Adon viewers after evo

more than daigo when he used guile nice gamerbee

I know, props to Gamerbee, even if he loses he’ll be remember as “That guy that beat Justin Wong with Adon”

I know that was awesome! I guess people are getting tired of the same players, Adon got there I beated the crap out of a bunch of pro players.

I played Adon for the first time the other day and realized how gay jag kick is lol I think Justin just felt my pain, definitely a match up I have to look into.

It fucking is. He’s a shit ton better and more fun than A2 adon.

Sup RSX.

Naturally there’ll be a lot of bandwagoners. At the beginner level, adon is very linear and masher friendly, so I guess everyone can expect to see a lot more of him.

i played a lot of scrubby adon’s way before evo…adon with rising jaguar is the top choice for noobs.

jaguar tooth > rising jaguar tactics, fails multiple times? throw after jaguar tooth… huh so annoying