Adon unblockable



i was testing with adon and get mad
because he doesn had one unblockable setup like most
high ofensive players in the game…
so testing, testing, testing, i found one… i guess??? hmmmm
man can this be posible?
the great jaguar to have one unblockhable?

ok here’s the setup,

back throw, jump mk crossup inmediatelly jump mk cancelled
into ex air jaguar kick, crossup with jump hp…

the ex air jk had to hit twice for the unblockable to work…
no need to say that if the two hit of the ex air jk connect there’s no
need to make and unblockable… XD

or just simply back throw get near, instant mk, the lowest posible
cancelled into ex air jk and go for the crossup hp
no matter the way they block the hp will hit…
and wait if they try to reversal me on jump mk??
for sure you know they will wiff because you jumping on point blank range…
this work on every body except blanka… couldn’t get the ex air jk to conect both
hits, by the way i’m a pad player.

my two cents from dominican republic.
carlosbono from DPGL - dominican pro gaming league


could you upload a vid of this? i dont really understand how you do this :wink:


you could test it it really work, i’m gonna try to upload
a video if could find a friend to try it, it’s kinda hard to do
it on the cpu because he needs to block all the hits, so
if you put the cpu to block all you will end up always getting
the jumping angled hp to crossup, i have other unblockables
with him but with no likes to the post and no comments
i dont have a motivation to post them.


I can’t understand your first post – can you use the smilies?

Like :

Is that:
:b::lp::+::lk: , :ub::mk: ~ :u::mk: xx :qcb::2k: into ??


yes, sorry, my bad bro, i didn’t think ton that maybe because i never post here,
i have new information related to adon that if this is made public would end up ruining the game


… What?


did you have skype add me and i will show you

capcom would end up trying to put me behind bars for this :smiley:


I think there is a possibility with doing a cross up j.:mk: off of a back throw if you time it right, but that’s about it