Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



Ramza went into the lab and showed some OS options:

Vs. Shotos
(Focus crumple) :hp: :dp:+:k:xxFADC :hp: , :uf:~:mk:

Vs. Shotos
:b:+:lp:+:lk: , :d:+:mk: , :uf:~:mk:
edit Seems to lose to non-Reversal :dp:+:lp: (trade) Ultra vs Ryu

Vs. Seth
(Focus crumple) :hp: :dp:+:k:xxFADC :d:+:hk: , :uf:~:mk:


GamerBee against an Ibuki player , enjoy this , we don’t see often this match-up and it seems Ibuki can punish jaguar kick mk , lk , ex and maybe hk with her ultra 1 , good to know.




Re-match of EVO12 between Gamerbee VS Infiltration over the weekend at SS4FAE Asia Champion Battle 25th year.

Match 1: [media=youtube]0663D_mb92o[/media]

Match 2: [media=youtube]atbI72UIXXI[/media]

Final match: [media=youtube]Hyn_ynN7oXk[/media]

Gamebee did much better this time. He won one round but man, Infiltration is still too good against Adon.




Gamerbee vs Tokido in the Grand Finals of a major Brazilian tournament called Treta



3 straight 2nd place finishes for Gamerbee now. Must suck to be so close but come up short again and again, and to the same character each time






[media=youtube]klZScujSENw[/media]video of my Adon, only been playing him for about 6 weeks, but I’m really digging him






Super street fighter arcade edition 2012 - adon combo video




wanna see a hilarious ranked match i had wih a elf who wanted to play keep away/run away after he’d get a life lead?


Redsox04 (Adon) Vs Cosabuena (Hakan)


hydeBUFFY (Adon) vs Hishou (Sagat)

Sick crossup at 5:20
Backthrow -> whiff Jab -> j.HP (crossup)




so this was a match i had from months ago, i think before the summertime. anywho, only reason i’m posting it is coz of what happens to his bloody high claw.



Sushitaro @ 7:19





Sushitaro @ 4:00