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Hey there strange adon players. I’m a juri player that is looking to improve his knowledge of the match up. In training for East Coast Throwdown I had a little first to 5 with a local adon player. Now I’m mostly here for my own benefit, hoping that you guys could help me understand why i get bodied so easily by adon and hearing what its like on the OTHERside of the matchup. While I am here, could you offer criticism of the adon also? I am looking to help him in this match up and his skill also. So take a look, if there is anything I might be missing (something I should be doing or if there is any clear misunderstanding about the matchup), let me know. Tell me what scares you about this matchup, what doesnt scare you…etc.

Also, put the screws to the adon, and explain what he should be doing better in this matchup. Thanks in advance, hope the matches are enjoyable.



When Adon has no meter, you can zone him easily with fuhajin, take care light jaguar kick goes above low fuhajin, with two fihajin loaded, it’s good, btw nice bait with a load fuhajin to punish an ex jk.

You don’t zone enough for me, Adon cannot jump because Juri has good aa and in air to air she’s better than Adon and she can juggle.
When he was in the corner, he jump forward everytime to escape and you never see this coming, you cross up after the ultra 1 was too obvious.
After a rj hk which whiff, just do you easier combo with the better damage, in the beginning, you try some lights combos and miss it, surely the surprise.

Adon has no really blockstring, he did often cr lk * 3, cr mp and you can smash an ex senpusha all day, you must smash against Adon, and trust me it’s really annoying for Adon, in the end you started and it works everytime.

Against the two in one, learn how use your best aa to beat it, you used a crouch mk to make whiff a jk mk, try in training if it works every time, but it will not be usefull against jk hk which beats almost every crouch mk.

You biggest problem is your defense, almost no tech throw, often a neutral jump hk hits for almost no reason.

About the Adon, i see no reason to still use cr hp as a frame trap when you have the new close mk.
He used often the same block string and was too impatient when he was in the corner.
He use really too much the focus attack for no reason, in more you punished it almost everytime with a two in one.


Hey Adon-Players. You guys watched Level Up’s “WNF:AE 3.2”?
Keno went all the way to the top, even defeating Alex Valle with his Adon. :slight_smile:

SF4 starts at 1:56:30, Keno’s first match is at 2:12:00, okay not really, there they’re still talking about him.
Real match starts at 2:15:20. Others are 2:42:00 (but as Balrog and against another Adon),
2:47:20 contiuation as Balrog and last one against Valles Bison as Adon at 3:53:30.


thanks for linking that dude. good watch :smiley:


Hey guys ! I’m from brazil and I’m new in street fighter arcade edition 2012 and I start to play the five months ago with adon because adon games is stylish .
I play on PC GFWL
but end of the year I get to play on xboxlive
then I made ​​the decision a week ago to upload my videos. to share my knowledge and receive constructive criticism on how to improve my game.
I’m not a top adon player !
I wanted you guys to see my videos and evaluate where I have to improve
A cool moment #1
A cool moment #2
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition 2012 Endless Match[/LEFT]
THX for your attention guys





Don’t know if you see this alot but Chipmonkdown2 has really leveled his game up and put in some serious work in Grand Finals.


Myself during the French cup qualification , sorry for the shitty quality for the first two videos , I hate Honda’s super so much.


And during a previous tournament , it begins at 1h42m :

Yes I did my own pub but I found the fights offline more interesting to show.



such a sick combo when he stunned Daigo. I have tried using it online previous but always seem to mess it up!
Cant believe he lost that match, but at least he is in top 8! :smiley:


Yeah i know! What was that, mp > st. cl mk > cr. lp > mk. RJ? That was insane, really happy he made top 8 too, such a great under-used character lol
Also, hey adon forums =), been lurking here for awhile but ive been waiting till i get a stick to post, but i had to post after that =P


Hey and welcome? :smiley:
I saw him practicing that combo back when 2012 first came out but never seen him use it in a game.


I still wonder how GamerBee could lose the first match , Ryu hurts nastily , about the combo I just did it yesterday against a dizzy Ryu online and it’s really useless the damage reduce is huge and when I miss I eat a dp or a ultra most of the time :frowning:


He was probably stylin’ if that’s the case, still an amazing combo.

and thanks evilsigh =) good to be here, i actually have a online vid of where Gamerbee did > cr.lp xx RJ, the timing on it isnt too bad (lol im doing it on a pad but im more used to using a stick) but never with the added mp at the start

#854 > cr.lp xx rj is a standard frame trap combo after a blocked cr.lp or :smiley:

you can combo into it from a cr.lp or though :smiley:


Oh really? wow good to know, yeah I’ve yet to really learn the specifics of adon’s OS’s/frame traps, I’ve also mostly just been practicing execution lately (mostly so i can do JK’s on reaction/punish some stuff cause i somewhat have a hard time doing DP motions on reaction) but like i said im on pad atm, i used stick for ps3 but moved to XBL for ssf4 so yeah lol


ah fair enough, I havent used pad in a long time, cant really offer any advice…

I just saw Gamerbee came second! I only just got up so missed watching it… wonder if its archived?


The GF’s match isnt up yet but his other top 8 matches are on youtube, unfortunately they dont show the whole match and from what i’m seeing they all miss the last round =/ shame, good stuff from gamerbee though, played a little dirty though imo with the RJ’s between combo strings but i guess he did it cause he observed some links from his opponent’s weren’t crisp, that or the monitors were truly laggy as some say…

Also i might’ve mixed my words around im deff not a pad player lol im just practicing motions on pad for 360 so when my stick comes i know how to ‘flick’ my hand for motions, mostly for iajk’s

EDIT: Ah here we go, found a full GF vid-


ah right my misunderstanding haha! Stick is awesome! :smiley:

Watched the archives for the full top 8 just now. Good job for Gamerbee, shame infiltration took it so solidly! I hate Akuma! :frowning:

edit: I am also unsure why Gamerbee didnt try and punish them from Akuma, you can focus the first kick and dash under the second to punish it with cr.lp, cr.lp xx rj.


huh, i didnt know that either(great info im already getn from here) hmm…I’m not entirely sure myself, infiltration did it like 3x in a row in that last round, now that i look back at the vid im kinda surprised gamerbee wasn’t FA fishing for it, hmmm, i dont know…

What I mostly got from the vid is you “gotta” punish those air FB’s with ultra 1, and you gotta respect akumas demons lol mostly in terms of frames the reversal super(just like chun lis if i remember correctly) after a JK cause it comes out quick. Though I can’t believe he landed that demon when Gamerbee had a leg at akumas head out at about 3:38^^, i was like seth- “oh that’s no good…OH IT’S GOOD!! no way!” lol


That is really old Akuma tech (cr.MK/HK to duck low under air attacks, then cancel into demon) but yeah – still hella effective, especially against Adon.
In fairness Infiltration has just been on fire all weekend.