk. Completely demolishes throws attempts. Very good tool. However, I haven’t been able to get in depth enough with crouch teching. Will update after playing tonight. Hopefully have some match videos up from the other day.

However, eddosan, I do believe that your mixup seems to be all around pretty solid… arrgh more testing tonight O.o

Picture this for the throw punisher…

ia jk, cr. mk xx super for like 400 damage!

orrr sweep for the untechable

Also after getting a untechable knockdown you can do a ia jk and if they attempt to reversal on their wake up you will be safe and get a free punish. niice.

^ hey greglife what input do you use for the ia jk. im having some trouble with it. and you seem to be postin stuff alot it left and right.

I basically do it the same as cammy, but delay it just a second so adon has time to leave the ground. So, basically…

down, down back, back, up back, up, up forward


down, down back, back, up forward

2367 for the easy input and 236987 for the more accurate notation if you look at your num pad. You just had to make sure to give him time to leave the ground, that is the main reason I’ve been messing up on it.

I still haven’t got my execution down to 100 % yet, but when i get the set up down it seems to usually work or at least set up some good pressure. I will hopefully have some matches of me just testing stuff out up tomorrow or the next day once I find the charger for my camera. Will also make a tutorial vid for anyone wanting to learn.

Any advice on the Deejay matchup?

The dude zones me out completely and even when I remotely consider being in the air, he just rapes me with that kick special.
It’s like Guile only with an anti-Adon special :frowning:

Honestly, I’m trying to find a good use for Jaguar kick. I don’t use it except to get over fireballs, other than that it’s useless. It always gets beat by everything else. And looking at the pros play the game they don’t use it at all.

I’ve played against other adons who did nothing more than spammed the move, it’s easily punishable. It doesn’t seem like the mindgamez move people have been putting it off to be. I think the mindgames stop when people know the match up.

Also, I’m seeing some people do an air attack into his instant air jaguar kick, is that possible? Or are they air attacking, landing then jaguar kicking my eyes always seem to fail me.

The JK (short) is really good for advancing on those trying to run away. Good punisher for people like Blanka or E. Honda after their roll/headbutt.

As you already know JK (med) is good for getting around fireballs with the proper spacing. Knowing that, fireballers who throw one less than full screen away will probably be caught in your JK if the timing is right. I cant recall properly right now but I may have also stopped a tatsu (hurricane kick) with JK (med) or JK (short) need to test again though to confirm.

JK (fierce) is good for those agressive players like guy. I honestly can say though I dont use this one agressively though since its doesnt move me forward much but it does have some antiair properties.

I usually trick people using JK’s though since chances are they are going to be waiting to punish. JK (FK-MK-FK-SK) or someother combination like that to throw them off although this is usually like during the last moments of the match when I want to bait them into taking some action…

Okay, so the whole concept behind the jag kicks are like this, use the ia jag kicks for pressure after block strings for the safest option, plus if it hits you follow up with a sweep, cr. lk xx rising jag, or mk xx super. If the player is smart he will finally start focus attacking them and that’s when you start using the ground versions to break their fa. The reason I think the ia jag kicks are better is because you can actually follow up with something after it. Your opponent will start feeling real safe about blocking them low and that’s when you can hit them with an ex version.

What I’ve been doing is…

cr. lk, cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mp, st. hk

cr. lk, cr. lk, cr. mp throw

That’s the blockstring and tick throw set up that I usually use, and they will run into the st. hk and start trying to counter poke me. This is when it gets fun.

cr. lk, cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mp. PAUSE. ia jag kick

The ia jag kick will go over their counter poke and you get a free combo when it hits. If they go for the throw tech your ia jag kicks eats it. However, crouch techers will just block low, but you can smack them with an ex ground jag kick for a solid knockdown.

Also, use the hard kick ground jag kick to bait out reversal attempts, I haven’t started doing this yet, because I’ve been working on the other set ups, but I’m sure this will be pretty good for people that want to reversal your jag kicks. So, I’m thinking something like this… You do the block string of your choice and after you have them thinking you’re going to ia jag kick after it, just take a step back and do the hk ground jag kick. This will hopefully bait out their reversal and give you a free chance to punish.

I’m not saying any of this is set in stone or I know adon better than the next guy, I just think these are the smartest ways of using all the jag kicks. I don’t really think lk ground jag kick and mk ground jag kick have that many uses, but to each his own. Just make sure to always mix this stuff up and play it real safe and smart. As long as you’re doing it safe Adon has a really strong pressure game. My execution is still a little sloppy, but I’m already getting results from using the kicks like this.

Sorry for the double post, please don’t ignore my last one, it’s got some important stuff in there.


Blanka slide is punishable on block from max range with hp super.
Blanka slide is punishable on block if it is anywhere out of max range with a cr. mk.
Blocked up ball is punishable on block with hp super.

I would also like to add that cr. mk in general is amazing in the blanka match. Interchanging between jabs to keep him honest on blanka balls and at mid range mk to stop hops shenanigans

Turtles!!! all day yesterday was national turtle day i guess… ive been using neutral m.kick lk,lp,lk rj if the lk hits and i can combo from there…
but my problem is the constant turtle what to do? throw? any help thanks guys… m.jk has knocked down quite a few hurricane kicks to my surprise…

I actually don’t have that much trouble with turtles
if you’re doing your block strings
mix it up with a throw some where in there (I throw a lot)
hk.JT gets you in, I like to but risky link to c.lp then for the over head
also not confirmed yet but you maybe able to jump in deep and IO them assuming they think you’ll try to attack low
but I’m not 100% sure if the IO will hit the crouching opponents I’ll try this out later on today and post back if no one else does

throwing should already be a big part of your game. If they’re turtling on you, push them to the corner, from there start to throw out your c. lp, c. lp combo, stop at the second jab, walk forward a half second, and throw.Alternatively, after the second jab, jump in at them with an ambiguous crossup with j. mk. If you jump straight from your jab position, you will land in front of them. Taking a half step forward and jumping with j. mk will cross them up. If the cross up hits, proceed into the bnb rj combo. If they block the cross up, throw them. Same for the forward jump, if they block, throw, if it connects, hit 'em! Last option off of corner turtling is ex JK. This requires spacing, so if you want to use this option, starting using block strings so they get used to the idea of low blocking. From there, use c. lp, c.lp, c. mp, S. lk xx ex JK. This nets you an untechable knockdown and wake up games on your opponent. If they’re resistant to ALL of this, then your best option is to retreat and try to bait and punish.