Adon Video Discussion (Updated: 12-08-10)



Well that broken hurt box of Poison makes it tricky to fight her, but it seemed like Gamerbee didn’t really know the MU.


bump to ask about the “2 in 1”???


okay… a couple of Blanka matches, which I have a REALLY hard time with this mu for some reason, which it seems no one else has a problem with. Just looking for a bit of feedback on what in the world I’m doing wrong. and seemed like I just couldn’t catch him. He was jumping around all over the place and I just couldn’t get to him. and that slide… eeeeeew… that slide… damn you slide… damn you. lol


definitely nice! but why did you map select to 3P?


2 in 1 is just an OG way of saying cancel, he is canceling into jaguar tooth


cancel mp to jt… hmmm… why? is it not too slow?


vs. blanka walk around and hit buttons(cr.jab/strong and do jaguar kick

you’re just standing around and letting him do blanka stuff.


hmmm… thanks man! I’ll hit more buttons!


When canceling a normal you make it harder to react/block … because you skip the recovery frames.

Reason why sometimes cancel into JT is good … is just to mix up your pressure game … and maybe bait a normal or DP.

Most Adons just do light light medium x JK … and this is not a block string … if your opp knows the MU he will just press a button that beats the JK … if you cancel into JT it does look for a split second like a JK but you are out of range for a counter poke or DP … maybe also hit them airborne and get the JT juggle.


Cross Up Rising Jaguar Setups after Knockdown.
They’re hard to pull off, risky and only hit if the opponent is stand blocking though.
I’m going to do more experimenting to see if its possible to hit some characters while crouching blocking so this can actually become useful.

Works on Akuma, Rolento, Cody, Viper, Dhalsim, Chun Li, Hakan and Guy
The last setup only works against Dhalsim

If you land it you can combo into another jaguar kick for 220 damage or Ultra 2 for about 400+ damage (dont remember the exact number)


Haha damn that’s crazy, although pretty much useless with every one using DWU.


nice, have you tried it with a neutral jump after the throw?

edit: nvm it doesn’t work


Guessing most people who still visit here will have seen this by now, but if not, this is Gamerbee vs Diego Umejuarez from SXSW ytd.


my playing in this match isnt really anything spectacular, but the end of round two was just awesome to me. resulted in a kick and hatemail.

any tips or critisism is more than welcome.


Nice find … can you always crouch it ? So … not meaty fuzzy guard with this set up ?

And another question … is b.throw > back dash > jump in … not a safe jump against DWU ? I haven’t been in the lab lately (because we moved) but if I got my numbers right the back dash is 22 frames … and b.throw > cr.lp (11 frames) > jump / is a safe jump if DWU is 11 frames … it should be a safe jump … and you can confirm the DWU while you back dash.

If you can avoid this set up with just crouching … than it is kina useless but if it hits meaty + fuzzy guard and gives you a safe jump against DWU … than it is just wow … especially against the chars with slow reversals Cody, Viper, ect.


Don’t know why but it does seem like the set up is not frame perfect … if you input everything on the first frame the RJ will whiff … it would be an awesome set up if you can replicate it reliable … 8(


I’ve found a great channel of crazy adon player. I think I saw him earlier a bit. Anyways, here’s the link: http://www. youtube. com/user/kiruke2525/
I bet you’ll be impressed.
In addition, here’s a match against hugo-player:
Notice something interesting.


Nice find … this guy is pretty good … and he is using some nice char specific set ups ^^

Like against Rufus … fuzzy guard set up with MK AJK in the corner … nasty to block !!!