Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



dont have marvel but let me know when you have an xbox.

thanks for the vid Greg, did you happen to catch his other games against a Ken and a Vega yesterday? I watched them but only thought to save them earlier and cant find them again.

Saying that Gamerbee has been on a fair bit over the last few days he has jumped a good chunk of pp and bb. Personally I am getting annoyed that im only playing randomers online… played about 20 endless matches today, only about 7 were half decent matches :frowning:

edit: just thought id throw out “Chan Mame” (think thats right) been watching a few of his games and his Adon seems really good to me :smiley:


Nope, sorry. I just went online now and looked at all B rank Adon matches and only found a new match against hanada99 for GamerBee

If anyone has them saved then message me on XBL and I will upload them.


no worries dude, thanks for looking and thanks for uploading so much :smiley:






thanks again for the uploads dude. Glad to see Gamerbee is sticking to Adon. :slight_smile: or at least it seems that way!




thanks for uploading in the Adon forums :smiley:
For some reason I found that Sagat vs Adon match a bit slow, but thats how I think it should be!


Couple videos from ft5 ranking challenges. First one I went Bison first then Adon and the second one is vice versa.


Man it’s been ages since you’ve posted something. Where have you been?


I’ve been playing alot of other games, Kenka Bancho 5 specifically.


clearly needs more Riki-Oh!!! :smiley:


My match at WNF.

Me vs. Combo Jack

Match starts at about the 1hr 48 minute mark


Nice match Jon :slight_smile: I think combojack thought he had it in the bag after the first round.


i didn’t realize gamerbee beat poongko in a money match:


The same matchs with a better quality :

It’s was really difficult for GamerBee to win, I don’t think Seth is a good match-up for Adon, dp the dive kick can be really tense and I hate the tandem engine so much.


[SIZE=4][SSF4AE] 3on3 Tournament “7th O-TA Cup” @ Shinjuku Sportsland [TOP 4] [/SIZE]

Team “PE is hopeless” [Tiger Raid(Makoto), Shinochan (Oni), Shinchan (Adon)]
Team “Karimuki Boy” [Gacha Boy, Muki, Karisuma - all adon players]


It’s me or Gacha Boy really looks like a random Adon of xbl or psn, always jumping, no mix-up, random dp without cancel, missing most of his combo and he’s in the top 100, really surprising.

Too bad we don’t see Shinchan, I really like his Adon.


LOL @ gacha boy… Gacha also means mash hahha… random dp without cancel is the way to play adon from what ive seen most of the top adon players, i mean, you have to know when you can mash and all that but still, youre mashing lol.

but then, this is just a normal monthly tournament with no prizes or anything, people didnt play THAT seriously…


You will see shinchan in the grandfinals…

dont look if you care about not knowing the results


shinchan adon went first and OCV’d the abels team in the grandfinals… it was ugly. i was there (i entered the tournament, they supposed to record the whole thing but due to technical difficulties, only managed to record top 4 onwards)