Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



Any Youtube links from muckii ? I am a Bit bored from gamerbee ^^


So … Is doing a sort of set up ? What exactly is he doing for the JT set up … ? I know there are some mk JT cross up set ups after back throw out of the corner …


TKCS? Tiger-knee… cannon spike motion? Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE download the video and re-up and share it with us? Naughty I know, but I just LOVE am OBSESSED with watching Adon gameplay every god damn day.


I’ve never seen intentional crossup for fuzzy guard Are there any other uses for for similar mixups?


I have some footages of mukii’s adon in my computer.
if you guys want I can put the games on youtube for y’all watch.
his adon is a beast, stylish gameplay…


That would be amazing, thank you! :slight_smile:


Well my computer is bad internet today to put videos on youtube.
I have a few games where I’ve been researching and found on youtube!

let’s see

The first adon in this video is mukii .

he plays footsies in a way much more quickly than gamerbee, deep look in 2:08 punish rose soul spiral.

(Mukii) Adon vs evil ryu(???).


Mukii adon vs ibuki ,bison and balrog

Starts at 1:36:45

Awesome comeback , 1:37:23. cyya guys


@vincee. Nice videos I’ll have to keep a look out for more mukii videos.




Thx for the video … well done dude !!!

Did you tested this combos on the whole cast or is there some “rule of thumbs” on which chars this works also ?

I havent used the kara from Adon … but it seems like that it has more range than I thought … I will give it a try … good job.


Worked only on Gouken and bison consistently


Works on Blanka too


BTW … Deep Jump in Roundhouse into > > > light RJ … works on everybody I tested so far …


Brackets at local tournament, HeyZeus vs illiterate


More mukii matches cyya ! Vs fuudo !

#936 new matches


Mukki has sick hit confirm with aijk , confirm it with cr lk is hard particularly online and he likes to finish his combos by cr mp rj lk and miss it sometimes and he really know when to do a dash forward rj hk to beat neutral jumps it’s always a pleasure to see him.

Like GamerBee he uses sometimes jaguar tooth hk during the two in one.

Concerning your matchs Vince , nice combos and aa but unfortunately most of your opponents are not even close to your level.


Yes mukii is the most entertainment adon player in my opnion bro, and I base my game on his, he is a fucking beast.
Thanks seratna, If I find higher level players I will upload on youtube for you and i working on new adon combo video and mixups, this is gonna be my last Aev2012 adon vid.
Lately I don’t have much time to play because I’m gonna participating in a bodybuilding contest next month. cyya


thought it would be worth adding for anyone who missed it. Gamerbee was on ultrachentv breaking down his winterbrawl matches and taking viewer questions


Thanks for these links/vids guys! Keep 'em coming! Love to see some Mukii and GamerBee. In fact I have a link of my own of Mukii I found recently:


Mukii destroyed the other Adon player - and he was pretty good too!

Also a shout out to my man Ryu_Gosling! I just saw the preview for Excellent Adventures and saw you featured on the show!