Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



I see it in his facebook page the message was " I tried Adon this year , and get farest I can , it’s a little sad to see so many feilong and Yun in semi final , I gonna change character ! "

Other games against Latif : [media=youtube]RDXQ700qFTY[/media]

His Adon was so badass in the after hours, the matchs against Shiro, Air and Laugh are really goods.


Ah right, thanks for that man!
It is a shame, though with a balance coming in the fall of this year hopefully he will change his mind!


I find it funny Gamerbee said he was going to switch characters even thought he got put into losers by Alex Valle’s bison, not Fei or Yun. He did lose to the DR Fei Long, but that guy also beat Jwong pretty free and many others, also, its almost a guarantee at this point that Fei Long will be toned down some. Can’t really blame him for wanting to win.

Pool play match between jakob002 and Gamerbee.


Nice upload! As I said above I hope he changes his mind :smiley:
Or maybe he wasnt being serious? :stuck_out_tongue:


Again another matches :

Only Neo with Juri defeats him in FT3, I don’t fight enough goods Juri to say if the match-up could be really hard but he should really stay to Adon, when we see such matches it’s really sad he was eliminated so quickly and his Fei-Long is not really enjoyable to watch.


lol at the u2 shield


Thought I’d share some videos of an Adon I’m following on GFWL. Obviously the competition on PC isn’t as deep as XBL, but I still enjoy watching this guy play.






Hmm… so apparently Kanbara has been cracking the fuck out in arcades, and he’s #1 Adon in arcades now. Grandmaster.


Yes Kanbara is first now, here a video against Shiro, there is something strange about him, I don’t really understand why he jumps foward so much with the mp, hp has better priority and does more damage.

Finally a video of Shinchan the old first Adon in AE :

And -R- the famous Boxer who’s playing Adon

It’s me or the supposed top japaneses Adon player look insipid compared to GamerBee, -R- does nice combos but finish with crouch mp it’s almost useless except in the corner.


Jumping HP has a worse hitbox, longer startup (8 compared to 7), less active frames (5 vs 7), and less horizontal range.

Its also better to use it to beat Makoto doing j.hp anti airs.

There are still people out there that do j.rh and j.hp air to air, j.lp and are both better for that purpose.

it’s bad for close jumps but far away Adon doesn’t really have anything better.

I’m trying to incorporate into my game more because I default to j.hp sometimes when going air 2 air, and that is just a bad decision.


I have used for a while now. Its brilliant, easily Adons best air to air normal!

Imo Gamerbee’s Adon is a good bit better than anyone else’s, though that could be the fanboy in me :stuck_out_tongue:


jMP all the way baby!!!



More Adon matches on my channel below. Sub if you’d like.


hey dude, thanks for the uploads. I dont mean to sound disrespectful towards the players you recorded, but is it easier to get 4k pp on ps3? because some of those guys really did not seem all that great. Random srks, walk up grab (excessive amounts of grabbing), loads of JT’s… I even feel like im just as good as these guys and I cant hit 3k pp on xbl.


I’m on XBL and I’ve reached B rank with adon in less than 2 weeks of owning/playing sf and I still can’t do FADC’s in matchs yet. I have almost zero matchup knowledge and have spent no time in the lab. If you can reasonably read your opponent its not hard to do alright.


If this was in response to my post, BP is not PP. BP can be grinded really easy. PP can also be grinded but would take a very long time.
Either way, getting 4k PP the legit way is pretty hard on xbox imo, and looking at the standard of ‘top’ players on PSN they dont come close to the XBL standard.


Well if you have psn we can have some adon mirrors EvilSigh. =) There are also some realy good people on psn. But sometimes people dont take online seriously. I dont. I kinda just use whoever unless im playing against friends or really good people in endless. So my PP is really low but I did learn I am not good with hakan lol.


I wish I did have PSN, id love some games :(.
I dont doubt there are good players, and these guys probably are good, but it just doesnt seem to be of the same standard that ive seen from people on XBL.
I dont play ranked very often, im sitting at 1000pp 1000bp roughly.


well i just got an xbox. For the past year ive been trading in games and got enough for an xbox. just need to save up for a copy of ae or hope the price drops soon. lol and I need an arcade stick. But if you play marvel you can add me. its pretty much the only game I have on xbox right now.

my id is veiledhickory08. its one fo those dumb autogenerated tags. im waiting until I think of an awesome gamertag


GamerBee back to Adon after he saw the Yang nerfs