Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



I enjoyed watching Gamerbee again :slight_smile:

I love that Oni in that 3v3





#804 Keno playing Adon from about 6minutes on a bit.


Gamerbee playing some casual games, using a bit of Ibuki as well. Lsy playing Bison on Gameout’s account I think as well. I haven’t had time to watch the entire video. Net is capped at the moment.



Thanks for the videos.

GamerBee doesn’t use close hp as a frame trap but the close mk, it’s still risky to link a crouch mp after this, especially online, I should try to learn the timing and use this in match to see if it’s really usefull, the goal is to hit counter I know then it will not be just frame.

I don’t really think the close mk is really better than close hp, 2 frames faster but harder to link and the rj hits only once most of the time I guess after a crouch mp.

What the hell he did against the Sagat, so many random dp :frowning:



You always try to bait n punish heh. try xx RJ for the punish if your not close enough.
Sagats DP is 5 frame so you can safe jump him.
You can dash under his high FB’s pretty easily.

Also you can cancel a MK Jag kick from a cl.HP on bigger characters. It can be useful and it doesn’t really need to be hit confirmed. 2 ways in which I use it:
cr.lp (blocked), cl.hp xx MK JK. Sometimes the HP gets them and sometimes just the JK gets them.
Forward throw, dash, jump forward HK (Safe jump) directly into cl.hp xx MK JK. If the jump kick gets them the whole thing will combo.

Edit; Dont forget to hold back while you hit cl.hp; if they reversal you, you’ll block.


Ah should have posted this with the casual play. But this is the tournament here. Only watched it because of Gamerbee and 2 well-known Bison players.


The rules taken from Youtube description - Characters can be dupilcated, but yun + yang + feilong cannot exceed 3.

Team Taiwan
GamerBee (Adon) 小向 - Leader
frostmaelstrom (Feilong) 薩克
Lsy9983 (Dictator) 藍弟
Arubi1988 (Yun) RB
Maxima0831 (Guy) 馬克思
qq575757 (Yun) QQ
Ryo ren0624 (Ibuki) 阿仁
rockpon2000 (Ibuki) 洛克胖
zhieeeeep (Sagat) Zhi
Gaea0127 (Zangief) 餃子

Team Hong Kong
followupURSF (Dictator)
Siu Law (Cody)
Humanbomb (Yang)
Terry (
KiT (Yang)
Carzydog (Zangief)
Bosco (Cammy)
Gameoutttt (Guile)
Lau (Sagat)
Kawing (Yun)



Set 1 is pretty good.
Set 2, less so.

Adon-Guile matchup is probably my most hated — Adon’s slow command overhead & Sonic Boom’s recovery wreck my head.


I enjoy watching wongs Adon. I am suprised to see him playing him still/again. Did he give a reason why he is using him?

I hate guile but nowhere close to how much I hate gief and honda!


You know what they say: “If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.”


GamerBee upload some new videos today


thanks for the link Hsiang


A FT3 between GamerBee and Humanbomb, he uses so much the close mk, maybe too much because he doesn’t really alternate with a throw making its use less effective imo, really nice matches btw.



Hey Guys I started a new Series to help out newer players, and even the average ones, my latest episode features Gamerbees adon going up against RFs Sagat, let me know what you think!



nice video.
I like the way you stopped the video and explained where he messed up and such.

I have played Adon for a while but find it hard to analyze my play. Videos like this help me to analyze my own game.


Thanks a lot man glad you liked it.


you are welcome. I look forward to any more you do. I have started watching your other videos!


the older ones arn’t as good, the yang one is alright, but before that they were more tests of quality and sound and what not, hah


Great commentary. I like how you not only highlight the mistakes, but reaffirm the good reads/positive aspects of each player’s game.