Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



Sorry guys -_- I wasn’t ready for that one. Also my nerves gave me super instead of fadc ultra somehow ha.


So super stuffs dragon punch?
go to 1:37 of the video


in lab with adon cyaa guys


Won a small tournament this past Saturday and I thought I’d post the stream archive because I play Veloc1raptor. Although he and I are good friends and play all the time, I thought I’d post this because we don’t have good reference video on the gouken adon match up.


Great video Vincee , i will share it.


Thanks seratna i’m glad u like it , yoro share on facebook too and gamerbee see this haha i’m so happy with that .


Really cool vid,I also did some meaty adon combos back in the day,look

0:15 onwards,3 combos,one is a meterless ultra


omg man i see that meaty setup in michael gallardi channels, really nice cmv too, i also did not know u did that sorry man. D:

Ps: that guy parry is so awesome.


Bah,don’t worry,we can’t see everything that is on the Internet,right?


yes man, i will subscribe in your channel really nice vids ! keep it up bro


Really having a lot of trouble getting that clstMK to hit meaty. You want it to come out as soon as possible after the njHK right? So that it hits the opponent as late as possible, right? So perhaps the trick is getting the njHK to hit as late as possible? Or maybe I have misunderstood what is meant by meaty :confused:


u can hit close mk meaty , in any character wake up or some crouch characters after a nj hk like cody, rufus , rog, etc…


SpiritzeroCUP Ultra Street Fighter IV Challengers of KOREA from today
Hydebuffy was there

Hydebuffy vs alzard98
Ultra double vs Bison

Hydebuffy vs Rinbo7
Vs Guile

Hydebuffy Vs Prettyminky
Vs C.Viper

Hydebuffy vs Infiltration
Ultra double vs Chun Li


Thanks for the matchs , he has a crazy rush down Adon , maybe too reckless and he doesn’t care if the dp fadc is unsafe now.



I watched hydeBUFFY vs. Infiltration and forgive me for saying this but… he played like an idiot. I’ve seen him play before and he’s actually quite good (certainly much, much better than me), but here I don’t know what he was thinking.


I don’t know who is this Adon but he’s really good and i really appreciate the use of the red focus to place the ultra I


Well … I actually don’t think that he plays so well … the RFA was pure luck because the cr.hp was blocked ??? Overall using Ultra 1 is ok to punish careless lariats but it is more a gimmick in my eyes … still looking for solid ways to make cr.hp > RFA > combo reliable and usefull … you can buffer the RFA like an OS but I don’t think that the RFA will connect if you hit the cr.hp with the last pixels of your hitbox … which is … 8(


FT5 Between PR Rog and GamerBee :


Can you go into more detail? What’s the input?