Adon Tutorial



I’m making a tutorial for some fun and to get use to my new software package! what are you guys wanting to see in it?


Personally, I’d like to see 2 things mainly:
-Attacking mixups inside with crossups, frame traps, neutral jump snenanigans, etc. Basically rush down strategy.
-Using Jag kicks to maximum effect, both on ground and in the air.


This will be easily done! Am a complete rush down adon, i’ll do this request first


Excellent! If you look at my last post in the strategy + matchups thread, you’ll see Ive got some idea on the mixup options, but really want to improve that and learn some more tricks. As for the jag kick stuff, I’m really sucking with that lol


jag kick ‘block strings’ are essentially frame traps buddy, they are dp mashable but if use correctly you can scare the oppenent into what ever you want, a need to upload more videos to my channel, as the videos a have up the now are quite scrubby, the past 2 months my adon has improved dramatically

all get a tutorial for what i believe jag kick pressure is


Awesome, cant wait to see :slight_smile: Rush down Adon is too fun



sorry ive not got this done but ive been busy building a website for college, heres something i made to day that i thought would impress


are you still working one the tutorial. the cross up is good, but i want to see more. thanks.


yeah still got more bud, just takes alot of time for me the now cos, college is coming down hard, tryingto build websites and flash games, but its gettin there, a keep posting little things up to keep people interested, if anyone is


i think theres no point in me doing this tutorial as i have read that zoro blad is planning on doing one but if anyone is interested in some of the stuff i got, a will be happy to upload them after some editing


i’d be interested in anything you have.
if you were on 360 id add you and play some games, but ill just have to have tutorials only :stuck_out_tongue:


I think any contribution is a good contribution as long as it will help the community which from the looks ofthat video, you might know some stuff the rest of us don’t. Who cares who is doing another tutorial, the more content that is out there for our character, there better for us all:)

now, is that only on crouching characters? And is that light jaguar kick? Can it be done anywhere on the screen?


all the set ups i have are for crouchers but recentley, i walked upto a crouching guile and done cls.hp to hjk and it hit him but i ended up the other side so a duno what happened. all mash up n edit some of the adon movie am working n just finish it


Well I found that setup a while ago against Sagat but I found it a little impractical since you cant really follow up with anything useful besides a neutral game.


theres some fake cross up set ups that come in handy since mk jk is neutral frames on block(i think) so if the oppenent doesnt react to you beeing on the other side fast enough you practically have a free combo. what set ups you found for cross up jag kicks?



get hype? ahah
just a draft intro, give your ideas?


um cool, but I dont really care for fancy stuff :wink: I did like it though


The format of these boards suck a little. I don’t blame anyone here but crossup jaguar kicks have been known soon after the game came out. There really should be a condensed knowledge thread. I’d make it but frankly, because I don’t go to tourneys that often I don’t feel I should, also because I fucked up at the only international one I went (Stunfest), but that was with a two week old adon haha. In the end, maybe I will because the info is spread everywhere and it’s impossible to be informed. And there’s A LOT of false info also, hell even I posted some poorly tested stuff. If I write a quick guide it will contain pretty broad and up to date data. It might be a little poorly worded too because I’m not a native speaker. And you could use it to add stuff to your video guide. If anyone is interested tell me.

Factoid about crossup JK:
It is character dependent, I won’t say different on every character but close, because hitboxes in this game are all over the place, doesn’t work on all
Only works on crouch
The needed string changes depending if they’re blocking or not
Yes, It’s a true crossup, you have to block the opposite direction (just stating that as there have been a couple debates about this)
There is a couple situations where you can crossup some standing characters with EX JK in the corner, but I haven’t ressearched that much. Could be useful, I have no clue.
IIRC you are at -2 after a MK JK, block or hit (punishable by SPD even on hit), LK JK is -2 on block and worse on hit (punishable by shoto DPs on block) so mashing afterwards is a bad idea, due to the surprise factor after you pull a crossup JK I suggest going for a DP, at least the first time. If it’s a good player he will learn he can just stand up to nullify the crossup.

I don’t use it because the vast character specific ness puts me off, but I think it could be useful on a couple characters after a blocked crossup, sure. There’s a lot of memorisation to do though (how many light’s before the, what version of JK to use, both these things change depending on character) I also say after crossup because that’s one of the only ways to be really sure what range you are at.


I am mega excited to see how this turns out. Sick intro


am mega excited to see how this too!