Adon tricks: Fishing with the right bait

i think we need this thread to discuss how to use his special moves(JT,RJ,JK) to bait people and so far this is what i can think of…

-using jaguar tooth to bait shoryukens or any other anti air move to punish
-using different ranges of his jaguar kicks to throw off your opponents sense of distance
-neutral jumping when the opponent is waking up then going behind them with aerial jaguar kick for a possibly whiffed move and punish.

i need help guys, any other ways to use these moves?

Well, when more of us have played the game, it’ll be easier to answer. Personally, I think JT has a lot of utility, not the least of which is an escape strategy.

Baiting won’t be effective without support from your normals. Jumping mp, jumping mk, basically your normal jump-ins and cross-ups and fake cross-ups are what people are going to expect. That’s what they’re used to. It’s going to come down to tricking people by using JK to change your jump arc, but still representing the usual dangerous jump-ins. When people start trying to counter in anticipation, that’s when the baiting starts. If they’re afraid to do anything because they have no idea what you’re going to do, Adon’s got a great crossover and overhead.

I have like a PhD in theory fighter.

I see that even the well of lame thread names has run dry.

Jaguar Tooth baits with Jaguar Sleepover punish will surely be popular. Online, at least. Too many Ryu’s who’ll be loving that plasma who’d want to chuck some Adon’s way after a Jaguar Tooth or such. If they don’t then hey!, free meter building until they come in close. Should they ever throw a fireball, they eat Ultra.

i found out that using by using EX Jaguar kick in the corner, i had an easier time crossing up people with it, especially the bigger hit box characters, good for catching people off guard. ex jaguar tooth is harder to cross up with the more specific distance and position.