Adon's Retarded Hitbox and Gief's combo



Watch the video. I knew I wasn’t crazy when I was practicing the bnb combo but it just refused to land! I knew my execution wasn’t THAT bad because I was able to do it with relative ease on every other character EXCEPT for Adon!

What the hell Capcom?! What is going on here? Does Adon recover slightly faster from hit stun than the rest of the cast or something? MAKE GIEF’S a 3 FRAME MOVE AGAIN DAMMIT!



In actuality… yes he does lol. He has the fastest get up in the game.


I don’t think it’s a matter of recovery. Crouch LK has 2 active frames. It appears that Adon’s hitbox is getting pushed back from the “I’m getting hit” animation meaning it would whiff. But it can’t whiff, because when he recovers and returns to a state to be hit, the Crouch LK is on the 2nd active frame, but that’s outside the window of the +4 meaning he can block it.

Similiar to the way that when Gen did MK Hands -> MK Hands on Ryu in Vanilla, it wouldn’t work half of the time because of Ryu having two different “I’m getting hit” animations. Or how the Akuma RH Jab RH Jab loop is gone in Super because it’s 1 frame too slow… but you can sometimes cause people to get hit by the 2nd active frame of far standing jab, thus making the RH loop a 1-frame link again for that particular rep.


I think the explanation that his hitbox gets pushed out too far for the 3rd to combo is correct.

Well I would like the faster startup frame as it was before not only because I should be able to throw out more cr.lks because they won’t be pushed back as much before my next comes out but also for better footsies and punishment options.

A couple of examples:

  1. I used to be able to out footsy ken when he does f+mk into with into exgh. I would usually get a counter hit on his Now, not so much anymore unless he spaces it out extremely poorly. If I’d try it now, he’d usually get the counter hit.

  2. I used to be able to tag Gouken’s DP move with into exgh on block. If he’s absolutely perfect, I might have missed, otherwise, it’s a pretty easy punish. Now it’s a bit harder. He has a lot more leeway.

There are other stuff too that have become harder. Like blocked Recka from Fei. I used to be able to punish 1 blocked recka. Now, it’s harder or I’m not even sure if it’s even possible now.

So to sum it up, I’d rather have faster start up rather than more hit stun. But I’d love it if they even gave him more hit stun but, unfortunately, I really doubt anything is going to be changing about Zangief…