Adon vs Yun?



I can’t find it anywhere in the forums, even the matchup thread. If someone can direct me to a place where this is covered via link i’d greatly appreaciate it. If not some advice would be good.




Unfortunately the Adon forum has not many players.

Just post MU stuff into the MU thread … but I can give you some general advice.

Personally I think this MU is pretty even but I don’t play a high level Yun on a current basis.

Adon got several very good buttons against Yun and his dive kick pressure:

  1. Standing Fierce is great as an AA and anti dive kick button
  2. Standing MK is also very good

Neutral Jump HK:

One of your best friends in this MU it does cover the perfect spots and can also be used to bait a dive kick for massive damage


Is good but risky … dive kick can punish the roundhouse pretty hard !!! So take care with roundhouse
In general Adon can play good footsie with Yun but it is not easy because Yun is a bit faster.

Char Specific stuff:

HK Jaguar kick beats nearly all wake up options from Yun … it does beat his Upkicks if you time it right !!! So wake up HK JK pressure is a good option, be carefull if he back dashes a lot !!!

Yun can be juggled mid-screen after a 2nd hit (only) from a light RJ … so if you land close MK combo into cr.lp > > light RJ > EX RJ … this will dramatically push your damage output and you get a safe jump afterwards. Just double tap the EX RJ input.

Yun is low stamina and stun … you should try to pressure him because his reversal game is not very good.

You can forward dash out of some of the stupid cross up dive kick set ups … or just do FA forward dash … so you cant be OS. It does not work on all set ups so be careful.

As far as I know your light RJ will beat his with his lower body invincibility … so what you can do after EX lunge punch is  OS light RJ with throw … but you need to input it with the DP shortcut … otherwise you will get regular throw … this will beat his, back dash, FA Backdash + will give you a tech when he throws you … it will also beat his command throw because your will have already active frames out to beat it … I must say that only have tried this in P-Mode and never in a match … but it should work … XD … will lose to EX DP & block … but most Yuns spam lights or back dash after EX lunge

When I think about it … it is an awesome tech … haha … hope it does work ^^


Wow… very detailed response. Thanks a lot man! I’ll definitely try these things out.