Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



Gamerbee won that. several games apparently. Anyway they talk about the akuma hk at one point say around 15minutes in!


welp…i guess everyone realizes just how strong Adon is in AE now that Gamerbee did so well.

which means…

guess who’s gonna be the most picked up character by beginners in 2012.

guess who every noob is gonna complain about once Adon is seen online as often as the shoto characters.

can you also guess who’s gonna get needlessly nerfed in the next iteration of SF?
guess. just guess.

lets enjoy Adon while he’s still good.


Won´t happen. You need some skills to make Adon shine.


I don’t think there are gonna be many more, if any, changes to AE from here on out. I would take a guess and say that most people feel that it’s a really polished game where every character has a good chance at going far and being competitive. Sure, some people will pick up Adon because of Gamerbee, but those people will probably not excel at him if they are just turning to the next hot thing to conceal their character crisis. Plus, there are a lot of intricacies within Adon’s matchups, so it isn’t like anyone can pick him up overnight.


Oh yeah, that reminds me how Gamerbee somewhere said the Adon-Guile match-up is 7-3 Adon, people flocking to this character with that
"instant 7-3 match up for me" mindset will be disappointed if they don’t know exactly HOW it CAN be 7-3…


and even IF you know, you have to apply it correctly too (and that is hard, especially online o_O)


A couple videos of me playing online. I’d love some feedback, if anyone notices anything.





I’m not the best for advice, since I actually play a more patient style of Adon than most others. But one thing I did want to mention is to not forget that if EX JT hits in the corner, U2 will hit as a juggle.



just a vid of me playing a ranked match on pc today, dont know if anyone is interested o_O
btw - anyone got a clue of the ibuki matchup? i usually try to figure out if its a random slidethrow masher or not and then start to RUSH DAT SH*T DOWN!












Some matchs of Mukii the first Adon in term of BP in arcade , the quality is not really good but it’s still watchable and it’s so rare to see him , he has almost 10 000 games o.O






sorry about the scrambled audio.
guile’s air throw>adon’s u1



Round 1 combo.
Oh my god.


sekseh indeed :smiley:


I picked up Adon recently (a couple of weeks before EVO), and enjoy playing him a lot. I am saving my Ranked matches on PC, mainly as an archive for myself, and uploading them.

Nothing great happening (yet?) in the matches, but I’m grateful for any constructive advice, and maybe there are some entertaining matches in between.

Edit: In case the video is still not available, here’s the link: Youtube


Playlist: (more’ll be added over time)


um, i’m going to assume that when you did r. jaguar fadc into close st. hk you were trying to execute his U2…am i assuming correctly?
see, it would help if you uploaded your replays with the button commands visible so we know what exactly you are trying to attempt.
if you don’t have the muscle memory down yet for r. jag fadc u2…then just do mk or hk r. jag instead of attempting u2.
there were a couple times you focus attacked…but did nothing to follow it up.
you can ultra 2 after catching your opponent with a focus attack, just execute the ultra quickly before your opponent crumples down too much or your ultra will wiff.

for the most par your adon is solid…but i’ll say this.
-verical mk or hk more to pressure your opponent into standing…you don’t always have to do mk cross up.
-his jump forward hp is a damn good anti anti-air. it even stops juri’s ultra 2. before she leaves the ground, haha.
-pressure your opponent more with more throw attempts, adon’s throw is even better than guile’s…
-learn your normal anti-airs.
standing mk, mp, hp
-you can follow a ex j. tooth with U2 only in the corner…you can do it mid screen but only if your ex tooth crosses up your opponent.
-learn to when to and when not to use raw U2 as an anti-air
-footsie more