Adon vs Cody -Story in Process-

Enter: Adon

  • Victory was what amused this warrior the most, the cold sensation of ones blood staining his fists would most certainly bring a smile upon his rather young face. Adon was known for his merciless ways of being in combat situations, he cared nothing more or less but the very view of his beaten opponent crawl away from his victorious grounds pleading for yet another chance at living a normal life; a life with out having to worry about not walking the grounds of this world. The grounds were that of a very rocky one, cracks would cover the grounds from previous body slamming, ground pounding, Ki unraveling toward one another in the matches that contained Adon as the continuous victor. The MuaiThai Warrior was one not to use super human powers, due to the fact of showing no true skill if used, having him destroy his victims/opponents with bone breaking, eye blinding speed and power of his mastered skills. Too long had it been since the chances of victory became rather bleak in his prospective, no warrior had shown promise in the art of combat since the commencing point of his masters defeat, Sagat, in the hands of a world warrior known to be Ryu. Both anger and Jealousy would fill the young Adon, how could a scrub like this Shotokan Fighter beat the likes of the “Second Best” fighter in the world? It would matter least to him for a fact, for the young Muai Thai warrior had sought one to possess greater power than Ryu. Upon the rocky grounds of an abandoned temple within the walls of an empire stood Adon, alone within the grasp of darkness. Inhaling deeply, the wounds of combat would heal slowly as the days and nights of sun and moon surpass the present. Blood stains would cover his chest; his own and of the many who thought the art of combat was nothing more or less but a complete joke, due to the fact of their lacking skill in combat. There he stood, patiently waiting for the one to show enough pride showing their face before the God of Muay Thai. A crooked smile would show a rather cocky attitude coming from this being. Exhaling out the once held breath, his voice echoes through out the dark halls of a once great Muay Thai temple in which created the monster who awaited patiently within its walls.-

" Ryu, what pathetic skills you have obtained in the years you have trained. What an embarrassment it was for my master to lose his title to one who contains nothing more but the power and strength of a child. The day you show up before me in this temple, I’ll show you what the true meaning of a warrior is; not the meaning of a coward nor a mediocre fighter.And once he shows, I’ll have the chance in letting the world know that I am, indeed, the greatest fighter the world has to offer. Everyone will surly know and chant my name…ADON! "

  • The dark clouds would bring an unwelcoming feeling to those who made their very destination within the perimeter of the area around the old abandoned temple, unless one was truly curious or wished to make their path of destiny be that of a destructive kind. His eyes would be shut, his mind offers images of previous battles, agony, anger, and of course laughter coming from his end. Winds would soothe the surface of his upper bare body, the past long showers upon the lake near his destination brought much help to his showering needs. Alone he stood, with out a care in the world, waiting with a smile upon his face once again. His reddish long hair would sway from side to side as the winds soon gained much speed. Warmth was what hit his body as well, the sun would welcome him as it rose from the skylines of the great country known to be as Thai land. He thought nothing more but victory, victory, victory; it had seemed that obsession had truly taken control over the young master. Slowly opening his eyes, his fists clench as he then makes his way off of the none leveled grounds beneath him. Both sweat and blood would create a rather eye catching being. His Thigh muscles would expand in size more than the rest of his body. His abdominal area would offer extreme shape as his back would slightly bend forward. The light of nature would bring an end to much of the shadows of the night, Adon would now bring himself upon the rather blood filled pond of this old temple. Making his way slowly into the waters of his once known school of Muai Thai combat, a warm feeling would slowly cover the parts surrounded by water. He would exhale, the smile still in his young face, extending his arms at his sides while still making his way to the deep end of this man built pond placed before the entrance of the old temple. Crunching his upper body together, his well wrapped hands would slowly run through his arms and chest in attempting to clean the blood stains and sweat off of his body. There he stood, within the waters of his school, it would be soon that he would once again wait patiently for the one to make his or her way before the school in order to obtain a true lesson in the art of fighting.-

-It would be exactly thirty minutes until Adon had made his way out of the bloodied filth he washed his body upon. Taking his steps one at a time, his rather short Muay Thai clothing would drip with water as he took the steps out of the man built pond that stood before his old temple/school. Cracked floors beneath him would reveal dust particles as he took his steps, each one had contained much meaning as he made his way toward his meditating setting. Winds would blow upon his chest, a rather cool sensation would run along his whole body. The very thought of past challenges would continue to have adon keep his rather crooked smile upon his face steady.Reaching his destination, his arms are to be slowly crossed against his rather wide chest, Adon lowers his head allowing his eyes to grasp much more of sighting the very portrait of an old master; a master in which created the now self proclaimed “Emperor of Muay Thai” sagat. His body would hide beneath the shadows of his temple, for the light of nature wasn’t welcome to each and every part of the wretched world. Inhaling deeply, he would once again reveal a few word, but perhaps in this situation; a prayer for the future. Speaking beneath his breath, silence was what roamed within the walls of this temple, Adon shuts his eyes keeping the sight of his fallen master within his mind; this way he would allow god to listen and know why he wished not to fall as his master once did. His rather scratchy voice would not allow silence to take it’s complete toll.-

" Mastery, a subject in which I pray to grasp, is what I have attempted to seek through out the years of intense search of the right path of Street Fighter. Respect, one which has been lost due to our once best leaders’, Sagat, fall. I have fought much to gain much of Master and Honor, Lord of our sky. The very scent and stains of blood, sweat, and tears of others have been what I have gained, when will it be, the day in which I will find the true meaning of combat.?

Enter: Cody

It was that time of year again. Another ambition story of the making. When the sun rise,it will set a stage for a fighter to begin his or her journey. What place this person would take?What epic battle that they must endure?What if…Cody is the one?

How long has it been?Too long for him to be exact!Cody just bust out of prison yet again as his addiction to fighting is becoming more aggersive. Thanks to his ability of escaping,it seems he become more relentless than ever before. As he proceed to travel,searching for a real fight and destroying evil as well. Though Cody never truly accomplished,even after becoming the hero of Metro City. His hometown;exiled of his vigilantie ways. It seems this blond convict has other ideas as well. Traveling. His way to get around and easily loose the heat also. But no matter how the long arms of the laws try to apprehand him,Cody is always ready to defend his freedom. With his true friends,Guy and Mike concern of his well being. He ignored their plea and rather showed some senses into them. His lover;Jessica left Cody for unknown reason. It didn’t effect him at all,but with this moment to spare he set his eyes one opponent he never faced yet:Adon!


It was hot and humid. Midday it was as a small ferry boat treads through the murky river. It was vast of forest and beauty of religiou culture. But this isn’t his way for sight seeing. He came here to find Adon alone. Still wearing his prison attire:Blue stripes. His hands were covered in bandages,due to the fight his knuckles are covered cuts,blood,and bruises. He begins to tear off the old ones as he chained up with handcuffs on his wrist. He can take them off,but would rather have them on…considering a challenge for him. Sitting across the boat in the middle as the captain of the ferry steer on the left side as he could see portside. The sound of tape ripped from its place as he begins to wrap them around his hands. He repeats it over and over till he could see a fit and thick enough to protect his hands. The captain didn’t mind him of his clothing,but what he did mind as the fact he would go after the New Muai Thai Champion. He heard about Sagat loss to a well known fighter name Ryu. He smirked as he wouldn’t thought that a fighter who’s rule supreme all over his country side would loss to a young man. Cody finds it very amusing indeed. As fifteen minutes were passed,the boat made its docking. He quickly got up and leaps over the edge as his white sneakers landed the sturdy bridge. All the commotion were silence as they see a new comer alrighty make his prescenses."What?"he said. His tone was gruffed with a strong voice to it. The man must be in his late thirties,eager to set foot in this land.

Arrival Time…
Now Cody begins his migration through the jungle as the heat begins get to him. He started to sweat,his body is not use to this enviroment,though traveling was sort of a set-back. But it’s too late to turn back as the male would begin to step forward till he notice something odd about the area. He could see a temple. Could it be?He wonders as he moves in closer to find this place. Above the sky was no longer clear. Darkness has taken over when ominous clouds soon cover the sky. A monsoon storm is brewing,but he would rather have that as a perfect setting. His crystal blue hues would scanned the place as the temple was in front of him. Making his way out from the forest as Cody would inhale some air and exhaled them out for a yell,"HEY!!!KITTY!!!YOU THERE!!!"An insult to the jaguar as Cody would be a funny to call him out.“Here kitty kitty kitty!!!”


-Ignorance was what echoed within the temple walls of this once abandoned setting. His warriors prayer would come to a conclusion having the door of the devil be knocked upon. The cool winds would gently run along the surface of his skin allowing a freshening sensation grasp his being due to the fact of his previous cold blooded shower within the waters of the temples pond. His body would hide beneath the shadows of his temple, the blazing sun taking it’s toll upon those who wished to walk beneath it’s eye blinding light. Crossed against his rather wide chest, he stands himself keeping the very sound of silence surround his soul. The very feeling of debris would tickle him, small swirls of dust expand to nothingness as the winds grow strong with each surpassing second of time. Adon, an honest warrior; would smile with great reason. This voice of calling challenger had brought him both eagerness and happiness. Inhaling deeply, his chest expands in size, the young warrior slowly closes his eyes; thinking of nothing more or less but the very sound of gushing blood, colliding fists, cracking bones. He would exhale, his pupils grow in size as they quickly open observing the one who had done nothing less but welcome himself to a rather great obstacle for any warrior who had contained the one thing Adon searched for; Pure Skill and Power.-

-The shadows of darkness release the grasp upon the young warriors soul. Walking into the bright blazing sun of skies above, Adon observes the one who had found his way through the lost jungle of Thai Land. Destiny was the very name of this game; a game in which possessed much rules and regulations. His bright orange hair would sway side to side as the winds, once again, gained much speed. The man before him had contained the appearance of one rather intriguing. His both blue and white garbs held much information about him, as well as the well wrapped fighting wraps upon his fists. Smiling from ear to ear, his bright white teeth would be the type to Illuminate his facial area, Adon allows his arms to hang from his sides only to have his fists clench. Tilting his head to the left, his feet are separated at shoulder width, the warrior breaking fighter motions his right arm toward the opposing man before him. His knuckles point toward this rather jail breaking man. Twisting his wrist a bit, his thumb is motioned to now point toward the grounds beneath Adon. This was a way of letting the warrior, standing against Adon, know that the time for battle had now arrived upon the scene in which they both stood upon. Inhaling once again, very deeply this time, the Mauy Thai warrior reveals a few words to this man in a very scratchy voiced way.-

" I don’t know who you are nor do care. But the very destination in which you stand upon are the grounds of one who wishes nothing more or less but place their heart onto the battle grounds of this temple. My Name is Adon, and what sort of honor may I gain of meeting this afternoon? "

-Keeping the quite clownish smile upon his face, his forearms are motioned to now angle themselves up toward the heavenly skies above the warriors. Readying himself for either a weak or impressive battle, his fists clench having the wraps around his arms create a stretching sound, ripping if you will. Balancing himself with his right leg, his left leg is to bend slightly having the tip of his toes hang just a few inches of the ground. Adon continues to keep his rather joyous smile, his head tilts to both left and right attempting to keep the opponents eyes occupied on the upper area of the fighter. Though Adon was that of a tricky fighter, he at times kept things simple just to get the garbage done with. His body would go up and down, he readies himself quickly for battle, allowing to get his heart ready for this very real battle. The very blood within him would race at breath taking speeds, his veins hold the true blood of a masters skill and power. Closing his eyes close quickly, the grounds beneath him seem to remain still, his eyes would then slowly open. The slightly bent hover leg would be placed upon the ground beneath him once again. The power in which the young warrior had contained would create a rather miniature crater beneath him. Years of experience, power had now become one with young Adon, had shown adon that speed alone would not be of any good use in the world of combat. There he stood, his leg placed on its fighting destination once again, waiting with much patience for this bright yellow haired prison breaking fool before him.-


“heh”,The man chuckled. He watches as this individual finally comes out of hiding. His blue orbs would lock on him as his brightly orange hair was standing out. The sun was scorched as a bead of sweats on Cody’s head runs down. He exhaled deeply as the heat was getting to him. For a city boy,he sure picked the right place to find,but no matter as he finally get the opportunity to get a bout to bout against the other. Cody must never underestimate his opponent,but carries a cocky demeanor. So slight chance he gloat against himself and the other man as well. With his left leg moved forward,then follows the right leg. Both feet left track marks behind as his tennis shoes were covered most of dirt,mud,and vegetation. He grew a grin across his lips,slinging back on the right side of his cheeks as the male would make a complete halt. Then the other throws a thumbs down on Cody,this sparks his blood rushing like crazy. A super highway if you will. The blood flows around his arms,heart,eyes,nose,and brain. Activating his his adrenaline rushed. He takes deep breathes as he did not mind the heat now,his head tilt to the side as he raised his muslce tone arms. The sound of the chain clinked at once when both arms position at equal,in chest position as he steady himself. His left leg separate itself from behind by nearly an inch. He given himself his fighting position as Cody would reply to the fellow warrior’s question."…Cody…is my name…and my reason…is to kick your ass…"A smile broke apart from his lips as his pearl whites gleamed by the sun ray’s relfection. Those words,are meanigul. He never backed out from a fight and Cody does not care if he wins or lose…as long his opponent doesn’t stand up that is.

With the hot wind blowing from behind as the dust begun to get picked up,his blue orbs would stare down against his opponent. Waiting for the shining moment to set the fight. He closed his eyes slowly as he would remember the things he has done in the past. Then quickly opens them as the man starts pushing himself forward. Rushing his way straight where Adon is standing. With his both feet are the only thing that can pull off. He knows what he must do in order to spice things up!“Here I come!!!”

As he pants with his mighty legs,he buckled his both knees as he let the earth becomes his trampeline. With both feet center and together,his both arms are at thigh level when his face becomes somewhat a pysco killer. He was relentless,arrogant,and damn well toughest son of a bitch than anyone known so far. But he never brags unless someone pisses him off badly. He tend to jokes. But now as he begins to see where Adon stands,he lift his body up in the air as he makes himself leap forward. Now here’s the tricky part for Cody. By judging his opponents appearance,he might quick and agile. Since he’s an old man,Cody does not mind a challenge after. Now with his upper torso twist to the other side while his both legs raised in mid air. With arms arched near his chest place,he extends his right long legs over the bottom of his leg as the male somehow leap like an NBA star,but Cody is natural of his signature jumping kicks. He would connect that leap kick directly onto Adon’s nose,but if he misses or actually got a hit,Cody would land on both feet perfectly,but that doesn’t stop him from there. Thus he would actually let both of his wrapped hands closed together tightly. This will make both arms swing up as he let his body angle down,but letting both of his arms swinging to make an hit under his chin. If he successes doing so,this would make a devestated blow on Adon’s chin.“ha!”

And then?