Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



Thanks a lot man! Still new to editing and putting together all of the videos so they are shorter then I hoped so I dont get a chance to highlight everything that goes on in a match, so I try to focus more on big mistakes and good reads and what not. Glad you like it!


good job cog im def looking forward to more of these videos im really looking to learn these matchups I could really use the help



Getting worked by EyeLoveSF4. Critiques are welcome.

#824 looks like Gamerbee has been streaming again?


just helping out. questions, let me know.

adon at 6:42


Mago (Adon)





thanks for posting these Black_Vegeta


@31:51, I’ve switched mains but I still like to try to keep my Adon up to par since him and Rose have become my secondaries.


Anyone got a replay of Justin Wong’s Adon dismantling Dieminion’s Guile @Winter Brawl 6?

That shit was nasty!




Zhi plays a few matches with Adon. Nothing noteworthy, but I just thought I’d post because it’s funny how these two think Adon is so strong. They think the Dudley match is unwinnable for Dudley and that JKs are unstoppable…LOL


A video where GamerBee lost against a Dudley, he miss some links and with Adon a missed link and you are dead, Dudley has his damn aspirant ultra II, stand fierce against the jaguar kick and a good back dash and walk speed.



its hillarious watching those cross counter videos. guys clearly havent got a clue.

edit: I posted on that video where they played Adon vs Dudley. Amusing to say the least.
I have had 3 fan boys hating on me! GOOD TIMES! :smiley:






thanks for posting black_vegeta, loved that combo at about 28seconds i think it is.,, cr.lp rj. I tried using it as a bnb but I suck so I was failing haha




Hope you like these folks :slight_smile:





just trying out my fone cam so i recorded this match which is pretty quick