Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



A buffer is like an OS … you sit in a distance where your cr.hp will not hit … so you hit the button and instantly cancel with RFA … so if your opponent walks forward or hit a button your cr.hp will hit and will directly be canceld via the RFA … if he don’t move or push a button … only your cr.hp will come out and nothing else … because you cant cancel a normal that does not hit or goes on block (beside a fireball). Sooo … basically this is also an OS.

Input is --> cr.hp (down HP) > cancel with RFA (LP+MP+MK > forward dash)


I’ll just leave this here. Works on Cammy as well. Also notice my inputs. I don’t have a capture card so I had to record the dummy doing this. I uploaded to my YouTube channel for quality purposes.

Cammy can blow the 2nd cross up however it’s harder for Decapre.

Adon crossup iajk and normal jk crossup:


There are also a number of ways to land cross up jk on cammy and decapre. That’s just one of them.


So you can do his right after a jump-in, correct? As in, j mk into lk iajk and it will cross up?


Nice find … Cammys crouching hitbox is very good for the JK cross up stuff … I have not known about the IAJK stuff … very nice! Looks like the MK IAJK … isn’t it? Best part about the JK cross ups in the corner is that sometimes you stay in front.

We should test against whom the IAJK on wake up will hit x-up … this is a very solid tool !!! Thx for contributing with tech … it is very important that we find some more reliable tech for Adon … !!!


EX IAJK on wake up beats Chun Li EX Upkicks on wake up !!! Timing is a bit strict but it basically beats all her wake up options beside the back dash … and it is an overhead … I really like it!


Lk iajk. You can do mk or hk iajk but it’s harder to land and spacing dependant. To pull off the cross up iajk you HAVE to use the, down, down back, back, up and button method for consistency.


Nice … will hit the lap on weekend … the TK motion is my preferred method … happy times.

Tested on anyone else ? As far as I know Cammys hitboxes are pretty unique (besides decapre ^^)



[quote=“Seratna, post:959, topic:95051”]

FT5 Between PR Rog and GamerBee :


I think, not sure since it was 2 years ago, but I think I remember looking at the Balrog subforums and reading in the matchup thread that Adon’s far standing mk button was the most dreaded & feared by Balrog.
That’s their opinion.

Thoughts on this?


I don’t think so , the far mk has 8 frames start up , whiff against crouching opponent , it’s a one hit normal , compared to the far hk , it’s weak and if you want to use a medium , the far mp is really good , but to a specific use.

The main pokes against Balrog are :

Far hk for the footsie game and beat his (ex) dash attack.
Cr hp to whiff punish his dash attack.
Cr mp to do the two in one , but risky against a charge character
And maybe the far mp.

The sweep is too low to be really useful and i don’t really see why we should use the far mk instead of the far mp as a poke.


[quote=“TheKingOfParody, post:968, topic:95051”]

Standing MK is a very good AA in some MU and also a solid footsie tool for some MU … it is good against Fei Long … it stuffs rekkas and chicken wing … but against Balrog !? Don’t think so


The two in one?

Also, I’ve found far standing MP stuffs a lot of Boxer’s dash punches and counter pokes him quite a bit. Mileage may vary.


All 22 colors of his new outfit (numbered too):


wanna see how Adon’s super looks like from cameraman angle?


I wished we would be able to enable or disable Ultra & Super zoom animation … would be sooooooooooooo much better … this shouldn’t be a big deal to implement!


Tarezo the first arcade japanese Adon vs Bonchan , his style reminds GamerBee and the color too of course :


Hi guys … not a video but I want to share it … XD

Finished it yesterday … Jaguar Artwork and black silent buttons & stick and mapped select button for LP&MP&HP

I do really really like it


Where did you get the artwork? I really want to jack your swag, but ill change it up a bit so we’re both snowflakes still

Edit: I found it. I’ll respect your input if you don’t want me copying it kind of lol I just really got inspired by it


Go on dude … it is an awesome artwork … we need more Jaguaaaaaaaas


Xian using Poison against GamerBee , a bad match-up or not ?

Her fireball game can be tricky because jaguar kick medium doesn’t work , ia jk is harder to use to counter it , love me tender “beats” the jk but doesn’t work against neutral jump and her damn hurtbox is really annoying.

Jaguar revolver is the ultra to use without a doubt.


Revolver is kind of iffy IMO, if she fakes you out and throws the MK or HK fireball you eat a full punish.